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Twydall Ward Summer 2013

Jan 01, 2016



Twydall Ward Leaflet Summer 2013

  • RoseTwydall & RainhamNews from your Twydall Ward Labour Councillors - Summer 2013

    Labour - keeping it local

    Tory Britain - Foodbank TwydallTwydall Post Office is working closely withTwydall's Holy Trinity Church as a collectionpoint for Medway Foodbank.

    Foodbanks provide essential food forfamilies who would otherwise go hungry.As Labour councillors we strongly supportthe goals of this charitable activity.

    But it is an indictment of the Tory-ledGovernment that there is a need for this inBritain today. Never before has there beena foodbank in Twydall.

    So we say, support the foodbank - but alsoquestion why the Government isn't doingmore to make it un-necessary.

    As your local councillors, we have been at the forefront of criticising theextortionate interest rates that pay-day lenders charge. But we alsorecognise that people often need small loans, and similarly that many

    Medway Credit Union - a mutual approach tomanageable loans and secure savings

    Foodbank collection point in Twydall Post Office

    wish to save on a regular basis - knowing that their money is secure. For some, Medway CreditUnion might be the answer.What is Medway Credit Union? Like all credit unions, of which there are hundreds in the UK, itis a financial co-operative; owned, controlled and run by its members. They save together toprovide a pool of money from which members can apply to borrow loans at affordable rates.Money saved with the credit union is absolutely safe and is protected by the Financial ServicesCompensation Scheme.To find out more, contact Medway Credit Union on 01634 403335 or visit their

  • Printed by Reader & Phillips, Gillingham. Promoted by Gillingham & Rainham Constituency Labour Party, 122a Twydall Lane, Gillingham ME8 6JU

    Surgeries: 1st Saturday of the month, 10am to Noon, Twydall Library3rd Wednesday of month, 10am to Noon, Gillingham Labour Party HQ, (rear of Twydall Labour Club)

    Website: Facebook: Medway Labour Group Freepost: Labour working for you locally

    Get in touch with your Twydall Ward Councillors:

    The printing and distribution of thisleaflet is funded by your local LabourCouncillors and Labour supporters

    Dorte Gilry - Tel. [email protected]

    Paul Harriott - Tel. 233833 Glyn Griffiths - Tel. [email protected]

    Twydall & Rainham Rose

    Ward ImprovementsWork starts onnew pavilion Each year, your ward councillors are allocated 3,000 each

    to help fund improvements in the ward. Dorte, Paul andGlyn pooled their funds and in the year to end Marchfunded:

    Wifi at Twydall Library to provide additionalinternet access for local residents using the facility

    250 to help fund trips by the Twydall GardeningClub - so they can get ideas to make Twydall evenbetter - (The Gardening Club look after the hangingbaskets in the shopping centre)

    500 to help buy new furniture for Woodlands YouthClub (which is at the western end of the ward)

    Bollards and railings on the corner of the shoppingcentre (next to Spensley's Chemists) to protectpedestrians from anti-social motorists who weredriving onto the pavement there

    New 'no dog fouling' signs along Beechings Way

    Christmas lights in the shopping centre (and theywill be back this year!).

    If you have ideas how the funds could be spent this year,contact Dorte, Paul or Glyn.

    Work is startingon the newpavilion onBeechings Rec.The new buildwill beconstructedadjacent to theCommunity Centre and includesthe provision of additionalparking spaces which should helpto reduce problem parkingaround the rec on match days.

    The old pavilion, on the othercorner of the rec will bedemolished.

    Twydall Rose Feedback - Tell us your No.1 concernTo: Freepost Labour working for you locallyMy No.1 Issue is:

    Name: Address:

    Tel: Email:The Labour Party would like to keep you informed on local and national issues that may affect you. Please place an X in the box if you do not agree to this.

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