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The Charleston daily news.(Charleston, S.C.) 1867 ... VOLUMEV.NO. 635. CHARLESTON, S. C., MONDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 2, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTS TELEGRAPHIC. OurCable DUpritcucx. PAMS,

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    TELEGRAPHIC. Our Cable DUpritcucx.

    PAMS, August GI.-Napoleon spoke at Amiens. He consideredhis enthusiastic reception evidences of the patriotism of the pe:pie. Alluding to the Mexican question, ho dut net think French honor tarnished or her prestige impaired. Germanic events left France tranquil. It is certain the peace of Europe remains undisturbed. He will do bis utmost to promote trade and moro libera! in¬ stitut,:ons.

    PARIS, August 31-Noon_Tho Emperors pacific speeches affected the Bourse favorably. Bent» S ere tinner and higher. LONDON. August 31.-Thc tittie schooner John

    I. Ford, from Baltimore on the 23d, for Par.-:, capsized at the entrance of tho English channel; only one person, uaroo unknowi was saved. LONDON, August 31-Noon.- ii màa 73À. LIVERPOOL. August SI-Noon. -Cotton drool¬

    ing; sales 7000; quotations are unaltered. Cable Summary.

    NEW YORK. August 31. It is stated in LOLdon that Franee has given Prussia peace assurances.

    It is reported it Paris thal the Fortlgn Office wih 80OU issue a pacific toned note. Tho Stuttgardt official Gazette denies t'.iat the

    Southern German Bund was bioaehed at the Salz¬ burg Conference.

    F. ii rope:» ii Fiowi Per Strainer. NEW YORK, Septenibcr 1.-Tho Hansa, from Liv¬

    erpool, has arrived. The Prince aud Princess of Wales arrived ai

    Dortrecht. German;.. Tho King of Greece arrived in England. Harvest accounts are satisfactory. Huugarv contributes 28i percent, of Austrian ex¬ penses. Accounts froth Sicily are deplorable. Cholera rasres at Palermo with great violence.'.

    Tho.insurrectionary government of Candia have notified foreign consuls of their intention to issue lottcrs of marque for tho equipment of privateers In thc mouth of May S9,000,000 pounds of Cot¬

    ton, valued at £3,367,000, was 'shipped from Bombay. Napoleon has addressed a letter to tho Minister

    of the Interior, urging internal improvements and an increase of tho means of transportation and communistion within the Empire. Paris papers regard tho situation of affairs ii

    Spain as serious. Ex-Minister Maddons has beetarrested. Martial law has been declared in Barce¬ lona. A battalion of Fronch troops has left Per¬ pignan for the Spanish frontier. Tho King of Sweden had arrived at Berlin, and

    stated that thc Bavarian ministers were emphati¬ cally opposed t thc King's visit to Salzburg. The Dutch Minister at Yeddo was shot at by

    natives, but escaped. Thc assassin has not been arrested. In the nousc of Lords tho Clerical Vestment

    Dill has been postponed to tho next session. From Washington.

    WHITINGTON, A jq;ust 31.-Special Order No. 420. from General Grant's headquarters, is os followf Commanders of the military districts, created

    under the act of March 2d, 18Ö7, will make no ap¬ pointments to civil office of persons who have been removed by themselves or their predecessors in command. The steamer Guido, arrived at St. Louis from

    Fort Dentou with $500,000 in treasure. The brig Nettie Mitchell, from Aspinwall for

    Swan Island, was encountered at sea all sick, and had been drifting fourteon days. She was brought to Kev West. McCool knocked Jones out of time on thc thirty-

    fourth round. Further changes in district commanders aro not

    im¿nediat ly probable. The Attorney-General's report on which thc

    President removed Sickles, will bo published on Monday. It appears Sickles held that he was not amenable to Grand Juries, United States Marshals, United States District Attorneys, while in com¬ mand of a military district created by aol of Con¬ gress, and in which tho power» of military com¬ manders are defined. The Treasury holds $340,500,000 or security for

    National Bank circulation. General C. H. Tompkins is assigned Chief Quar¬

    termaster of the Fifth Military District. Five millions of coin interest on Ten-forties is

    due on the first of September. WASHINGTON, September L-The recent order of

    Gen. Grant that District Commanders will make no appointments to civil offices of persons who have been removed by their predecessors or them¬ selves, does not make a new i -sue botween tho President and Cen. Grant. There is good authori¬ ty for asserting that the rumors of a difficulty hav¬ ing arisen on this subject are groundless.* TitoReconstruction Act vests in the General Com¬ manding tho same powers that are conferred upon District Commanders in regard to removals and appointments, and therefore the order of Grant is merely considered as a notice in advance that he would disapprove of such appointmen*s as he in¬ dicates.

    Front Richmond.

