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Mar 28, 2016




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    Grade, 2012

    The Arts

    English Mathematics



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    Social & Physical


    L.O.T.E. Kitchen


  • On the 1 of June term 2 we went to the hall to do some billy carts

    activates. The first activate we did was a billy cart race out side we were

    in groups of 3.I crashed into a another cart and alem [In my group]

    crashed into a fire hydrant!

  • English This year we have participated in many activities that have improved

    our reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.

    In English this year we did reading, writing and codes

    I think Im good at reading but not codes and writing

    Click here for

    our poem

  • Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt

    This year we have been learning to calculate multiplication and


    Im not good at maths but Im getting better

  • >> The Arts

    Music Visual Art

  • Music In music we did the middle school consort and were doing the

    Christmas carols

    I do not play an musical interment but Im going to play saxophone next year

  • >> Integrated



    Are We There Yet? Weather

    The Way Things


  • Communication In term one we were learning all the ways of communication. The one that is used

    the most is speaking and looking at peoples body language. We walked around Cheltenham and looked at signs.

    I really enjoyed doing hieroglyphics.

  • The Way Things Work

    In term three we did the way things work. It was fun, we used

    gears and screw drivers

  • >> Social & Physical


    My Friends

    Health & Physical


    My Personal


  • My Friends

    I was new this year so I did not have any friend's at the start of the year but I

    made new friend's .


  • >> Incursions &



    Environments Camp Kangaroobie

    Learning by Doing Ceres

    Hollywood Magic

  • Media Roadshow I liked the Media Roadshow because it was fun and an interesting experience .My

    favourite part was the green screen T.V. It was really fun. I liked how we got to

    really got to feel what it is like to be on T.V!

  • Build a crane On June the first we went into the hall to make a wooden crane with wood

    and a saw nails as well we had to glue as well. My crane worked really well

    and it looked really cool!

  • Camp Kangaroobie It was really fun a camp. There were cows pigs chickens . The

    activates were fun like the mud cores, go in the back of the trailer

    Click here for my camp photo story

    My Videos\PhotoStory2.wp3

  • You Can Do It

    FOUNDATION Habit of the Mind


    >> Achievements

  • L.O.T.E

    In L.O.T.E I learn Italian Im not that good but Im picking it up. I know how to say hello (chaio),count up to 20 and say how are you

  • Kitchen Classroom

    At my old school we did not have a kitchen, But I have

    been doing a lot of cooking at home.