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Mar 19, 2016




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    Industry and Economic Development Growth in shellfish aquaculture poised to take off

    BETTER COMMUNITIEs through BETTER BUsINEss Fall/Winter 2012

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    Lifestyles Leif Bogwald, Building Legacies


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    3 Letter from Chairman with Chair Mike Delves

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    5 Welcome from Susan Allen

    6 Dispatches from Nanaimo paradise for bipeds and quadrupeds alike

    8 Dispatches from Lantzville going local makes sense

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    14 Industry and economic development shellfish

    15 Business development Sasha Angus; Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation has a new CEO

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    19 Industry and economy Nanaimo Airport, record passenger growth

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    27 Lifestyle Leif Bogwald, building legacies

    28 Lifestyle Barry Clark, bright future for city

    It has been an exciting summer for the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce that began with significant changes in our organization earlier in the year and meant working shorthanded for several months.

    Our office manager, Marsha Weaver, and her team did an amazing job carrying the workload and keeping things moving ahead.

    Summer came and with it arrived our Chief Executive Officer Susan Allen. Sue returns to her Island roots, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm.

    One of her first accomplishments was adding Donna Mercier, our new membership and marketing coordinator, who is already making strides in adding strength to our membership and improving our communications.

    We are grateful for such wonderful people and the efforts they continue to make.

    Summer kicked off with us attending the B.C. Chamber Annual General Meeting and Conference in Penticton. This is a forum that allows us to connect with other communities and share our issues, solutions and best practices.

    Nanaimo will host this event in 2013, so it was also an opportunity for us to promote our city. We look forward to hosting more than 250 delegates and guests next year.

    There was no holiday for us as the summer progressed and our initiatives continued to move ahead. After an extensive community engagement process, City of Nanaimo councillors unanimously approved their strategic plan, which included a commitment to participate in our Successful Cities initiative to define our citys vision and create action plans that value community well-being and provide a high quality of life for our citizens.

    On a more direct business-side, we struck a committee jointly with the city to review the unintended consequences of the new city zoning bylaw. We hosted three very productive forums which included city representatives interacting directly with developers and businesses to help address their concerns. The outcome is recommended changes, which when passed, will improve the ability of businesses to develop and expand.

    While initiating positive outward changes, we also looked inward to improve ourselves and our service to our members and the community.

    We have a new mission statement: To enhance the quality of life in our community by providing opportunities for businesses to succeed.

    To realize this mission, we continue to provide networking opportunities, information and education and advocacy for business. We hope youll enjoy this edition of the Nanaimo magazine and join us in keeping this mission moving forward.

    Mike Delves, CGA Chairman, Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce

    Letter fromthe Chamber


    Publisher: Maurice Donn

    Editor: Melissa Fryer

    Production Manager: Janice Marshall

    Creative: Teresa Laird

    Advertising Sales: Sean McCue

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    Nanaimo - Better Communities Through Better Business is published by Black Press

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    Cover photo by Roy Ostling

    Cover design by Darren Bristol, Bristol Icon.

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    ThE BASTIoN was the first permanent

    structure to be built in the city. Today

    it houses historical information and artifacts from the citys past.

    NANAImo AIrporT is a 10-minute drive

    south of the city and recently

    celebrated serving its millionth passenger. Its also the third-largest airport on the Island.

    NANAImo wAS rEprESENTED By four

    oLympIANS at the 2012 Games in London, including swimmer Tommy Gossland, high jumper Mike Mason, rower Tony Theriault and wheelchair sprinter Michelle Stilwell, who won a gold medal in 200 metres and a silver medal in 100m.

    wATErS ArouND NANAImo hAvE ThrEE

    ArTIfIcIAL rEEfS, which are decommissioned and scuttled navy ships, attracting divers from across the globe.

    ThE hArBourfroNT wALkwAy ExTENDS

    four kILomETrES from the citys downtown core to Departure Bay.

    Five fast factsabout Nanaimo






    Roy ostling is a writer and photographer who has lived in the downtown area of Nanaimo for the past six years.

    Along with writing on environmental subjects for local government, Roy publishes an online magazine about Nanaimos outdoor recreation, food, art

    and music scene called

    A former community newspaper reporter, he has written for magazines including BC Business, Westworld, Enterprise (BC Credit Union publication), and the Parksville-Qualicum Beach Tourism Guide. Roy is a co-founder of the Brant Wildlife Festival. He co-chaired the festival for several years, organized several wildlife art exhibits and wrote and published the festivals souvenir programs.

    After having resided in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria, Roy is passionate about living in Nanaimo. He never tires of exploring the citys vibrant working harbour, its compact downtown with exciting music, restaurants and shops, and learning about Nanaimos history reflected in its diversity of residential and commercial architecture.

    BETTER COMMUNITIEs through BETTER BUsINEss Fall/Winter 2012

    Susan Allen enjoying a Nanaimo Bar on the waterfront.

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    SINCE my early days growing up in Kitimat, I have always loved B.C.s coast and its blue ocean waters. When I was offered the position of CEO of the

    Greater Nanaimo of Chamber of Commerce and the chance to relocate from the Interior to Nanaimo, it didnt take me long to make a decision.

    Born on the Is