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The Sandspur Vol 112 Issue 24

Mar 04, 2016



McConnell and Bueso Elected After Controversial Campaign

  • On Wednesday, March29, Chris Masterson, fromTV's "Malcolm in the Mid-dle," and Nick Peterson, di-rector of the film "Intellectu-al Property" came intoWPRK for an on-the-air in-terview to discuss "Intellec-tual Property." The filmplayed at the Enzian thatnight for the Florida FilmFestival.

    Masterson, who playsthe eldest brother on the hit

    Fox network TV show "Mal-colm in the Middle", hasbeen acting since he was twoyears old.

    However, that's notwhen him and Peterson met,which was actually twoyears ago. "We met on My-space and we were tradingmusic - which now is illegaland wasn't then," said Mas-terson. "He said 'I have thiscool idea for a movie' and ac-tually it was written byNick's friend Hanson and itwas a really cool script Iliked it for so many reasons,and the main reason is itgave me the main type ofcharacter I have alwayswanted to play. This was thefirst time I could do some-thing so far from what I real-ly am."

    It was not just Mastersonwho decided that he was

    going to playthe part ofPaul, a para-noid inven-tor, but Pe-terson aswell. "WhenI first metChris," saidP e t e r s o n ,"because Ihad nevermet him be-fore project,and one ofthe reasonsthat I wasc o n v i n c e dthat he coulddo this partso wellwashe actu-ally createscharacters with his perform-ances and for this film inparticulars that's what I real-

    ly needed."For Peterson, getting

    Masterson to play the part ofPaul was just a small step

    when it came to preparingfor and making the film."Even before shooting the

    In the leadership electionsfor Student Government Asso-ciation of the Rollins CollegeSchool of Arts and Sciencesheld last week, the voters ofRollins College have chosen toreturn to the position of presi-dent of the SGA Caitlin "Cat"McConnell along with hervice presidential running mateLara Bueso. Defeated in theelection were presidential can-didate Allen "Eddie" Mehnertand vice presidential candi-date Savannah Stephen.

    Ms. McConnell, advanc-ing a platform to lessen apathyand continue initiatives begunin her previous administra-tion, was able to easily defeatMr. Mehnert while Ms. Buesodefeated Ms. Stephen by aneven greater margin.

    The election, for the firsttime in recent Rollins history,was able to mobilize enoughvoters to achieve quorumwithout reopening the votingprocess for an additionallength of time.

    The campaigning andelection process began withcontention. Initially, Ms. Mc-Connell ran unopposed, withthe filing deadline for cam-paign eligibility ending with-out additional complete andvalid applications. Immediate-ly following the filing dead-line, Mr. Mehnert filed an ap-peal, citing improper proce-dure on behalf of the ElectionsCommittee.

    After several meetingsand procedural hearings Mr.Mehnert was allowed onto theballot, the campaign alreadywell underway, and began arigorous campaign to chal-lenge Ms. McConnell.

    The campaign seasonbrought about an exciting de-bate focusing on reforms tothe process of representation.All sides throughout their ap-pearances and in the formaldebate agreed that change inthe structure of SGA and itsconstitution were importantsteps to take in order to ad-vance the state of student lifeat Rollins.

    As the opposition, Mr.

    Mehnert campaigned on aplatform that necessitatedchange and a writing of the

    wrongs that existed in pastadministrations. Ms. Stephenwas not so critical, opting to

    represent herself as a new


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    Stephen Kellog and the Sixers Rock the HouseKnown for their unique style of music, the

    aspiring band came to Rollins to promote theirfirst album released by major record company.

    page 4

    Making More of Your TimeTwo examples of how college students are see-

    ing the world and making a difference in otherslives and end up changing themselves.

    page 10

    Opinions Topic: The Bush AdministrationDiffering points of view on what the Bush Administration has accomplished for the

    country and what the President should do 15

    APRIL 7, 2006

    McConnell and Bueso Elected AfterControversial Campaign


    ROLLINS NEW POWER DUO: Newly elected SGA Vice President Lara Bueso (left) with re-elected SGA President Caitlin Cat McConnell.

    Joshua Beneshthe sandspur

    Chris Masterson Pays a VisitKelly McNoldy

    the sandspur

    KELLY MCNOLDY / The Sandspur

    INTERVIEWING WITH THE STAR: Chris Masterson from Malcolm in the Middlerecently came to WPRK at Rollins.




