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Nov 28, 2014




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  • 1. K2 Partnering Solutions | Enterprise Software Consultants
    ERP | ETRM | BI | Analytics | Cloud | Mobile
    The best consultants. The best clients. The best projects.
  • 2. What we do
    K2 provides enterprise software consultants to support projects around the world.
    We work with the Rockstars of the industry, consultants with a proven ability to deliver exceptional results on the worlds most challenging and innovative enterprise projects.
    Today we are an organization of 200 Associates across 8 offices, in 4 continents, supplying over 750 quality consultants to clients around the world.
    We support global projects from concept to delivery for many of the largest most dynamic corporations.
  • 3. Our network
    In a world of on-line social and business networks, finding people is easy.
    IBM has over 50,000 employees implementing enterprise projects globally.
    The freelance community as an organization would be over 70,000 consultants.
    Identifying the highest quality consultants in this community, and building trusted relationships with them, is as hard as ever.
    K2 has built the worlds most extensive network of quality enterprise software professionals.
    We do this through, and verify them by, our proven REQ methodology.
    Our network
    Our bench
  • 4. REQ quality
    K2 applies the REQ methodology to evaluate and grade consultants, with profound results.
    We believe in being the best by working with the best and have established global quality goals and processes to ensure the quality of the consultants and services we provide.
    K2s REQ process has been established for over a decade, and is trusted by many of the leading consulting partners, CIOs and project directors in enterprise software today.
  • 5. Our virtual bench
    K2 maintains a global Virtual Bench that our clients can quickly access, to add quality consultants to their project teams.
    Our Virtual Bench bench consists of those consultants we have identified and qualified using our REQ system, and have an exceptional relationship with.
    You can be sure of the following when using people from K2s bench
    1. K2 has assessed and verified their skills fully and recently
    2. K2 has a strong relationship and represents them regularly
    3. Their availability and requirements are accurately represented
    4. K2 stands fully behind the individual and recommends their work
  • 6. K2 Rockstars
    K2 has a proven history of identifying exceptionally talented enterprise software professionals using our REQ program, and understands what motivates them.
    So what defines a K2 Rockstar?
    • Extensive knowledge of their area of specialty
    • 7. A peer and client recognized expert with multiple accolades
    • 8. Proven ability to swiftly join a project and deliver an exceptional result
    • 9. The ability to quickly identify difficulties in a troubled project and turn it around
    • 10. A history of leading or guiding project teams to a successful outcome
    • 11. An ability to innovate and find best of class answers to complex issues
  • 12. Our history
    1997K2 established to provide SAP consultants in Europe
    1999K2 starts providing Siebel, Oracle and Peoplesoft consultants
    2004K2 opens in Geneva and Providence
    2005K2 opens in Stuttgart and San Francisco
    2006K2 starts a permanent practice across Europe
    2007John Bowmer, former Chairman/CEO of Adecco, joins K2 to Chair our board
    2009K2 opens in Tokyo and Boston
    2009 K2 rolls-out its permanent practice globally
    2009 K2 starts ETRM practice in Europe
    2010K2 starts a Cloud Technology practice in Europe, USA and Asia
    2010 K2 starts a Mobile Technology practice in Europe, USA and Asia
    2010 K2 opens in Sao Paulo
  • 13. Contact us
    Kai Manson
    Recruitment Consultant
    K2 Partnering Solutions
    T: +44 (0) 203 060 5390
    London Stuttgart Geneva Providence Chicago Boston San Francisco Tokyo