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Srf security service

Jul 26, 2016



SRF security services provide best services to schools, collages, commercial areas, industrial areas and hospitals. it is best services in bangalore. SRF security services provides services to anytime.

SRF Security service

SRF Security service SRF SECURITY

ABOUT SRF SECURITYSRF Security Services Private Limited which was established in the year 2012.SRF is a company started by friends, who are well experienced from Police/Defense & Security Services.SRF is headed by Mr.Sheethal Kumar.B.R as the Managing DirectorTo-day we are a force to reckon with amongst the leading private detective and security agencies in Bangalore.TRAINING

TRAINING S R F Security Services PVT. LTD is first detective agency in Bangalore city.Our services include training, manpower, placement, achievement etc. Founded on a reputation of quality, service and integrity.S R F Detective & Security Services PVT. LTD has continue to deliver premium services in Bangalore city.



Security Guards keep customers and employees safe at businesses, malls and events. Security Guards are called when someone makes threats, shoplifts or otherwise causes trouble. While some guards have the power of arrest, others detain lawbreakers until the local police arrive. Similar security jobs include positions such as armed security guards.


Many problems can be solved at minimum costThe clients can benefit a great deal through networking and liaison in Government Departments. Difference in perceptions can be resolved if the inputs from security are timely and accurate.We have shaped ourselves to fit into this slot to go beyond security.APLLICATIONSCHOOLS / COLLEGES AND INSTITUTIONSHOSPITALITY INDUSTRYMALLS AND RETAIL STORESINDUSTRIAL SECURITYIT INDUSTRIES


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