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The Sandspur Vol 110 Issue 22

Mar 15, 2016



Nearly 40 Cars Vandalized in Weekend Rampage

  • The Winter ParkChamber of Commerce helda farewell luncheon in honorof Rollins College President,Dr. Rita Bornstein, who wasshowered with complimentson the 31st of March 2004.

    Dr. Bornstein, win-ner of many lifetime achieve-ment awards, graduatedwith her English literatureB.A. and M.A. degrees fromFlorida Atlantic Universitybefore earning her Ph.D. atUniversity of Miami in edu-cational leadership. She isthe author of numerous edu-cational journals; several

    book chapters, and pub-lished two books. Perhapsher largest legacy is that shequadrupled Rollins endow-ments from $39 millionwhen she started here in1990.

    The luncheon wasgala affair, consisting of localbusinesses and leaders,which included: Sam Stark,President, Winter ParkCamber of Commerce; Dr.John Hitt, President,University of Central Florida(UCF); Dr. Ruth Prather,Provost, Winter ParkCampus ValenciaCommunity College; andKenneth Kip Marchman,Mayor, City of Winter Park.All participants were full ofcompliments for Dr.Bornsteins achievements.

    Winter Park Mayor,Kip Marchman, was sadthat she was leaving, but

    The SSandspurLiberty and Justice for All?


    The Supreme Court will soon hear theinfamous case from California challengingthe inclusion of the words under God in

    the Pledge of Allegiance. Is the long-standing tradition Constitutional?

    FOUNDED IN 1894

    Rollins Chamber SingersEnsemble has had a busyschedule over the last fewweeks, including a trip to

    Washington, D.C.

    The Rollins IntramuralSports Programs most

    recent endeavor showcasesan unusual yet fascinating

    activity for students.

    A Tour to Remember Intramural Ping Pong

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    Dozens of students wereshocked to discover earlythis week that their cars hadbeen seriously damaged orrobbed Sunday morning inthe most extensive case ofvandalism in Rollins history.

    Thanks to a report froman eyewitness, ChristopherHyatt, a 31-year-oldHamilton Holt student, hasbeen accused of smashingthe windows of approxi-mately 40 cars with a base-ball bat and looting many ofthe vehicles. The vandalismoccurred on the fourth floorof the SunTrust ParkingGarage Sunday morning atapproximately 5 a.m.

    In a campus-wide e-mail, Campus SafetyDirector Brad McKownreported, All stolen itemswere recovered, and thepolice are in the process ofreturning them to the own-ers.

    Hyatt has already beencharged with seven countsof burglary, and investiga-tors say that more chargesare likely to follow. He iscurrently being held at theOrange County Jail.

    Despite thousands ofdollars in damage, no onewas injured during the ram-page. Dan Ehreiser, 05,whose car was vandalizedand robbed, commented,Its unfortunate whensomething like this happens.Its a reality check whencrime affects you.Nevertheless, for everythingthat was stolen, its fortunatethat no one was in harmsway. The things that were

    Cars parked inthe SunTrustGarage had theirwindows smashedSunday Mark Bartschi

    production manager

    photos / ROBERT WALKER

    A LOUSY WAY TO START THE WEEK: Dozens of cars were vandalized Sunday in the garage.CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

    Last week, former coun-terterrorism chief, RichardClarke, made the startlingaccusation that the Bushadministration refused toconsider terrorism a seriousthreat and priority before theSeptember 11th attacks.Despite the attempts of Bushand others to, create a senseof urgency, he says theirwarnings were largelyignored.

    Clarkes testimonyopened with an apology tothe family and friends of thevictims of 9/11. Then in astartling statement asking

    for forgiveness, he placedthe blame on himself and theUS government. Your gov-ernment failed you, and Ifailed you, he said. Wetried hard, but that doesntmatter because we failedyou. And for that failure, Iwould ask, once all the factsare out, for your under-standing and for your for-

    giveness. Coming at the time of

    the televised hearings of theNational Commission onTerrorist Attacks Upon theUnited States panel, thisstatement has causedextreme controversy. It hasparticularly resulted in sterncriticism and defense from

    Clarke Admits U.S. FailureFormer chief of

    counterterrorismsuggests negli-cence in the Erika Batey

    asst. news editor

    photo / CENSA.NET

    WE FAILED YOU: Clarke addresses the Council for EmergingNational Security Affairs at their fourth annual convention.


    Nearly 40 Cars Vandalized in Weekend Rampage

    Local communi-ty leaders gatherfor a luncheon tohonor Dr. Isaac Stolzenbach

    staff reporter


    Farewell Luncheon

  • THE SANDSPUR2 APRIL 2, 2004NEWSW e e k e n d

    V a n d a l i s mtaken can be returned orreplaced.

    Many frustrated stu-dents blame the college forthe incident. MalloryMasters, 07, said, I find ithard to believe that ifCampus Safety was reallypatrolling our campus asthey say they were, this manwould be able to vandalize40 cars without them hear-ing or seeing it.

    Campus Safety insiststhat security is adequate. InMcKowns e-mail, heassured students, Webelieve that this isolatedincident does not reflect thesafety of the garage. Thegarage was designed withsafety in mindopen archi-tecture, extremely goodlighting, emergency callphones, and more.

    With the resources avail-able to the college, at leastthree officers are typically onduty at any given time. Onestaffs the office, while twopatrol the campus. Sinceofficers concentrate on resi-dential areas, buildings likethe parking garage are notconstantly under guard.

    Campus Safety can bereached from the parkinggarage, as well as any cour-tesy phone location on cam-pus, by pressing the red helpbutton or calling (407) 646-2999. Officers will gladlyoffer an escort to studentsuncomfortable traversingthe garage or campus alone.

    Lieutenant Julius Jacobsrequests, Those who havenot verified the condition oftheir vehicle and its contentsshould contact CampusSafety and the Winter ParkPolice Department as soonas possible.


    CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1the White House. Secretaryof State, Colin Powell,refused Clarkes testimony,saying that terrorism wasregarded as a number onepriority by Bush before thenew administration eventook office. CIA DirectorGeorge Tenet also testifiedstating that both the Clintonand Bush administrationstook the threat of terrorismseriously.

    However, Clarke firmlystands by his claim that ter-rorism was not viewed asurgent by the administra-tion.

    Many of the attacks havebeen centered on nationalsecurity advisor,Condoleezza Rice. Clarkeattacked Rice on CNNsLarry King Live, saying,If Condi Rice had beendoing her jobif she had ahands-on attitude to beingnational security adviserwhen she had informationthat there was a threatagainst the UnitedStates[the information]would have been shaken outin the summer of 2001.While her predecessor in the

    Clinton administration,Samuel Berger, felt it wasvitally important to holddaily meetings after a possi-ble terrorist attack warning,Rice chose not to do this.Many members of the com-mission panel were alsoangry at Rice for not appear-ing before the panel.

    In response, she arguedthat she had nothing tohide. She stated, Im morethan happy to spend asmuch time as they wouldlike answering further ques-tions. She strongly affirmsthat a strategy to eliminate alQuaida was already in placebefore the September 11attacks.

    After much debate, Ricehas agreed to testify in pub-lic, under oath. The WhiteHouse had refused thisrequest initially, stating thatit would be a violation ofexecutive privilege. They arenow giving her the opportu-nity to rebut Clarkes criti-cism publicly, however,under the condition that thiswill not set a precedent fortestimony by White Housestaff and that additionalpublic testimony will not be

    requested.Clarkes recently pub-

    lished book, Against AllEnemies, and this public tes-timony have taken courageand have brought the issuesinto the limelight.

    In order to prove false,any claims that his earliertestimony from a July 2002hearing contradicts hisrecent statements, he haswelcomed it as declassified.He is asking for an end to theWhite Houses vicious per-sonal attacks. The issue isnot about me. The issue isabout the presidents per-formance in the war on ter-rorism, he stated. He refus-es to show any support toany presidential candidate,stating that his motivationfor writing the book andcoming out with this testi-mony was to help advise thecountry on how not to repeatmistakes.

    The debate is expected tocontinue for weeks, and apublic report by theSeptember 11 commission isdue by late July.


    Richard Clarke AdmitsGovernment Failures

  • Relay for Life of WinterPark/ Maitland took placefrom Friday March 26th at 5p.m. to Saturday the 27th ataround noon at theShowalter Field in WinterPark.

    The Winter Park eventssignature sponsors wereSprint, Maze InformationSolutions, WFTV, and theDarden Restaurant, butmany others, particularly allinvolved from our campus,were vital to the success ofthe event.

    Relay for Life is a signa-

    ture event created by theAmerican Cancer Society to,as the organization states,mobilize communitiesacross the country to cele-brate survivorship, remem-ber those who lost their livesto cancer, and raise moneyfor the fight against cancer.The idea for Relay was bornback in 1985 when Dr. GordyKlatt, a colorectal surgeonand runner, walked/ran 83miles to earn a total of$27,000 for the AmericanCancer Society. The verynext year, 220 participantson 19 teams joined Dr. Klattin this overnight event.Since then, the event hasspread to 3,800 communitiesin the U.S. and eight foreigncounties.

    What s

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