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The Big Idea. Dead or Alive?
Education The Big Idea. Dead or Alive?

Lecture I am giving to an introductory creative class. I think it's a good thing to learn some history and have a frame of reference about how we got where we are today.…

Startup reference guide
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Startup reference guide

This reference guide is an aggregation of everything I know about entrepreneurship sources. I've scoured through several sites and come up with this high quality reference…

11 di b  iuk presentation
Business 11 di b iuk presentation

Presentation given by Andy Beddows and Tom Dupre at Dib Conference in Berlin

Edpc605 9&10
Education Edpc605 9&10

+ Chapter 9 Planning for Learning EDPC605 + Stage 3  Now that we’ve clarified what the desired results are (focus on Big Ideas) in Stage 1  And…  Discussed appropriate…

Edpc605 chapter 3&4
Education Edpc605 chapter 3&4

Understanding by Design Gaining Clarity on Our Goals How to Use Backward Design – Stage 1  Use national, state, or provincial content standards as a starting point.…

Edpc605 chapters 5&6
Education Edpc605 chapters 5&6

Essential Questions Chapter 5 EDPC605 Wiggins & McTigue definition:   ―questions that are not answerable with finality in a brief sentence… Their aim is to…

Curriculum For  Excellence 3 18 Final Version
Education Curriculum For Excellence 3 18 Final Version

How will we prepare our learners, 3-18, for the world of the 21 st century? What are we trying to achieve? How to organise learning? How well are we achieving our aim? What…

Marketing Automation Simplified
Business Marketing Automation Simplified

Marketing Automation Simplified The Small Guide to Big Ideas Everything you wanted to know about marketing automation but were afraid to ask⦠#MASimplified Page 2 What…

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Understanding by Design the ¶big ideas· of UbD Adapted From the Work and Wisdom of Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe, UBD 08/2002 3 Stages of (³Backward´) Design 1. Identify…