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Creatavision Publishing April 2015 Beautiful books that inspire, connect and promote conscious travel

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Feb 12, 2017



Clare McAlaney
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Creatavision PublishingApril 2015

Beautiful books that inspire, connect and promote conscious travel

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Clare McAlaney

RRP $24.95

ISBN: 9780992373627

Trade SC 230mm x 150mm

188pp with 16pp colour panels


Release date: 10 December 2014

Category: Young reader

The Bootongs of Bali is a remarkable tour de force, which sits in my bookshelf between Animal Farm and Harry Potter. Jonathan Copeland - author

The fantastiC tale of a family of ducks and

friends. Young Cheeky and his family, the Bootongs

of Bali, are in a race against time to find their fallen

ancestral palace in the Kingdom of Ducktopia and

recover an old Manuscript that will unlock the answers

to restore balance to Bali - and the planet - before it is

too late.

Classic adventure-fantasy with an environmental

message, by an author with an original storytelling

voice that will appeal to young readers and adults alike.

The Bootongs of Bali is a captivating tale that through

the adventures of animals, reminds us we only have

one planet and two paths - preservation and repair, or

destruction. The Bootongs of Bali takes you on a tour

of Bali, its culture and the beauty of the Paradise island

seen through the eyes of the ducks and their friends,

while highlighting the threats it is facing in a fast-paced

tale that will leave young readers intrigued and with an

indelible desire to help make a difference.

With beautiful illustrations by Clare McAlaney, this is a book

that will take a treasured place on young readers’ to

adults’ bookshelves.

Open these pages and you enter a mythical, magical, enchanting world where ducks can fly and fish can talk ... Clare McAlaney pulls a powerful punch ... Will the young, naive duck Cheeky succeed in his pre-destined task, against all the odds ...? Will he manage to overcome rival Spotty and terrifying malevolent forces and find the Manuscript, hidden centuries ago in a distant palace? Will he succeed in unlocking the ancient secrets and save Bali from its headlong, unstoppable rush to destruction, perdition and chaos? This timely, modern allegory bursts with energy in words and pictures.

ibu Murni - author, founder & owner of Murni’s warung,

Available now

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David Metcalf

Nyoman Pujawan

Clare McAlaney

RRP $24.95

ISBN: 9780992373634

Trade SC 150mm x 230mm

96pp full colour with varnish

Spot varnish / metallic print cover


Release date: 31 March 2015

Category: Travel

Like a canoe on the river, David Metcalf’s lucid images capture the color and vibrancy...the quiet magic of the forest and a fascination for the creatures that dwell there.

bill dalton - author, adventurer, travel Journalist, on david’s photography in Looking for Borneo

bali essenCe is an uplifting take-home book

of the diverse, uniquely special world that is Bali.

Captivating images transport you into its magical

world, taken by renowned travel photographer

and author David Metcalf, and Bali’s newest talent,

Nyoman Pujawan. Clare McAlaney, author of Bali

Soul Journals, lyrically adds words to the images.

This is a perfect reminder of a traveller’s visit or a

gift for anyone who has or who longs to walk the

beautiful fields of Bali.

Light and affordable, it captures the essence of Bali

in a way not seen before on the island. Beautifully

printed in Indonesia by PT Indonesia Printer, it will be

the ‘must have’ purchase for travellers to Bali and as

a gift.

Clare McAlaney thoughtfully comments on the

images, sharing her observations of village life and

Balinese culture in the same reverent manner she

gave in Bali Soul Journals.

Relative new-comer is Balinese Nyoman Pujawan,

who has worked with David for the last two years.

As David said, by teaching him and other local

photographers, he is able to leave a legacy of skill

and beauty.

Bali Essence is the product of a shared passion, a deep appreciation for the timeless beauty that is Bali. Immerse yourself in the silky ultra-realism of Metcalf and Pujawan’s extraordinary images. Lose yourself in McAlaney’s lyrical, meandering text. Bali Essence has distilled this unique culture and place, serving it up like a sparkling wine, full of flavour, full of promise, full of life. For those who share a love of the island, this is Bali!

