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Social Media Marketing Communication To Conversation

Jan 26, 2015



Social Media Marketing Workshop I gave to a higher education organization in Cleveland

  • 1. Social Media Marketing Communication to Conversation Steven Goldstein Internet Marketing Consultant [email_address] @stevejgoldstein 440.666.0523

2. Agenda

  • A Brief History of Marketing
  • Communication Versus Conversation
  • The New Marketing Mindset
  • What is Social Media?
  • Three Types of Social Media
  • How to Build Your Community
  • Q&A

3. Traditionally, marketers have used these things 4. to compete for our attention! 5. Seth Godin says

  • It's estimated that the average consumer sees about one million marketing messages a year- about 3,000 a day.

6. Mass Marketing is

  • One-Sided
  • Tightly controlled
  • Interruptive
  • Lacks permission
  • Urgency
  • Mostly irrelevant

7. No worries

  • Everyone is doing it!
  • Companies, higher education, and non-profit

8. (pretty, please...) 9. A.K.A. (The Shotgun method) 10. Is Mass Marketing Bad? 11. Not necessarily

  • Mass marketing uses mass media to reach and influence an audience with undifferentiated needs.

12. So, whats the problem? 13.

  • It doesnt work anymore!

14. Somewhere along the way

  • People stopped being masses and became individuals with different needs. Many choices.
  • Communications technology exploded from cable, internet, to cell phones.
  • Response to the information overload was more mass marketing.

15. 16. The consumer response to information overload 17. A practical example: print ad

  • How many people could see it: 100%
  • How many people did see it: 50%
  • How many people remember something: 20%
  • How many people remember you: 10%
  • How many people prefer you: 3%
  • How many people intend to purchase: 1%
  • How many people actually do it: