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Virtual Organizations and Teams

Dec 04, 2014



Presentation on Engaging Leadership of virtual and remote teams. This is a reminder for the participants of my sessions. Please contact me or visit for further qurestions

  • 1. Engaging Management ofVirtual Project Teams Lars Sudmann [email protected] @LarsSudmann

2. More than 100 million peoplework in remote teamsSource: Manpower 3. 4. Flickr/ 5. Virtual teams canoutperform co-located teamsSource: Siebdrat, Hoegl, Ernst 2009 6. but 7. but 8. How does itfeel to worklike this? 9. Like this?Flickr/jerrybunkers 10. 90% of virtual teamOr more members complainabout insufficientlike this?possibility to buildrelationships andtrust**Source: e.g. RW3 study report 11. Foundations 12. RemoteMindsetUnder- Full virtualutilized powerIssues toTechmake it work overloadTechnologyin place 13. 1Audiences 14. 1: Virtual Management2: Virtual Meetings 15. #1 ProactiveInteraction 16. VirtualCoffees 17. #2Reflect on Your Virtual Image 18. Alright, let me send thisemail 19. Now the phone call 20. I will just update the micro-blog of the company 21. Lets do a videoconference with my newteam 22. Okthat is donework went well today 23. Do that! as email text He was typing all the time while on the phone How rude of him! he does not care!E-MailPhoneVideoBlog How banal - hereDid you see that surely is somebodyfunny picture in thewho cannot blogbackground? Was he and even spelling in his kids room?mistakes.hahaha 24. 25. Johari-Windowfor a VirtualImage check 26. Johari-Window in Virtual InteractionKnownNot knownto selfto self Known to Blind others SpotsNot knownto othersBased on: Luft / Ingham "The Johari window 27. #3Over-share withyour team 28. Share the wayyou work 29. Regularly share tips on optimaluse of technology 30. #4PerformanceManagement 31. Wow, what a week 32. The full re-work of the model is done 33. Then I also developed thetraining program for allemployees 34. Then the coordination and execution of the meeting here on site 35. ArgueArgue Argue 36. Not to mention thesite team building eventthat I organized 37. Now the last thing for the week my call with myboss 38. Boy, its busy here 39. I didnt hear from you all week,I wish I had also such a calm job! 40. 41. #5Do virtualteambuilding 42. Teambuilding 43. Games RelaxHumanInsightsFun Non-workStoriesWork/LifePlay bondGetting to know 44. PianoDrumViolin Flute 45. 1 VirtualManagement#1 Proactive Interaction#2 Virtual Image#3 Over-Share#4 Performance & Exposure#5 Virtual Teambuilding 46. 1: Virtual Management2: Virtual Meetings 47. GooglePowerpoint Karaoke 48. Foundation 49. Do you rememberyour last phoneconference? 50. Mute all 51. FoundationKnow YourTechnology by Heart 52. #1Over-Visualize 53. Topic Time Who? Next Step Until when? 54. #2Make Mini-Movies 55. TV 56. Change 57. Change 58. #3Speak like a Radio DJ 59. Radio 60. #4Interact 61. Yes NoWho cares? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 62. #5Co-Create 63. AdvantagesDisadvantages CommunicaWork from tion issueshome24/7 project work inNot soglobal teamspersonal Best practices No Nos Making Proactive assumption reaching s in emailsInteractiveout Expectingmeetings that they will notice it 64. 1 Virtual 2 VirtualManagementMeetings#1 Proactive Interaction#1 Over-Visualize#2 Virtual Image#2 Make Mini-Movies#3 Over-Share #3 Radio-DJ#4 Performance & Exposure #4 Interact#5 Virtual Teambuilding #5 Co-Create 65. Happy Birthday Robert 66. Engaging Management ofVirtual Project Teams Lars Sudmann [email protected] @LarsSudmann