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Apr 08, 2016




  • School Law and Technologyfor the

    Minden Staff

    Karen Haase(402) 804-8000

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    KSB School Law


  • This is not your Grandmas Inservice

  • Social Networking Examples

    Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat Vine Kik

  • Teacher Use Causes for Concern

    Drug/Alcohol Use Sexual Inappropriateness Inappropriate Communication

    with Students Inappropriate Communication

    about Students Selling School Property

  • Nebraska Law NEB. REV. STAT. 79-824, 79-827 Reasons for Termination and/or

    Cancellation: Unprofessional Conduct Immorality Other conduct which

    interferes substantially with the continued performance of duties

  • My Suggestions Make a professional page separate

    from your personal page Dont friend students or parents

    on your personal page Dont let yourself be depicted

    behaving unprofessionally Ask: will this affect my classroom?

  • Social Media is Here to Stay

    Ed. Professionals are using social media 85% of Americans use social media

    monthly Twitter grew over 500% in the last year More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60

    days than big 3 networks created in 60 years

    Facebook dominates social media 500 million users as of July, 2010 50% of active users log on daily Average user has 130 friends Largest group of users aged 35-54

  • Cyberbullying of Staff

  • J.S. v. Blue Mountain Sch.

    Middle School Student made fake MySpace profile for principal

    Included photo from school website Initially public; then limited Students could only access off

    campus Student suspended for 10 days;

    parents sued

  • Layshock v. Hermitage Sch.

    High School Student made fake MySpaceprofile for principal

    Included photo from school website Other students created similar and

    more offensive profiles Students only accessed off campus Student suspended for 10 days;

    placed in alt. sch, banned from extracurriculars, no commencement

  • J.S. and LayshockInconsistent

    Third Circuit granted en banc rehearing Oral Argument June 3, 2010 Decision issued June 13, 2011 The Bottom Line?

    Schools lost both cases

  • J.S. and Layshock Key legal points

    School cant punish off-campus speech because it is vulgar, inappropriate or even criminal

    School can only punish off-campus speech that is substantially disruptive

  • Yik Yak

  • Rumor/Confession Accounts

  • Rumor/Confession Accounts

    Anonymous Twitter feeds Allow other Twitter handles to

    submit private messages to the owner of the rumor account

    Messages are tweeted anonymously for anyone to read

    Some mention specific people, others are general

  • Poof

  • Hide it Pro

  • Poof/Hide It Allows users to select apps that will be hidden on phone

    Sometimes appears as innocuous app (e.g. audio player, calculator)

  • Whisper

  • WhisperUsers can post confessions anonymously, using images

    Searchable by topicSearchable by locationLot of photos of scantily clad men and women with a/s/l

  • Down (Bang with Friends)

  • Down/BWF Users can look through Facebook

    friends If any of them also have the app

    then you can anonymously pick the ones would like hook up with

    If the other person also picks you then the two of you are notified

    Then app serves as a chat system

  • School Law and Technologyfor the

    Minden Staff

    Karen Haase(402) 804-8000

    [email protected]

    KSB School Law