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Team Dynamics and Effectiveness

Feb 24, 2016




Team Dynamics and Effectiveness. What I will cover?. Team dynamics in context What kind of person are you? Putting theory into practice. Team dynamics in context. PE teacher – sporting teams Charity sector – fundraising teams, volunteers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Team Dynamics and EffectivenessWhat I will cover?Team dynamics in contextWhat kind of person are you?Putting theory into practice

Team dynamics in contextPE teacher sporting teamsCharity sector fundraising teams, volunteersLegal profession looking after clients, winning new business, developing relationships with intermediaries

Legal professionClient relationship programmesSeminarsTendersPitches/presentationsClient hospitalityTraining

HR professionalsRecruitment and selection choosing the right teams of peoplePerformance management how to motivateTraining and development

Importance of communicationWithin 10 seconds, you will turn on or turn-off!

First ImpressionsWhat you sayHow you say itHow you lookPeople buy from people

David MaisterTheres no intelligent substitute for understanding how people work.PersonalityYour personality is what makes you what you are; your personality is an organised set of unique traits and characteristics that makes you different from every person in the world.

Your personality makes you YOU!

What kind of person are you?TriangleFocused person, knows own career path, good at long term planningTakes responsibilitySometimes inflexibleSquareLikes stability and orderDoesnt like change to routineNeat and tailored in appearanceLogical thinkerCircleCaring personLikes to be likedNeeds to know everything about peopleFinds it impossible to delegateRectangleLikes to test things out/challengeAsks lots of questionsAsks you to re-evaluateAmbitiousSquiggleCreativeFast pacedGets bored easilyLoves projects Putting theory into practiceKnow what kind of person you are and know your traits?How do others perceive you?Putting theory into practice my worldWho are you pitching to?What are their characteristics?What is their style?What format will they like?

Putting theory into practice your worldRecruitment and selectionImpression you make on potential candidatesGetting the mix rightApply the right motivation at the right timeSuccessful team dynamics and effectivenessNeeds to have variety of shapesBe open and honest with each other regarding people types Allocate tasks depending on strengths and weaknessesAcknowledge results and give regular feedback

Effective teams

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