    RICHMOND, August 31.-The following impor¬ tant letter on tho exchango question is made pub¬ lic to-day. It w ts written to General E. A. Hitch¬ cock, United States Commissioner of Exchange, but never replied to :


    RICHMOND, VA.. January 24, 1804 To Maj. Gen. & A. Hitchcock, Agent oj Exchange: SIR : In view of the present difficulties attend¬

    ing the exchange and release of prisoners, I pro¬ pose that all such on cither sido shall bo attended by a proper number of their own surgeons. who under rules to be established, shall bo permitted to take charlo of their health and comfort. I also propose that these surgeons shall act as commis- | j sanes with power to receivo and distribute such contributions of money, food, clothing und mcdi- ?cines as may bo forwarded for the rebel of thc pris M oners. 1 further propose that these surgeons shall be selected by their own Governments, aud that tbey shall have fut! liberty at any and all times, through tho Agont of Exciiango, to make reports, not only of their own acts, but of any mat¬ ters relating to the wolfaro of tho prisoners."

    Respectful!v, your obedient servant,ROBERT OULD, Agont of Exchange.

    The tobacco irerchiaits bold a meeting and sont delegates to tho Cleveland, Ohio, Tobacco Con¬ vention, to be held on tho 17th of September. An appeal was taken to-day from the Sup: erne

    Court of Virginia to the United States Supreme Court, in the ease of Paul cs. State of Virginia. The writ v as issued from tho United States Court here and made returnable at Wasliington, This is the first case of the kind which bas occurred.

    \ew York New*. NEW YORK, September 1.-There were 5SÛ deaths

    hero last week. A. .D. Marineau, a French commander, and thc

    remnant of Maximilian's body guard, together with 60 members of the Corps Diplomatique from Mexico, cieparted for Europe yesterday in the Winiam Peon. The Mexican detectives are here in pursuit of a

    young man named Medawitcb, suspected to have robbed the Liberal Government or $200,000 in gold bars, who, with his wire, has left for Europe, it is .supposed, with the spoils. Medawitcb lias not yet been found.

    Fire In Buffalo. BUFFALO, September L-A fire last night de¬

    stroyed property, amounting in value to $150,000, including two foundries amt a wool factory. Ono fireman reported killed.

    From New Orleans.

    ?¿SEW ORLEANS, August 31.- There wore twenty- two interments ol' yellow fever yesterday; total lor the w eek one hundred and twenty-six.

    From Alabama. MONTGOMERY, August 31.- General Tope has in-

    sued an order tor an election on the first, of Octo¬ ber, on the question of Convention and delegates to tho same. There aro fortv election districts. Mobile, Montgomery and Dallas have five dele¬ gates each.

    From Texas.

    GALVESTON, August 31.-There were two hundred lind forty-one deaths here from fever this week, and OIK. hundred at Corpus Christi up to the 16th. ria'f of the citizens are sick or aead, and much distress prevails; help is needed. Donations for the benefit ol Corpus Christi sufferers can be forwarded through Spofford, Tileston A Co., New York.


    From Columbus. COLUMBUS, Ga.. August 31.-A large Conserva¬

    tive mretins was held hore to-day and attended by a large number of whites and blacks. The meet¬ ing Wi: s addressed by Joseph Williamsand Benjamin Holme»?, (colore ;,) of Tennessee. Great enthusi¬ asm was manifested. Resolutions were passed de¬ manding the enfranchisement of all whites and de¬ claring the rights of negroes to hold office. Good order prevailed until the speech of A. R. Lamar (white.) when au interreptiou took place bv a sol¬ dier of the Harrison, wno was promptlv arrested and placed in the guardhouse. A demonstration was made by Radical negroes last nkht to mob Joe Williams and Holmes.

    From Huraña. . NEW ORLEANS, August 81.-Havana dates of August 27 say it is rumored that a quat rd had taken place between Gen. Manseana and Senor Lara, chief of the administration. Thov aro not on speaking terms. It is further asserted the former will quit. The new system of taxation went int i. n V08.

    tcrday. Well informed partiel feel confident tliii whole reform will soon give place to old statutes. Thc following dispatch of noou yesterday is from

    Kev West: The U. S. yacht Oriental arrived to-day from

    Punta Rosa. Sho reports nil having seen tho «Marner Narva all tho way; only saw a U S. steam¬ er off Capo Romano. The Sugar market closed quiet on basis of H.jafv1

    reals arrobe. Dutch standard No. 12. Exchange on London I8jal8j premium; Paris 5$aG premium: U. S. sixty days 24 { discount.

    From Mexico.

    NEW ORLEANS, August 31.- TheSpanish steamer Barcelona, from Vera Cruz, on the 19th

    and Sisal on the 23d, arrived here on tho 25th. The counirv is fast approaching a peaceful

    status The supreme government is busy dictat¬ ing laws to insure t

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