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Types of Government 5 types of government throughout the world

Jan 01, 2016




  • Types of Government5 types of government throughout the world.

  • Descriptions of Governments can be based onType of economy, e.g. capitalismWho chooses it, e.g. democracyHow it works. That is, how it runs the 5 purposes of government.WHAT ARE THE 5 purposes of Government?

  • Purposes of GovernmentSafety and SecurityNational IdentityRepresentation and TaxesInfrastructureSocial Welfare

  • The Types of GovernmentDictatorshipTheocracyMonarchyParliamentaryRepublic

  • DictatorshipRule by a single leader who has not been elected and may use force to keep control. The army is in control. Usually, there is little or no attention to public opinion or individual rights.

  • Examples: North Korea, Belarus, Nazi Germany

  • TheocracyA form of government where the rulers claim to be ruling on behalf of a set of religious ideas, or as direct agents of a deity.

  • Examples: Iran, Ancient Egypt, France in the 1400s.

  • MonarchyA monarchy has a king or queen, who sometimes has absolute power. Power is passed along through the family

  • Old School: Saudi ArabiaNew School, Constitutional Monarchy: The United Kingdom, Jordan, Swaziland

  • ParliamentaryA parliamentary system is led by representatives of the people. Each is chosen as a member of a political party and remains in power as long as his/her party does

  • Examples: Too many to name the majority of governments in the world are Parliamentary. One example is the United Kingdom

  • RepublicA republic is led by representatives of the voters. Each is individually chosen for a set period of time.

  • Examples: USA!

  • Other types of governmentTotalitarianism: A special kind of dictatorship where total control is exercised over everyones life, but where power is in the hands of more than one person, usually a political party or military group. (China)Anarchy: The absence of government and laws. (Afghanistan in 2002?)Democracy: Everyone votes on every decision. (Ancient Greece)

  • Your AssignmentUse the scorecard and your notes to give each type of government a score.Read an example about each type of government.Use the score card again, this time with details from the reading.Respond to a writing prompt with the information you have learned.