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Salvo psych leehopkins2012

Nov 11, 2014



Presentation to SalvoPsych conference on the current social media trends

  • 1. The road aheadLee Hopkins
  • 2. Social Visual Networked
  • 3. FacebookAustralia On Facebook Population
  • 4. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) the Australian population is 22,798,149. Facebook has 11,500,000 Australian users. This means approximately 50.4% of the total Australian population is signed up to Facebook. Consider that those under 13 years of age are technically not allowed to use the service.
  • 5. 2.1 million active Australian users
  • 6. 650,000 active Australian users
  • 7. YouTube: 11 million active Aussie users Vimeo DailyMotion
  • 8. Lee Hopkins0410 642 [email protected]
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