Mark heyward, bestselling author of Crazy little heaven and looking for borneo

Available now

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Clare McAlaney

Trish McNeill

RRP $44.95

ISBN: 9780992373603

Trade HC 250mm x 210mm

H/C with jacket

240pp Full colour gloss

Published: November 18, 2013

Category: Travel Narrative

Sub-category: Conscious Travel

bali soul Journal’s intention is to inspire

tolerance, love and empathy, presented in a series of

journals with people who know and love Bali.

The journals became Clare’s own journey through Bali, as

she learns the impact of tourism on the tiny island, and

the values that shape what is one of the world’s most

unique communities.

More than a coffee table book, it is filled with vignettes

of local customs and insights into the Balinese way of life

through three distinct sections. The first explores the five

senses in Bali and symbolism. This introduction to Bali

guides you to 14 journals with locals, before taking you

by the hand and strolling through the streets of Bali with

traveller’s eyes.

Bali Soul Journals targets a growing market in travel, the

Conscious Traveller. Recommended by Don George in

National Geographic Traveller as a must-read in Bali.

Available now in current editionRe-publish mid 2015

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Foreword by Bill Dalton

Mark Heyward - author

David Metcalf - photographer

Khan Wilson - artist

RRP $55.00

ISBN: 9780992373610

Trade HB 225mm x 300mm

168pp full colour


Release date: 1 October 2014

Bonus CD

The best book on Indonesia I have ever read!

Tim Bowden, Am − AuThor, TV And rAdio journALisT

looking for borneo is a celebration of the

island of Borneo, its environment and its people. At the

same time, it is a call to action, a plea to save this special

place from the ravages of development.

A collection of writings, drawings, photographs and

music, inspired by Kalimantan and Mark Heyward’s

acclaimed book, Crazy Little Heaven, an Indonesian

Journey, this new volume is a unique artistic

collaboration and a fine contribution to the body of

Indonesian travel literature.

Khan Wilson’s quirky and memorable artworks

complement the narrative in the same way that a fiery

sambal complements a dish of fried rice, adding a

splash of colour, a little spice and a sense of fun.

Like a canoe on the river, David Metcalf’s lucid images

capture the colour and vibrancy of Dayak cultures,

the quiet magic of the forest and a fascination for the

creatures that dwell there.

As if that were not enough, Heyward’s original songs,

ballads of life and love in Indonesia, are brought to

life by Kalimantan-born Qisie, and a group of talented

Indonesian musicians from Lombok and Bandung. The

style, best described as ‘kampong folk-rock’, reveals

another Indonesia - and more of Heyward’s very

personal vision of this unique part of the world.

(Review by Australian author, Bill Dalton)

Available nowLimited edition

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About the AuthorsClare McAlaney David Metcalf Mark Heyward

Khan Wilson

Trish McNeill

Clare spends most of her time with her husband, writing in Bali.

Her background is in strategic marketing of global brands, but the artistic nature of the work was far more satisfying, so she set up Creat-avision Marketing in 2005. In 2013 she established Creatavision Publish-ing Australia.

Clare writes for local newspapers and magazines, however her focus on publishing, design, writing and illustrating is taking up much of her time these days.

Originally from New Zealand, David is an outstanding travel photogra-pher and writer. Although he travels extensively, David is based in Bali.

David’s photography features in In-donesia’s Hidden Heritage - Cultural Journeys, co-written with Steph-anie Brookes. David has held many successful photography exhibitions in Jakarta. He is a regular contribu-tor to NOWJakarta, as well as many flight magazines. Recently David was chosen as the featured photographer in Master Class in Colours Garuda Indonesia Inflight Magazine.

Born in Tasmania, Mark has spent the last twenty years living, travelling and working in Indonesia. He now lives between Lombok and Jakarta with his wife and two children.

Mark holds a PhD in inter-cultural literacy and a Masters Degree in ed-ucation administration. He currently works as an international education consultant. In his spare time he writes, makes music, and takes long walks in the hills.

Mark’s book Crazy Little Heaven has been applauded in both Australia and Indonesia. (Please see reviews in Looking for Borneo.)

Khan is an expatriate Australian artist and teacher, based in Ubud, where he lives with his wife and family. Khan is also a talented early childhood teacher and has taught in schools in Tasmania and Indonesia. Mark and Khan have collaborated in the past. Khan’s funky, illustrative artwork has been exhibited in Australia, Lombok and Bali. His creations allow the viewer to wander through imaginary worlds exploring a visual narrative.

