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“Classnotes” in 1:1 sessions Shawn Severson, IH Porto
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  • 1.Classnotes in 1:1 sessions Shawn Severson, IH Porto

2. * lesson plan * discussion questions * images & weblinks * grammar presentation & activities * emerging vocabulary * homework tasks Classnotes for recording 3. Evernote or PowerPoint? 4. Templates consistency & professionalism 5. Classnotes for Xxxxx Date 6. Text Topic: 7. My recent pick: Evernote 8. Evernote template 9. Slide text Open Note in Separate Window 10. video link Wordle pics reading exercise grammar ex. from internet article from NY Times Sample lesson with 11. What is the text about? 12. Provide answers with minimal photocopying and add video links 13. go through the transcript & highlight on-screen 14. Table of Phrasal Verbs 15. Grammar from the net 16. Brainstorming 17. Possible answer related to brainstorming question (from TED talk) & discussion questions 18. 1. planning 2. vocabulary recording 3. feedback 4. replicability Benefits of using Classnotes Classnotes from Shawn --