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(ss. 2013-09-12آ  Kissimmee River Valley and Taylor Creekآ­ Nubbins Slough Basin; coordinating counآ­

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  • F.S.1995

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    CHAPTER 373



    PART I STATE WATER RESOURCE PLAN (ss. 373.012-373.197)


    PART Ill REGULATION OF WELLS (ss. 373.302-373.342)


    PART v FINANCE AND TAXATION (ss. 373.495-373.59) PART VI MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS (ss. 373.603-373.63)

    PARTI 373.079 Members of governing board; oath of office; staff.

    STATE WATER RESOURCE PLAN 373.083 General powers and duties of the governing board.

    Topographic mapping. 373.084 District works, operation by other govern- Short title. mental agencies. Declaration of policy. 373.085 Use of works or land by other districts or pri- Definitions. vate persons. Scope and application. 373.086 Providing for district works. General powers and duties of the depart- 373.087 District works using aquifer for storage and

    ment. supply. Southeast River Basins Resources Advisory 373.088 Application fees for certain real estate trans-

    Board. actions. Saltwater barrier line. 373.089 Sale or exchange of lands, or interests or State water use plan. rights in lands. Florida water plan. 373.093 Lease of lands or interest in land. Technical assistance to local governments. 373.096 Releases. Groundwater basin resource availability 373.099 Execution of instruments.

    inventory. 373.103 Powers which may be vested in the govern- Floridan and Biscayne aquifers; designation ing board at the department's discretion.

    of prime groundwater recharge areas. 373.106 Permit required for construction involving Minimum flows and levels. underground formation. Adoption and enforcement of regulations by 373.107 Citation of rule.

    the department. 373.109 Permit application fees. Rules and regulations; enforcement; avail- 373.113 Adoption of regulations by the governing

    ability of personnel rules. board. lnteragency agreements. 373.114 Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission; Cooperation between districts. review of district rules and orders; depart- State agencies, counties, drainage districts, ment review of district rules.

    municipalities, or governmental agencies 373.116 Procedure for water use and irnpoundment or public corporations authorized to con- construction permit applications. vey or receive land from water manage- 373.117 Certification by professional engineer. ment districts. 373.118 General permits.

    Creation of water management districts. 373.119 Administrative enforcement procedures; Transfer of areas. orders. Basins; basin boards. 373.123 Penalty. Duties of basin boards; authorized expendi- 373.129 Maintenance of actions.

    tu res. 373.136 Enforcement of regulations and orders. Basin taxes. 373.139 Acquisition of real property. Creation and operation of basin boards; 373.1395 Limitation on liability of water management

    other laws superseded. district with respect to areas made avail- Governing board. able to the public for recreational pur- Southwest Florida Water Management Dis- poses without charge.

    trict; governing board. 373.1401 Management of lands of water management Vacancies in the governing board; removal districts.

    from office. 373.146 Publication of notices, process, and papers.


  • Ch.373 WATER RESOURCES F.S. 1995

    373.149 373.171 373.1725 373.175

    373.185 373.191 373.196 373.1961 373.1962 373.1963



    Existing districts preserved. Rules and regulations. Notice of intent by publication. Declaration of water shortage; emergency

    orders. Local Xeriscape ordinances. County water conservation projects. Legislative findings. Water production. Regional water supply authorities. Assistance to West Coast Regional Water

    Supply Authority. Kissimmee River Valley and Taylor Creek-

    Nubbins Slough Basin; coordinating coun- cil on restoration; project implementation.

    Kissimmee River Valley and Taylor Creek- Nubbins Slough Basin restoration project; measures authorized.

    373.012 Topographic mapping.- (1) In order to accelerate topographic mapping in

    this state by the United States Geological Survey, the Department of Transportation is hereby authorized and directed to set aside, to pledge, and to make available annually out of its State Transportation Trust Fund the sum of $30,000; and the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund is hereby authorized and directed to set aside, to pledge and to make available annually out of the Land Acquisition Trust Fund the sum of $10,000; and the South Florida Water Management District out of its funds to be derived out of the proceeds of special assessments of its flood control taxes, is authorized and directed to set aside, to pledge and to make available annually such sum as may be required to meet the needs for topographic mapping of areas affecting said district. Such sums shall be delivered to the Treasurer of the United States or to other proper offi- cer, to be applied by the Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey, as to said Department of Transportation and to said Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, toward the payment of not exceeding one-half the cost of standard topo- graphic mapping in this state conducted by the United States Geological Survey and as to said flood control district to be applied toward the payment of such pro- portion or part of such cost as said district may deter- mine. Provided, however, that said sums authorized in this section for the Department of Transportation and for the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund shall not prevent either of said agencies from pro- viding additional amounts for topographic mapping of areas which either agency may consider of priority sta- tus in the interest of said agencies.

    (2) To further accelerate the rate at which topo- graphic mapping may be carried on in Florida, any state agency having funds available for the purpose, any county or drainage or reclamation or flood control district organized under the laws of this state, any person, firm or corporation, is authorized to contribute to the cost of such mapping by depositing with the Department of Transportation such amounts as may be determined to be applied in like manner toward topographic mapping in this state as set forth in subsection (1 ).

    (3) The Department of Transportation, the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund of this state, and the South Florida Water Management District are hereby authorized to make such arrangements or enter into such agreements with the United States as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this sec- tion.

    (4) The Board of Trustees of the Internal Improve- ment Trust Fund, as and when copies of topographic maps are made available to it, shall file such maps in the same manner as other maps and plats of land surveys by the United States, and the maps shall be available for examination by any interested person.

    History.-ss. 1, 2. 3. 4. ch. 57-775; s. 2, ch. 61-119; s. 1, ch. 65-475: ss. 23. 27, 35, ch. 69-106: ss. 2, 3, ch. 73-57: s. 35, ch. 79-65.

    373.013 Short title.-This chapter shall be known as the "Florida Water Resources Act of 1972."

    History.-s. 1, part I. ch. 72-299.

    373.016 Declaration of policy.- (1) The waters in the state are among its basic

    resources. Such waters have not heretofore been con- served or fully controlled so as to realize their full benefi- cial use.

    (2) It is further declared to be the policy of the Legis- lature:

    (a) To provide for the management of water and related land resources;

    (b) To promote the conservation, development, and proper utilization of surface and ground water;

    (c) To develop and regulate dams, impoundments, reservoirs, and other works and to provide water storage for beneficial purposes;

    (d) To prevent damage from floods, soil erosion, and excessive drainage;

    (e) To minimize degradation of water resources caused by the discharge of stormwater;

    (f) To preserve natural resources, fish, and wildlife; (g) To promote the public policy set forth in s.

    403.021; (h) To promote recreational development, protect

    public lands, and assist in maintaining the navigability of rivers and harbors; and

    (i) Otherwise to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the people of this state.

    (3) The Legislature recognizes that the water resource problems of the state vary from region to region, both in magnitude and complexity. It is therefore the intent of the Legislature to vest in the Department of Environmental Protection or its successor agency the power and responsibility to accomplish the conserva- tion, protection, management, and control of the waters of the state and with sufficient flexibility and discretion to accomplish these ends through delegation of appro- priate powers to the various water management dis- tricts. The department may exercise any power herein authorized to be exercised by a water management dis- trict; however, to the greatest extent practicable, such power should be delegated to the governing board of a w