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Shutter Blinks ID HUB

Nov 19, 2014



Identity HUB - assessment 1 COMM1107

  • 1. h t t p : / / f l a v o r s . m e / a d d i e _ s h u t t e r b l i n k sA d e l i n a O n i c a s ( 3 4 2 4 3 5 1 )SHUTTER BLINKS

2. The Persona Behind Shutter BlinksI am the voice behind Shutter Blinks I am a student who has never studied photography but has ALWAYS lovedphotography. It is this passion that enables me to present to you an online persona dedicated to all things art andphotography. Shutter Blinks showcases and celebrates the works of photographers - past and present; in Melbourneand in the wider community.As a Masters student, Im exploring social media platforms and the globalised culture in which these platformsoperate. Through Shutter Blinks I examine the evolving nature of photography in the digital age and how photographycan be (and is being) presented in social media. The various platforms utilised by Shutter Blinks (i.e.Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo and Wordpress) form a regularly updated digest of reviews, commentary, links, quotes, excerptsand photographs from various sources.I have developed the skills necessary to engage with like-minded people and build a community interested in thought-provoking commentary concerning identity and photography. My skills are not restricted to the photographic industry;I can effectively use social media to build an online persona for you or your company.Join me at: 3. Professional I.D. DesignPositioning StatementShutter Blinks is for those interested inphotography or involved in the industry who wanta genuine and thought-provoking perspective onphotography and theory.Shutter Blinks operates across various platformsoffering a digest of galleryreviews, commentary, links, quotes, excerpts andphotographs all revolving around the discourseof photography and the globalised onlinecommunity it operates within.Brand StoryMy passion for photography and intellectualdiscussion of all things photography is very muchevident in the blog and twitter posts. However Iwant Shutter Blinks to develop beyond its authorand be able to exist as a separate brand.**I am still grappling with how I am going to do this effectively whilst stillproviding the reader with a voice they can relate to when reading thecontent.Value PropositionShutter Blinks is NOT an online persona whosetypical communication with its audiencebecomes heres a photographer that theblogger loves and thinks everyone should knowabout. It is professional and engages with itscontent by facilitating conversation abouttopics such as photography, art, identity,culture and social media. Its less shamelesspromotion of a particular photographer andmore appreciation for the work created by aphotographer.Shutter Blinks also offers reviews of Melbourneexhibitions, thus it would be of particularimportance to those Melbournites passionateabout the art scene in their city. I want ShutterBlinks to become the go to blog for reviews ofgallery shows in Melbourne. 4. Blog Post Example 1: discussing the literature and theory of Blog PostsFurther examples of posts relating to the course literature: Post Example 2: Media Mapping Exercise 5. Evidence of Blog Posts Cont.And the category: Printed Matter from the category - Exhibition Space Post Example 3: Posts Relating to Photography 6. Evidence of Twitter ActivityTwitter Stream 1: Stream 2:(see pictured) 7. Evidence ofTwitterActivity Cont.Twitter Stream 3:Tweets about thecourse material- Globalization debate: Shut up & tweet: Tweets duringlectures 8. Shutter Blinks PlatformsFuture Platforms:- Pinterest: creating boardsaccording tophotographers, photographic style etc- Facebook: once ShutterBlinks has developed moreof a solid online identity &garnered more followersSummary Post: