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Solving Your Rail Related Problems

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Feb 05, 2016




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  • Solving Your Rail Related Problems

  • Solving Your Rail Related Problems

    Rail vehicle simulations Dynamics, stability, derailment Detailed Rail-Wheel interaction, wear Control systems, brake systems, traction Wagon interaction, buffer impact

    Permanent way simulations Rail stresses, deformation Substructure stresses, deformation

    Component simulations Stress, Fatigue

  • The Solution Triangle

  • The Technology

  • Virtual Prototyping Defined

    Functional simulation of real-world systems Reduces time-intensive, costly, hardware build-test-refine cycles

    Improves quality (cut warranty and repair/maintenance costs)

  • Virtual Prototyping Defined

    Functional simulation of real-world systems Reduces time-intensive, costly, hardware build-test-refine cycles

    Improves quality (cut warranty and repair/maintenance costs)

  • Virtual Prototyping Defined

    Functional simulation of real-world systems Reduces time-intensive, costly, hardware build-test-refine cycles

    Improves quality (cut warranty and repair/maintenance costs)

    Thermal Comfort and Air

    Quality in Carriages

  • VI-Rail


  • Full Railway System

    Bogie Body Accessories Permanent Way


    Wheels / Contact




    Passenger Safety



    Engine groups

    Track beams



    Active devices


    The Functional Digital Train

  • Full Railway System

    Bogie Body Accessories Permanent Way


    Wheels / Contact




    Passenger Safety



    Engine groups

    Track beams



    Active devices


    The Functional Digital Train

  • Controls



    Integration Platform


    Vibration In-House


    Integration Platform

  • Automatic Stability Analysis

    Specification of critical damping to determine stability (0%, 5%,...)

    Specification of conicity range for automatic generation of stability map


    Vehicle Stability

  • Friction coefficient variability

    With track distance

    With creepage

    With lateral coordinate on rail / wheel

    Friction C





  • Application: detailed drive simulation during traction maneuver

    Oscillations in drive system can be carefully tracked down and eliminated



  • Packaging/Interference

    DMU/Replay integrates ADAMS/PPT into CATIA v5 to perform virtual collision check and envelopes


    Conceptual collision detection also available in the ADAMS environment

  • Integrated Flexibility/Durability

    Flex body representation

    Stress recovery calculation and color map visualized into ADAMS/PPT

  • Integrated Vibration Analysis

    Frequency response optimization of ride

    indexes according to

    Equivalent conicity

    Suspension stiffnesses

    Damper characteristics

    Immediate information about qualitative

    influence of design changes on running


  • Integrated DOE/Optimization

    Through the use of ADAMS/Insight:

    The scaling factors for all VI/Rail components

    are automatically defined

    Several design changes can be automatically


    Results are formatted in 3D response

    surfaces, animations, and HTML pages which

    can be directly published for the whole

    engineering team












    Lat Acc RMS

    PD Damping Factor

    PS ZStiff







  • VI-Rail

    Detailed Wheel/Rail Contact

    Real Lift-Off Representation

  • VI-Rail

    Detailed Wheel/Rail Contact

    Flanging with Multi-Point-Contact

  • VI-Rail

    Detailed Wheel/Rail Contact

    Allows to switch between different profiles along the track

    Implemented for WRGEN contact element

  • VI-Rail

    Detailed Wheel/Rail Contact

    Possibility to change wheel radius along circumference

    Available when using WRGEN contact element

    Different radii specified in wheel configuration matrix

  • Functional Virtual Prototyping as a complete solution for railway engineering

    Confirmed by several customers and several applications

    Enabling communication between the engineering tools

    Rely on railway expertise and powerful, specialistic tools through strategic relationships

    From Concept to Prototype


  • Deutsche Bahn AG

    Business: European railway operator

    Challenge: Evaluate stresses developing in rail bridges from high speed trains

    Solution: Using ADAMS/Rail in combination with FE to virtually estimate the bridge mid-span stress time histories

    Value: Enables prediction of stress histories without expensive physical testing

    A high flexibility in modeling different types of vehicles has been reached by taking advantage of the template-builder structure to build up different ICE assemblies by referencing simply to an ICE bogie and an ICE car body template.

    --Manfred Zacher, Deutsche Bahn AG

  • RDSO

    Business: Research arm of the Indian Ministry of Railways

    Challenge: Develop a flat rail car for safe operation at 100 km/h

    Solution: Using ADAMS/Rail and NASTRAN with field wheel/rail measurements to virtually evaluate acceptance criteria

    Value: Virtual tests demonstrated that design shall pass the field criteria of Indian Railways

    ADAMS/Rail is for RDSO a necessary virtual prototyping tool to ensure good financial health of the organization and reduction in cost of development and testing of a new design.

    -- Nitin Chowdary Director, Vehicle Dynamics Group

  • Trenitalia

    Business: European railway operator

    Challenge: Implement braking device in experimental railway vehicle

    Solution: Behavior of the WSPD (Wheel Slide Protection Device) active system is investigated using ADAMS-Matlab Co-Simulation

    Value: Able to optimize slide protection device with the help of virtual prototyping

    The proposed model has a behaviour qualitatively and quantitatively analogous to the on line tests.

    -- P. Presciani Manager, UTMR Trenitalia

  • Bombardier

    Business: Railway rolling stock manufacturer

    Challenge: Rapidly develop an optimized traction control system

    Solution: Using MSC.Patran/Nastran, ADAMS/Rail with ADAMS/Controls + MATLAB as integrated virtual prototyping solution for mechatronics

    Value: Increased confidence in product

    Commissioning of traction control could be finished in a short time with very good results to the satisfaction of our customer, even though the conditions were very difficult.

    -- Peter Haese

    Traction Systems Engineering

  • Alstom

    Business: European railway vehicles manufacturer

    Challenge: Investigate poor performance caused by car body torsion interaction with bogie hunting

    Solution: Integrated VI/Rail bogie model with FE carbody

    Value: Overall comfort performance optimize, resulting in wide commercial success

    A complete DOE analysis enabled the engineers to test the dynamic behaviour of the complete system and to find out the optimal parameter settings which restricts the vibration of the construction and therefore optimises the comfort behaviour.

    -- Pascal Geoffroy Manager, Rolling Stock

  • The simulation produced results in agreement with all service conditions and the overall dynamic behavior. Derailment and rollover stability measurements have been matched with a maximum error of 3%.

    -- Massimo Lenti Manager R&D, Alstom IPS

    Business: Railway vehicles manufacturer

    Challenge: Optimize new streetcar for rollover stability and derailment avoidance

    Solution: Evaluated the vehicle behavior virtually to optimize the design

    Value: Improved safety; greater confidence


  • Case Study:

    GE Transportation

    Business: North American locomotive manufacturer

    Challenge: Investigate the effect of wheel back-to-back distance on locomotive stability and safety

    Solution: Parametric model built in ADAMS/Rail and run through standard suite of maneuvers

    Value: Met customer critical-to-quality requirements on locomotive design

    We have done a lot of wonderful work using ADAMS.

    -- Jingjun Zhang

    Control and Auxiliary Systems

  • Patentes Talgo

    Business: Railway rolling stock manufacturer

    Challenge: Meet UIC518 acceptance requirements when operating on tracks with different gauges

    Solution: Virtual comfort and safety studies for different system configurations

    Value: Fulfilled UIC518 requirements

    The results achieved have been coherent regarding tilting in curves, accelerations on car

    bodies, contact forces, and guidance system. -- Emilio Garcia,

    Manager, Talgo

  • Business: Railway rolling stock manufacturer

    Challenge: Investigate dynamic behavior of high-speed train

    Solution: VPD and MSC.ADAMS/Rail

    Value: Simulation enables to virtually perform design certification with less cost and to investigate system behavior through tests which cannot be performed physically

    Simulation reduces the cost of design. It is a fundamental tool to present technical information to our customers and ensure the viability of our products. It facilitates the investigation of design issues like comfort and derailment safety.

    -- Emilio Garcia,

    Manager, Talgo

    Patentes Talgo

  • Skoda Loc

    Business: Railway vehicle manufacturer

    Challenge: Establish locomotive bogie design between different variants

    Solution: ADAMS/Rail detailed models of locomotives with different traction devices

    Value: Recommend for implementation better arrangement for running gear thanks to simulation results

    Thanks to simulation it has been possible to choose the most cost-effective design for the locomotive bogies, by evaluating the behavior of all different variants.

    --Vaclav Kraus Skoda Locomotive

  • VUKV

    Business: Railway vehicle manufacturer

    Challenge: Position itself successfully in a global market

    Solution: Following an extensive benchmarking, implemented the state-of-the-art simulation technology from MSC.Software

    Value: Show competence presenting highly sophisticated solutions to their customers

    By using MSC.Software products we have been able to acquire new customers and, most significantly, open new markets. Our initial estimate of a three-year payback period proves to be significantly shorter.

