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Steganography And Watermarking

Jun 21, 2015




The term “Information Hiding” relates to both watermarking and steganography. Watermarking usually refers to methods that hide information in a data object so that the information is robust to modifications. That means, it should be impossible to remove a watermark without degrading the quality of the data object. On the other hand, steganography refers to hidden information that is fragile. Modifications to the
cover medium may destroy it.

  • 1. STEGANOGRAPHY &WATERMARKING CSG252 FINAL PROJECT By Zina Saadi & Shivani Sahi (Dec,2004)

2. Motivation for the Project Advanced application in internet Efficiency in protecting copyright and seals (watermarking) Efficient techniques for sending confidential information and messages . 3. What is Steganography? Information Hiding The communication itself is invisible Supplements Cryptography 4. Steganography vs. Cryptography Presence of communication is hiddenin Steganography In cryptography,the communication is made unintelligible to the people unaware of the required keys. 5. Diagrammatic representation 6. Mediums &Techniques Mediums text, audio, video and digital images 4 methods- Least Significant Bit Insertion Algorithms and Transformations Redundant Pattern Encoding Spread Spectrum Method 7. General Applications of Steganography Copyright Protection and Owner Identification Data Authentication Data Hiding Medical Safety 8. What is Watermarking Information Hiding-methods that hide information in a data object . May or may not be apparent to a viewer. Should be impossible to remove a watermark without degrading the quality of the data object. 9. Requirements (Properties) of a watermark Unobstrusive RobustGeometric ProcessesCommon Signal ProcessingCollusion and Forgery Universal Unambiguous 10. Implementation Watermarking Extraction 11. Advantages of the implemented Technique Technique is immune to geometric processes such as rotation, scaling, translation . Size of the watermark image and the original image is not the same 12. Disadvantages of the implemented technique Value of alpha based on a comparative view of the color-scale of the original and the watermark. Values of alpha0.10.010.001 13. Conclusion Supplement to Cryptography ,not a replacement Extensive use in hiding confidential information Internet usage in the current age.