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Srf jim gold

Jun 26, 2015



Presentation made by Dr. Jim Gold at the Schizophrenia Research Forum's Live Webinar of November 10, 2014 -

  • 1. Is it possible to isolate specificprocesses that may be related todifficulties in initiating andmaintaining goal-directed behavior?

2. Stimuli42 Slide Sets 14 Positive 14 Neutral 14 NegativeInternational AffectivePicture SystemLang et al., 2005 3. Experimental Procedure 4. Hedonic ValueNo differences 5. The coupling of Value and ActionPatients showed lessdifferentiation ofneutral from positiveand negative stimuli(p < .001) 6. Coupling of value and actionHCs showed bettercoupling of behavior torating (p < .001) butpatients show a specificdeficit in the wantingcondition (p = .04) 7. HNS patients are lessinfluenced by certaindifferences in rewardvalue. 8. HNS are lessresponsive to rewardreceipt in the 50%condition in terms ofwillingness to work onthe next trial 9. Data suggestPatients have difficulty translating normal emotional responsesinto calibrated actionsThe cost of effort appears to be exaggerated, undermining goal-directedbehavior.Need to develop new treatment approaches to motivationaldeficits in order to enhance functional performance.

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