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Shawn Achor CEO of Good Think Inc. Positive Psychologist Author of “The Happiness Advantage” Freddy Parra Public Speaking 1211
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  • 1.Shawn AchorCEO of Good Think Inc.Positive PsychologistAuthor of The Happiness AdvantageFreddy ParraPublic Speaking 1211

2. Focusing on the positive aspects,linking happiness to better successin the business world and in everyones everyday lives.Thesis: 3. Shawn captures the audiences attention bystarting off with a humorous experience ofhim and his little sister as children. 4. Shawn maintains the audiences attention by following up hisstories with a quote.If we study what is merely average, we willremain merely average. (Shawn Achor) 5. Shawns positive attitudeand his jokes about hislittle sister kept theaudience happy and withlaughter. 6. Id give Shawn Achor a 5 for Dynamism! 7. Achors optimism and positive attitudereally sold his ideas. His voice and deliverymade his speech compelling for viewers. 8. In Shawns presentation, he utilizes bullets to list ideasand occupations to name out who his ideas would benefit. 9. Garr Reynolds recommends to replace bulleted text withimages with convey better meaning 10. Watching Shawns presentation has shown me that maintaining a positive attitude as you deliver a speech improves how well your listeners will respond to what youre speaking. 11. Comparing and ContrastingShawn Achor Sir Ken Robinson Stagnant speakerGreat Delivery Talked about pastSpeech was experiencesremembered andpracticedMade audience laugh often 12. Tips for improving deliveryIt was clear in Shawns presentation that he practiced and remembered his speech very well. Practicing ones speech will definitely benefit its delivery. 13. Maintain a Positive attitude 14. CitationsKeyboard: Achor Bio: Photo: achor audience: ATTENTION: photo: signing: by bullet: attitude: