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SoNIC Steganography Presenter: Hector Tosado Advisor: Professor Hakim Weatherspoon Cornell University TRUST REU Program

SoNIC Steganography

Feb 24, 2016




SoNIC Steganography. Presenter: Hector Tosado Advisor: Professor Hakim Weatherspoon Cornell University TRUST REU Program. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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SoNIC Steganography

SoNIC SteganographyPresenter: Hector TosadoAdvisor: Professor Hakim WeatherspoonCornell University TRUST REU Program

1IntroductionSteganographyis the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form ofsecurity through obscurity.

1s and 0s

Example of hidden message using shaved heads.

Difference from normal cryptography encrypted message normally arouse suspicion2SoNIC Steganography

IntroductionSoNIC SteganographyNetwork StackSoNICHector CodesResultsConclusionAcknowledgements

AgendaNetwork StackOpen Systems Interconnection Model (OSI)

PHY Layer Generate and detect signals for transmit

Way of dividing a communication system into subsystems called layers where each layer is dependent on the layer on top and bottom if any.PMA and PMD how the message is sent and received and the PCS is in charge of what is sent.5SoNICSoNIC (Software Network Interface Card).

Software What is sent

Hardware How its sent


SoNIC is a network interface card that allows for packets that are being sent and received through the bitstream to be precisely analyzed.

Separates!! Software and hardware!610G Ethernet6 bit representation of each letter and symbol 100 0000 - @ 00 0000 - A100 1111 - O 00 1111 - P

Hector CodesWhy 6 bits?7Hector CodesEncode / Scramble

Descramble / Decode


ResultsRouter Limitation

None Invasive

Character Limitation

ConclusionHector Codes allows for yet another use for SoNIC.

Hard to detect hidden message.

Allows for greater network efficiency. SoNIC -> hidden uses

Efficiency because it uses up the spaces that normally nothing is sent through. A normal packet would then have data bits, the idles bits and the hector bits.11Lessons LearnedC Language




AcknowledgementsHakim Weatherspoon

Ki Suh Lee

Han Wang



Cornell UniversityContact informationHctor A. Tosado Jimenez hector.tosado@upr.eduProfessor Hakim Weatherspoonhweather@cs.cornell.eduKi Suh Leekslee@cs.cornell.eduHan