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Types of Government - Lower Level

Jun 23, 2015




  • 1. Types of Government Young Learners-Lower Level adapted for use for educational purposes credit to Mark Damon for game

2. Types of Government + Game Objective: Defining different types of governments (i.e., democracy, autocracy, oligarchy, monarchy, and dictatorship). 3. Meet the archies! archy = power () demo (people) + cracy = democracy auto (self) + cracy = autocracy olig (a few) + archy = oligarchy mon (one) + archy = monarchy an (without) + archy = anarchy 4. De/mo/cra/cy In a democracy, the government is elected by the people. Everyone who is eligible to vote has a chance to have their say over who runs the country. It is different from governments controlled by a few people (oligarchy) or by a single person (dictatorship; monarchy). A democracy is usually has elected representatives (like parliament or congress). 5. Au/to/cra/cy Government = one person (sometimes violent - ). 6. O/li/gar/chy Government = a few people. 7. Mo/nar/chy Government = a king or queen. The king or queen's children become king or queen. In a constitutional monarchy, like Great Britain, there is a democratic government (parliament) and a queen. 8. Dic/ta/tor/ship Government = one person In a military dictatorship, the army () has the power. 9. An/ar/chy anarchy = no government 10. Ca/pi/ta/list Free-market Capitalist = people can own their own businesses and property. Some capitalist governments also provide their education, health and welfare services. 11. Com/mu/nist Government = all property. Government = healthcare, education and welfare. 12. Re/pub/lic Government = no king Usually an elected president. 13. Re/vo/lu/tion/ary Government = a revolution 14. To/tal/i/tar/i/an One system (usually only one leader). People = complete control by the government. 15. Ready for a quiz?Play Government Squares 16. Inspired byA Game of Xs and Os 17. 124735869 18. Scoreboard123X456O7 Click Here if X Wins Click Here if O Wins89 19. 1Government = people You can vote. 20. 1HomeDemocracy 21. 2Government = King or Queen 22. 2HomeMonarchy 23. 3Government = one person - no election:( The army keeps control. 24. 3HomeDictatorship 25. 4Government = one person Sometimes the government is violent. 26. 4HomeAutocracy 27. 5Government = all property 28. 5HomeCommunism 29. 6No government 30. 6HomeAnarchy 31. 7Government = revolution 32. 7HomeRevolutionary 33. 8Government = a few people 34. 8HomeOligarchy 35. 9A country that has no monarch, but has an elected president or official is a ________. 36. 9HomeRepublic 37. Create your own government! - You are going to start your own country! - What government do you want to have? - What rules and laws should your government have? Create 5 laws. - Who will control your country? - Be creative! - Tell the class about your government. 38. Resources The Democracy Project BBC Types of Government World Population Under Various Governments Types of GovernmentsDictator for a Day Lesson Plan