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V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews April 2009

V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Dec 30, 2015




V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews. April 2009. Merchant User Reset Password. Merchant Users who correctly answer a Security Question and has a valid email address will be able to reset their password. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Page 1: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

April 2009

Page 2: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Merchant User Reset Password

• Merchant Users who correctly answer a Security Question and has a valid email address will be able to reset their password.

• After v9.0 is released, when the guest logs in they will be brought to a screen that asks for their email address and security question.

Store Managers Considerations

• You may want to instructon what email addressand security question/answerto use.

Page 3: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Reset Password Process

1) Click Forgot Password 2) Enter Username 3) Answer Security Question

4) Email sent with new temporary password

5) Login with temporary password

Page 4: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Changes to Left Nav

• Left NAV links are now dynamically generated based on the logged in users permissions

• This has been done to reduce the dreaded 403/404 Error page (see examples)

1) Store Manager 2) Customer Service 3) Super User

Page 5: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Changes Related to Dynamic Left Nav

• Fewer links active in Main Body– Customer Service and Store Admin are now just headings– Use Left Nav links to access detail functionality

• Removed links for Stored Value Reports Menu, Loyalty Reports Menu, and Guest Analysis Report From Left Nav.All reports are located on the report menu.

• Logout page is now branded and has Left Nav

Page 6: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Custom Permission Groups

• In V9.0 it is possible to create custom permission groups, example

– Create a new group for your store managers or CSRs

– Add reports or other links that they would find valuable

– After launch, if you decide all 200 store managers need an extra

permission, you can simply add to the permission group and all

users get this permission.

Page 7: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Edit Permission Groups on User Page

• Permission Groups can be edited directly on the USER page.

• Store Permissions still need to be restricted from the Edit Store Permissions page.

Page 8: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

POP Calendars For Reports

Click on calendar

Click on Date

Page 9: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Close Store

• Stores Can Be Closed Centrally(closer store link on store page)

• Closing can be scheduled or instant

• All security agents removed from the Connectivity Status page.

• All transactions from store will be denied

• Store removed from CSR pull down lists.

• If a name change is desired (e.g. adding “zclosed –“ in front of the current store name)for reporting it must be done manually.

• Campaign transactions and expirations can still be attributed to this store (enrollment store feature in campaign tool is used)

Page 10: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Guest Website Options

• Any page can be moved up and to left or remain centered.• A new single branded link available with three major features• Access by your prefix

Page 11: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Verifone Terminal Improvements

• Variable menus : Gift, Loyalty, or All• Dial-up status ping improvements

– Reduce terminals that show red on connectivity status page• Phone lookup when guest forgot their card

– Configurable: Add Points, Balance Inquiry, Redeem Rewards, Media Exchange

1) Click purple button 2) Enter Phone # 3) Choose Matching User

Page 12: V9.0 Merchant Interface Previews

Sell Loyalty Card On Website

• For use with paid for loyalty programs

• Guest purchases single loyalty card and pays with credit card

• Card partially registered with ship to info

• Guest presented with link to complete their registration

• Note: requires Paypal Payflow Pro account