Trish McNeill lives in the beautiful Whitsundays and enjoys travelling between her two paradise homes. Having studied photography under some of Australia’s finest, she wanted to capture more than landscapes, but through images, tell a story that would reach out to people to help them engage and connect with other cultures. Bali Soul Journals was both Clare and Trish’s first print book.

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The travel market is in advancement, tipped to grow to 1.8 bil-lion by 2030. Leading this charge is a group that is little known but growing annually - the Conscious Travel market. There is an opportunity to grow this market in the publishing industry. Creatavision Publishing focuses on this group.

About Conscious TravelThe Travel Market

The Conscious TravellerJustin Francis describes the future of travel as being ‘deep’ travel - getting under the skin of a place. We already seek out authen-ticity - real experiences rather than fake culture packaged up for tourists - but travel in 2020 will go further. It will be about the appreciation of local distinctiveness, the idiosyncrasies and the detail, the things that make a place unique and special. It will be as much about the smell of fresh spices in Kerala in India ... as it is about rediscovering the exotic and locally distinctive closer to home.1

The emergence of the ‘conscious traveller’ and ‘responsible trav-eller’ is happening alongside rising fuel costs and people seeking spiritual growth and a connection with the planet.

Conscious Travel has been described as a movement - a com-munity and a learning program enabling countries to attract and welcome guests in a manner that doesn’t cost the earth.

Activists point out that the operating model that created a global tourism industry is dying and a new model is emerging. The rules of the game are being re-invented, right now.

1 Managing Director -

Cheap airfares and accommodation are one thing, but trav-ellers are also searching for their inner self and a connection with the planet. And others. This is a long way from tourism described as a race to ‘check in’ on social networks.

Tourists collect digital photos and screech to get to the next temple or view or whatever will inspire perceived envy on their social network page. They look for what is familiar rath-er than the differences, a holiday, rather than seeking what binds us as humans. Travellers collect memories, leave posi-tive footprints and enhance relationships and understanding.

Alongside the Conscious Traveller there is a new consumer. Euro RSCG Worldwide gives insights into who they are.

At the end of 2009 they conducted research across seven countries (Brazil, China, France, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States) and 5,700 adults which revealed startling insights.

They found that people still want more, but define it differ-ently - not mountains of consumer goods, but rather, more meaning, more deeply felt connections, more substance and a greater sense of purpose.

They found that 43 percent complain about not having enough close friendships. 40 percent want to lead a more spiritual life. 59 percent were feeling disconnected from the natural world. Story telling is a way of reuniting that feeling of connectedness.

In short, we are becoming sick of excess, weary of the push to accumulate more. We are ‘waking up’ in the ‘era of mindful spending’ with four key attributes:

- embracing substance

- growing up

- rightsizing

- seeking purposeful pleasure

Despite bad press, Bali has recorded record levels of Austral-ians in the first two months of 2015, up 15% on 2014. These will see well over one million Australians travel to Bali if the trend continues, as it has since the bombings in 2002.

The Australian Bali Traveller

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About Creatavision PublishingCreatavision Publishing began as Creatavision Holdings in 2003, primarily a marketing and design service. Clare McAlaney founded the company and provided branding and design services to brands such as Bulla Dairy.Clare’s husband joined the company in 2009. An experienced printer in lithography, Bill had spent the latter part of his career as a senior manager in sales and marketing. His wealth of experience saw the company soar.In 2012, Clare published her first book, an eBook called Things you need to know about Bali, which shot to #1 on Amazon in Travel after a relaunch in January 2015, and has remained in the top five books consistently since then.The company focuses on travel, conscious travel particularly. The vision is to print more books that bring awareness to the planet. Soul Journals and Bali Essence both have immediate plans for companion books in other parts of Indonesia, and in Australia and New Zealand.To grow the company, Creatavision Publishing seek an Australian distributor. Consideration is also on the table for an Australian publisher to handle Bali Soul Journals in that market to economise on logis-tics.Clare has partnered with David Metcalf on Bali Essence, which was launched April, 2015. David has been approached by an Asian network to judge on a photographic reality competition, which will expand both his, Clare’s and the book’s profile into the Singa-pore and Malaysian markets.However given the size of the Australian market trav-elling weekly into Bali, focus will remain on getting the book into the hands of the millions who love the small island.