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Surrealism Josh Keyes

Surrealism Examples

Jul 16, 2015


Art & Photos

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  • SurrealismJosh Keyes

  • ManRay SURREALISM. Surrealism is a 20th century art style --- established by a literary manifesto in 1924 ---characterized by dream-like, fantastic imagery, often rendered highly realistically. The Surrealist Movement involved literary as well as visual art. Early Surrealists wereinfluenced by writings of Sigmund Freud about the unconscious mind and meanings in dream imagery. Irrational, incongruous juxtapositions are thought to reveal subconscious perceptions. Man Rayphoto-collage

  • Max ErnstEarly surrealists used automatic techniques such as ink blots or frottage rubbings to access the subconscious mind.

  • Max Ernst

  • Max Ernst COLLAGES

  • Giorgio De Chirico

  • Yves TangueySurrealist art may be highly abstract .

  • Joan Miro

  • Meret OppenheimMan RaySURREALIST SCULPTURE

  • HansBellmer

  • Rene Magritte

  • Surrealistic Incongruity of ScaleRene Magritte

  • Rene MagritteINFLUENCES:

    John Baldessari

  • ReneMagritteJerry Uelsmann

  • Salvador Dali

  • Leonardo Da VinciSalvador DaliVladimir Kush

  • Remedios Varo

  • Frida Kahlo

  • Tatyana Fedorova

  • Julie Heffernan

  • Peter Saul

  • Jerry Uelsmann

  • Jerry Uelsmann

  • R.S. ConnettPopSurrealism:Low-Brow

  • RobertWilliams

  • Todd Schorr

  • Greg Simkins Graffitti Mural

  • Luke Chueh

  • Mark Ryden

  • Vladimir Kush

  • Julian Beaverssidewalk chalk drawings

  • Trompe Loeil Mural

  • Frank GehryDancing BuildingSurreal ARCHITECTURE

  • fromBurning Man festival

  • SandySkoglund


  • Cai Guo Quiang

  • Rick Bartow

  • Kate MccGwire

  • Oliver Herring

  • Jason Mena


  • John PoundComputer- generated CartoonGarbage Pail Kids

  • Karen SullivanDream and doodle-derived imagery

  • JeffJordan

  • Jesse Weidel