    China: Shortages at hun-dreds of factories have ledexperts to believe that theeconomy may be undergo-ing some major changes.

    India: Childless parents arenow looking to India forsurrogate mothers. Thenumber of cases of surroga-cy is said to have doubled inthe last three years.

    India: Indians are finallycracking down on femalegender abortions.

    Afghanistan: Violence ex-pected to increase this year.In the recent weeks aboutfour attacks have takenplace per day.

    Brazil: Emergency workersrecovered 19 bodies out ofthe remains of a plane thatexploded on impact when itcrashed into a mountainousregion.

    Canada: An explosion in thedowntown shopping districtkilled one man inside of acoffee shop.

    Vatican City: Thousands ofpeople from around theworld flocked to the Vaticanto remember the first an-niversary of the death ofPope John Paul II.

    Louisiana: It seems that geo-logical faults in New Or-leans have caused the down-ward movement of of land,causing levees, bridges andhomes to sink.

    Masschusettes: Three peo-ple were killed when a con-struction crane collapsed ona downtown street.

    Tennessee: Dozens ofhomes were destroyed,many were injured and 27people were killed whenthunderstorms containingtornados and softball sizedhail passed through theMidwest.

    California: Ice Age: TheMeltdown earned a mam-moth 70.5 million dollars inthe first weekend. The se-qual to the previously popu-lar Ice Age movie grossedhigher than anticipated.

    Washington D.C.: Ex-Housemajority leader Tom DeLaywill not run for reelction inthe upcoming congressionalelections. His long careerwill come to a close at theend of the year.

    Illinois: Car seats are nowbeing made heftier for thosechildren that are too heavyfor the standard car-safetyseat.

    Pennsylvania: A metham-phphetamine lab discoveredin Somerset County recentlyin a state park. There are nocurrent suspects for the cre-ation of the lab, but the po-lice are investigating further.




    Graffiti-Inspired Artwork by Rollins

    On Thursday, March 30,the Cornell Campus Centerhosted the opening of "TheOutsiders Within" art show.The show focused on graffi-ti-inspired artwork byRollins students, alumni andlocal artists.

    Everything about theopening and the show wasgraffiti-themed. Most of themusic played was rap andtechno with dark, ruggedbeats, played by DJ KeithJackson of the "My Wax Oc-topus" show on WPRK 91.5FM.

    The catered food evenresembled the art workwhich the show consisted of.White, red and black tortillachips with matching salsa,miniature egg rolls, stuffedspinach pastries and cinna-mon-sugar pita chips wereall complimented by sodaand water and laid uponblack and red tablecloths.

    "The culture clash ofMexican Asian and Greekfoods was eye opening andreally resembled the sam-pling technology of hip hopand graffiti artwork," saidPhillip Ileto, one of the ob-servers at the art show.

    The main part of theopening - the artwork - wasextrememly varied and richin the mediums used andmessages conveyed. Severalpieces actually were madewith spray paint while oth-ers painted bottles of spraypaint onto cardboard.

    With several other piecesone would not be able toguess that they were graffiti-inspired unless they recog-nized the work of the artist,who actually does graffitithroughout Orlando.

    There were photographsof graffiti and there wereskateboards, both full and

    broken in half, painted. Although there were

    many pieces, there was notmuch variety as far as thenumber of artists. Therewere six pieces in the showby the artist Null alone andfive by Swamburger.

    Some people found thislack disconcerting because itdoes not represent the stu-dent interest in art.

    However, other people,such as Ileto, understoodwhy there were not as manyartists, and more specificallystudent artists compared tothe past shows featured atthe Campus Center.

    "As the year is windingdown, school is becomingbusier so I understand whythere isn't as much studentcontribution," said Ileto,"however, the art that wassubmitted was still quitegood."

    Other art shows thathave been featured at theCampus Center all hadthemes too. Just last Febru-ary the art show curator,Abby Hertz, collaboratedwith the campus rendition of"The Vagina Monologues"and its celebration of V-Daywith an art show centered onwomen, containing risquepictures women.

    Other art shows featuredHalloween themed inspiredworks and works containingtexture in the show entitled"Texture, Tactile, Touch."

    There will be one moreart show at the end of theschool year that will nothave a theme. It is open toall students, faculty, andstaff. If there are any ques-tions, please contact the cu-rator of the art shows, AbbyHertz.

    As for "The OutsidersWithin," Illeto just had morething to say in regards to hisentire experience:

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