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Teaching with Technology Workshop

Jun 29, 2015




This workshop utilizes Chickering and Ehrmann's 1996 work surrounding the 7 principles of good teaching practice, focusing on how to make solid technology choices for online teaching.

Developed for Michigan State University, frequently iterated, highly collaborative. This particular PowerPoint is the one I use, but it was developed as a collaborative effort and is not my work alone.

  • 1. Teaching with TechnologyJessica KnottInstructional DesignerIT Services - Teaching and Learning [email protected]

2. Big Paper! 3. The 7 Principles of Good Teaching Practice 4. 1. Initiates instructor-student contact Personal interactions Asynchronous support Synchronous supportPotential Tools:Vocaroo vocaroo.comJing 5. 2. Collaborative Learning Opportunities Team Projects and Collaborative Learning Peer Review Discussion and Back ChannelPotential Tools:Google Docs googleapps.msu.eduPrezi prezi.comTwitter twitter.comWordPress 6. 3. Integrates Active Learning Simulations, casestudies, games Evaluation and reflection Authentic, creative, multimedia projectsPotential Tools:Weebly weebly.comFlickr flickr.comCLEAR clear.msu.eduOER 7. 4. Regular and Timely Feedback Formative assessment and mastery learning Polling, muddiest point, course evaluationPotential Tools:PollEverywhere polleverywhere.comGoogleForms 8. 5. Time on Task - Practice Help structure time Self-assessmentsPotential Tools:Desire2Learn SelfAssessmentsselfCheck 9. 6. Communicate High Expectations Clear courseorganization Graphic syllabus? Rubrics Examples withannotations Frequent 10. 7. Respect Diversity and CreateInclusive Learning Environments Web accessibility Multiple delivery methods Engagement Choices Inclusive discussions and resources 11. ResourcesBackward Design Chart Big Ideas to the 7 Principles 7 Principles and Tools 12. Questions?