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Social Marketing Offline Behavior & Online Conversation

Jan 24, 2015





  • 1. Social Marketing: Offline Behavior & Online Conversation October 21, 2009 @GamePlanHayden #MCWeek

2. What We Know Now The Audience is no longerlistening theyre TALKING! 3. What We Know NowThe Audience is no longer accountable 4. Alternative Reality 5. Dell Lounge: Telluride Film Festival 6. Dell Lounge: Telluride Film Festival 7. Dell Lounge: Telluride Film Festival 8. Bacardi Mojito In The Mix 9. Bacardi Mojito In The Mix 10. Bacardi Mojito In The Mix 11. AMD Phenom II Launch 12. Dell Lounge: ACL Music Festival A Blogger Collective curate the after parties by choosingthe bands featuring. Blog about party and bands before,during and after festival Garner robust music content from theOpt-in email campaignband performances, interviews, andused to distributeblog coverage.DellLounge wrist bands Association with a group like this will for VIP line accesslikely build credibility in the musiccommunityVideo and audio content drove post- event traffic HotFreaks! audiences drovetraffic 13. Dell Lounge + Perez Hilton 14. Online = Offline 15. Relationships 16. Mobile! 17. Image Credit: 18. *Source: Keller-Fay Group Image Credit: Flickr 19. Image Credit: 20. Image Credit: 21. [email protected]/Skype: GamePlanHaydenMobile: 512 750 4066