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Jan 19, 2016




STEPHEN HAMBLIN. Executive Director American Junior Golf Association. JESSICA TURNWALD. USGA Foundation Coordinator, Fellowship & Grants. GOLF 20/20 Junior Initiative. JuniorLinks Breakout Session Objectives: Refine the objectives of the site Discuss content and promotion strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • STEPHEN HAMBLINExecutive DirectorAmerican Junior Golf Association

  • JESSICA TURNWALDUSGA FoundationCoordinator, Fellowship & Grants

  • GOLF 20/20 Junior InitiativeJuniorLinks Breakout Session Objectives:Refine the objectives of the siteDiscuss content and promotion strategiesDevelop global strategy for program registration

  • GOLF 20/20 Junior InitiativeObjectives:Quantify the scope of junior golf in this countryEstablish communication mechanisms that will enable and engage kids, their parents, and program administratorsImpact more kids through golf

  • GOLF 20/20 Junior InitiativeDevelop and maintain a global junior golf website hosting a searchable database of junior initiatives and featuring content for kids, parents and program SummitsEmpower local communities to assess junior golf needs and serve as a catalyst for the exchange of best practices.

  • GOLF 20/20 Junior InitiativeContent StrategiesSubmission of relevant articles Creation of original articlesAdding to the resourcesPress Releases Nominations of storiesMessage Boards

  • GOLF 20/20 Junior InitiativePromotional StrategiesWord of Mouth!Print Ads/FlyersLinksIndustry PublicationsTrade Shows/Conferences 30-second PSA Beyond Golf Industry

  • GOLF 20/20 Junior InitiativeRegistration StrategiesPromoting the BenefitsFree, online, and easy to useOffering IncentivesExisting/New ProgramsKeeping the database up-to-date

  • GOLF 20/20 Junior InitiativeBenchmarks of SuccessTranscending the game and its life lessonsNon-commercial and non-political nature of siteCollaboration/Partnerships

  • GOLF 20/20 Junior InitiativeJuniorLinks Breakout Session Objectives:Refine the objectives of the siteDiscuss content and promotion strategiesDevelop global strategy for program registration

  • JuniorLinks USAJohn EnghVice President, Youth DevelopmentNational Alliance for Youth Sports

  • JuniorLinks USAJuniorLinks USA would be a division of GOLF 20/20, under the umbrella of the World Golf Foundation. It would be staffed, housed and managed by the WGF, and funded through an industry funding mechanism to be determined.


    The mission of JuniorLinks USA is to ensure that by the year 2020 every kid in the United States ages 5-18 has the access and the opportunity to learn golf, and the values that golf stands for, impacting the game by contributing to its growth, and impacting society by introducing kids to positive attributes that will make them better citizens.


    Significantly increase the number of junior participants and junior golfers by 2020 beyond standard demographic growth, reaching 10 million junior participants and 8.5 million junior golfers.Junior golf programs in every community in America with a population of 10,000 or more by 2020. Golf as part of the in-school curriculum in every state in the U.S. by the year 2020.


    To know precisely what every golf organization is currently doing in the area of junior golf, and to develop alliances with those organizations.To develop alliances with non-golf organizations (Boys & Girls Clubs, PAL, YMCA, etc.) and develop mutually beneficial programs.To gather information from as many sources as possible and shape it for easy dissemination.To promote Juniorlinks USA as THE source for information about Junior Golf.


    To build a national database of junior golfers.To produce educational materials in a manner to support educators and others who teach youngsters the game.To manage, enhance and promote the website coordinate with organizations on the development of youth leagues nationwide.To develop and research several in-school golf programs and facilitate their implementation as broadly as possible.


    Create alliances inside of golf and out. Unify the associations, involve all aspects of the golf industry, connect with youth organizations, civic organizations, etc.Become THE clearinghouse of information on junior golf. Facilitate communication and information exchange.Develop and implement an in-school strategy.Identify, consolidate and distribute all educational materials.Phase One


    Manage local and regional junior golf summits.Identify champions nationwide.Identify where there is a need for a program and stimulate its development.Develop and distribute profiles of model programs. Phase One

  • Develop and activate a research strategy.Create standards for leagues and tournaments.RESPONSIBILITIES

    Phase Two

  • Build a national database of junior golfers. Create a national system of achievement with appropriate awardsCreate a national card.Consider establishing an annual conference.RESPONSIBILITIES

    Phase Three