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SmartERP Cannon Webinar_2017_Oracle OpenWorld

Jan 22, 2018



  • Integrate and Automate: Unlocking Business

    Value with AP Automation

  • Achieve Best-In-Class PerformanceOur mission is to provide innovative, configurable, flexible, cost-effective solutions

    to common business challenges, enabling our clients to save time,

    increase productivity, minimize costs, and maximize their return on investment.

    SolutionsBusiness applications that

    offer organizations an

    end-to-end solution

    providing the right design

    and implementation from

    start to finish.

    ServicesA 24/7 seasoned and

    experienced staff of

    experts to help you

    implement your business

    solutions efficiently and

    effectively at a cost-

    effective rate.

    CloudCloud applications

    provide solutions built on

    proven enterprise class

    architecture that enable

    high configurability and

    ease of monitoring.

  • About SmartERP

    Oracle Platinum Partner

    Best practices and expertise in strategic planning, implementation, upgrade and add-on / customization services

    Unique blend of Solutions and Services

    Clients for Life High level of client satisfaction and loyalty

    200+ Clients across various industries

    350+ Employees

    Global Locations:Headquarters in Pleasanton, CAOffices in Atlanta GA, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore (India)

    Founded in 2005 by former Oracle Architects, Executives and Consultants

  • How We Solve Client Challenges

  • Solutions & Services

    Pre-built, packaged, proven solutions

    Highly configurable tailor to YOUR needs

    Customer driven requirements


    Integrated with existing bus apps

    Architected as add-on solutions

    Avoid customizations


    Minimal risk

    Release independent

    On Premise solution

    Cloud Solutions

    Prepackaged Analytics

    Rapid implementation

    Deep ERP knowledge & experience

    Unique best practices for implementations & upgrades

    ERP data model and existing data

    Current ERP business rules and processing

    End-user skills

    Infrastructure and technology

    Human Capital


    Financials and

    Supply Chain



    Innovative Solutions & Services

    Critical Complementary

    Extend Functionality Improve ROI Get Faster Results Leverage Existing Investment

  • About Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

    Canon USA established in 1969 Americas Headquarters in Melville, NY

    As a technology innovator, Canon Inc. ranked third in U.S. patents registered in 2016 (with 3,665 patents filed)

    Canon Information & Imaging Solutions A wholly owned subsidiary of Canon, Inc. established

    in 2011

    2017 Institute of Finance & Management Game Changer Award Winner

    CIIS deploys solutions through our R&D centers and partnerships with leading technology providers.


  • 7

    Our Solutions

    Accounts Payable

    Automation SolutionsTransforming organizations

    through Digitization,

    Leading Technology,

    and Experience.

    Expertise in BOTH

    Digital Imaging and

    Business Process


  • Solution Products

  • Accounts Payable - the need for Automation

    Accounts Payable processes when conducted manually, expose

    Organizations to Error and Fraud:

    Duplicate Payments 2% of Payments are found to be duplicate

    Consistent rounded amounts and/or payments made under approval

    limits fraudsters display repeat behaviors to try and stay under the


    Vendors and Employees sharing address information etc, sounds


    Abnormal Invoice Activity is increased Invoice activity down to

    increased activity through fraud?

  • SafePaaS Solution

    Transaction and Configuration Monitoring

    Build controls to analyze the Accounts Payable process in conjunction with other processes

    Find Payments to the same address or bank account

    Implement Rules that include tolerances and other variables

    Establish Payments that exceed an average value

    Identify Employees who have committee fraud or error in your Transactions

  • Business Process Models Service Oriented Architecture

    Corporate Performance Management Collaboration

    Strategic Sourcing & Contract Mgmt

    Supplier Collaboration

    Spend Categories

    Indirect & MRO



    Services SWIFTNet







    Goods /



    Are you making accurate and timely payments?

    Did the person making the payment create or modify

    the vendor?

    Are there discrepancies in freight charges?


    Goods /





    Are payment term changes reviewed before payment?

    Are there duplicate invoice amounts being processed?

    Accounts Payable asking the right questions

  • Transaction Monitoring and AP Automation

    Smart ERP Partners with Canon to provide a complete solution for Automating and Monitoring your AP Transactions.

  • 13

    Accounts Payable Today

    Only 55% of average businesses have standardized accounts payable processes across the enterprise

    10% of Invoices will be

    processed with an error in

    a manual process.(Forrester Research)





    8% 6%9%

    Paper Email Fax EDI Supplier portalXML Other

    Less than $1

    $1 to $3

    $3 to $6

    $6 to $9

    $9 to $12

    $12 to $15 More than $15

    Source: Institute of

    Finance & Management

    Average Invoice Processing Costs

  • The Problems with Manual, Paper-Based Processes

    Higher costs

    More exceptions

    Longer approval cycles

    Lots of supplier inquiries

    Compliance risks

    Harder to implement best-

    in-class processes

    Essential data is not


    Data is poorly organized

    Data is not timely

    Systems are not well


    Difficult to track the status

    of invoices & payables docs

  • 15

    Demand for Compliance and Fraud Protection is Rising

    75% of companies experience some type of fraud

    17% Affected by Vendor Fraud from Nov 2014-2015

    49% Describe themselves as vulnerable to vendor fraud

    (Kroll Global Poll of Senior Executives)

    Who can buy and how much?

    Who is a vendor and how did we select them?

    Did we buy this?

    Did we follow the right contract/payment terms?

    What is a deviation? And who needs to approve it?

    Improved compliance is the #3 cited reason why AP operations are moving toward automation.

    Reporting Compliance Vendor Compliance or Complaints Protection from/Documentation

    for Lawsuits Internal Investigations

  • AP is at the core of numerous processes with: Many stakeholders, using different systems

    Information coming from the same documents

    Breaking Down Information Silos

    Maximize Budgets/Working Capital

    Optimize Decision Making

    Relationship Management




    Accounts Payable



    Human Resources


    Customer Service


  • Automation is the Answer

    Improves Accuracy

    Without Automation 10% of Invoices processed have errors

    Each error costs on average $53.50 to rectify

    With Automation 37% less errors in invoices

    Provides Control and Transparency

    Reduces manual steps and risk for fraudulent activity

    End to end audit trail, enforces control policies

    Fraud detection from business rules and artificial intelligence

    Resource Utilization

    Invoice Processing by 1 AP Resource per Year

    Before 10,000 invoices/year | After 27,700 Invoices


  • What can the PeopleSoft Open Imaging Capabilities do for you?

    The new features enabled by PeopleSoft Open Imaging Integration

    Extract information from invoices directly into a PeopleSoft voucher

    Validate invoice data against PeopleSoft Master Data

    Visibility and access to the invoice image from withinPeopleSoft

    Ability to attach and manage document images to any PeopleSoft transaction screen

  • Solution Overview - Automated AP Process

    Process PaymentsReceive, Scan, Extract

    Service / Product Requestor

    Verification UI

    Extract VerifyCreate


    ERP Voucher


    AP Analyst






    Supplier Invoice



    AP Team



    Manage & Follow up


  • Receive- Scan- Extract - Verify

    EXTRACT and VERIFY!Scan Paper Invoices OR Receive Invoice by Email

  • Demonstration

  • Streamlined Approval Process Across Devices

    Desktop Mobile

  • Benefits of Automation

  • Public Electric Power Transmission Company



    Invoices received via paper and 12 email addresses.

    Existing process was fragmented

    POs generated outside of PeopleSoft, then integrated.

    High level of data security and governance due to industry compliance regulations.

    Profile Founded in 2002, grown to over $1 Billion in revenue

    Also inve

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