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The process of Machining and Assembly of Engine 刘洋 Liu Yang 1251886

Dec 26, 2015



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  • The process of Machining and Assembly of Engine Liu Yang 1251886
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  • The Main Part of Engine (1) Cylinder block (2) Cylinder head (3) Connecting rod (4) crank shaft (5) Camshaft So, how to make these parts? Thats talk about it.
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  • Cylinder Block Material: gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, aluminum alloy, vermicular cast iron and so on. Method of processing : (1)The processing of big plain: first, simple milling and then, accurate milling. (2) The processing of the bearing hole of the main shaft: accurate boring using the multi-knife and the pull boring bar. The hole should be finished at only one time in order to make sure the vertical degree of the hole and thrust plain. (3) The processing of the cylinder hole: simple boring, semi- accurate boring, accurate boring.
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  • Cylinder head Material: gray cast iron, alloy cast iron, aluminum alloy Method of processing: Since the requirement of accuracy is very high, and take the difficulty into consideration, today, the company using the machining center manufacturing technology, manufacturing technology and other agile production line manufacturing technology to produce the cylinder head.
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  • Connecting rod Material: medium carbon steel, medium carbon alloy steel, powder metallurgy, high-strength aluminum alloy and so on. Method of processing: (1) Blank: using the CAD\CAM technology to make the high quality mould in order to maintain the high accuracy at the weight and the thickness of the blank. Then cast. (2) Mechanical processing: first, take the processing on the end edge, using the methods of grinding. Then treating the surface of combination. Finally, processing on the holes of the big edge and the small edge, using the methods of drilling and boring.
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  • Crank shaft Material: Nodular cast iron, alloy steel. Method of processing: first, casting the blank. After the heat treatment, we have to mill the two ends. Then, drill the center hole of the main shaft. After that, lathe the main journal and drill them. Finally, check the crank shaft.
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  • Camshaft Material: nodular cast iron, alloy cast iron, chilled cast iron, medium carbon steel, alloys steel. Method of processing: milling the end edge, lathing the main journal, heat treatment, check, and then grind the cam and the journal.
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  • The process of Assembly Before the assembly: we should pay attention to the following points: (1) All the parts should be checked and conform to the requirement. (2) All the parts should be cleaned and dried. (3) The part cannot be exchanged. (4) All the parts should be assembled correctly according to the assembly drawing.
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  • The installation process (1) Install the cylinder (2) Install the crack shaft and the flywheels (3) Install the pistons and the connecting rod (4) Install the parts of the valve (5) Install the camshaft (6) Install the cylinder head (7) Install other parts, such as the pipe, the pump and the belt.
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