    -- Zdenek Malkovsky VUKV

  • Challenge: Perform crash tests on railcar prototype

    Solution: VPD from MSC.Software (based on LS Dyna)

    Value: After correlation with physical testing, VPD can be used to

    perform virtual crash tests with enormous cash saving

    Case Study:

    Association of American Railroads

  • Voith Turbo Business: Supplier for locomotive drive


    Challenge: Optimize the complete locomotive + drive assembly

    Solution: Nastran and ADAMS Functional Digital Train with FE components enabled them to improve traction/braking and impact performance

    Value: Improved collaboration with customer. Better information earlier in the process

  • Fiat CRF

    Business: European service provider

    Challenge: Develop a semi-active lateral suspension for a new tilting train

    Solution: Integrating train model in ADAMS/Rail with MATLAB model of sky-hook suspension design

    Value: Increased low-frequency ride comfort

    Tilting system modifications investigated with the integrated virtual prototype enabled us to reach reduction of nearly 50% of the lateral ride figures.

    -- Mauro Montiglio Manager, Vehicle Engineering Projects

  • Fiat CRF

    Business: European service provider

    Challenge: Develop innovative railway wheelsets with outstanding reliability performances

    Solution: ADAMS/Rail model of railcar including MSC.Nastran flexible wheelsets

    Value: Predict load spectra with simulation: increase confidence in design

    Significant developments in the design of railway wheelsets in terms of improved durability, reduced noise and vibration impact, and lower life cycle costs are expected to be the final result of the project.

    -- K. Bel Knani Manager, HIPERWHEEL Project, Fiat CRF







    Average service (400 km)

    Cycle count


    ical fo

    rce straight

    curve total

  • Challenge: Buffer impact simulation

    Solution: VPD from MSC.Software (based on ADAMS/Rail detailed buffer model mounted on complete vehicles)

    Value: Guarantee safe performance of buffer

    Case Study:

    Warsaw University

  • Nedtrain Consulting

    Business: Railway Services Consultant

    Challenge: Improve railcar efficiency by reducing delays due to technical failure

    Solution: Full virtual prototype of door system (including electric and pneumatic)

    Value: Virtually improve operational safety of door opening system

    The simulation results will be used to introduce improvements in the door system operation.

    -- E.J.J. De Jong Nedtrain Consulting

  • Nedtrain Consulting

    Business: Railway Services Consultant

    Challenge: Develop a compact system to measure train weight and wheel defects (GOTCHA)

    Solution: Measuring site ADAMS model to gain insight in the dynamic behaviour of the measuring system

    Value: GOTCHA already used to monitor wheel tread quality on almost all electrical NS rolling stock

    Using the model the processing of the measuring signal was optimised resulting in a high accuracy and reproducibility of the system.

    -- E.J.J. De Jong Nedtrain Consulting

  • RTU

    Business: Railway industry consultant

    Challenge: Simulate UK freight wagon ride acceptance tests

    Solution: ADAMS/Rail model of freight wagon with custom simulation/postprocessing event

    Value: Allow prediction of the results of the UK vehicle acceptance test within simulation environment

    With ADAMS/Rail the effects of modifications to the vehicle can be evaluated before the actual test procedure is carried out.

    --Yann Bezin Rail Technology Unit, MMU

  • Corus - RTU

    Business: Railway industry consultant

    Challenge: Develop a methodology to virtually investigate rolling contact fatigue

    Solution: ADAMS/Rail vehicle models in combination with non linear FE rail-ballast models

    Value: Virtually predict the typical stress response of rail when subjected to vehicle loads

    The forces predicted from the vehicle dynamic modelling using Adams/Rail are in broad agreement with measured data from on site instrumentation. The predicted forces can then be used with confidence in both the global track and contact stress models.

    --Stephen Blair Corus Rail Technologies

  • Transnet Freight Rail

    Business: largest Railway company in South Africa

    Challenge: predict by simulation the loads in the overhead system, and the pantograph during operation, in order to optimise the tension in the overhead system to minimise the forces.

    Solution: MSC.Marc for a unique capability of line/line contact approach

    Value: The cost of the physical damage is around 250k, but the cost of the lost revenue on the unsused lines runs into millions.

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