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Introducing GroTrees A project of the Rotary Club of Chatswood Sunrise G’day from

Rotary Club of Chatswood Sunrise RoTrees project

Jul 30, 2015



1. Introducing GroTrees A project of the Rotary Club of Chatswood Sunrise Gday from 2. What is Chatswood Sunrises GroTrees Project? It supports Rotary Internationals Sustainability aims It works with government and non-government partners It benefits local communities and the environment It encourages others to reduce their carbon footprint It provides opportunities for people to hug a tree and feel good about it! 3. WHY GIVE A ROTREE? Several Rotary Clubs, ours included, give RoTrees to their guest speakers here the District Governor at the time, John Cameron, is getting his thank you from President Eleanor Wu. A guest speaker gets his RoTree thank you 4. WHY GIVE A GROTREE? A GroTree for a birthday. Hopefully his parents will take him to see the tree! 5. A right Royal tree! 6. Weve had many reasons for Grotrees to be planted: Thanks for a job well-done To honour a person who has passed away To thank a retiring employee (he and and his wife travelled from The Netherlands and visited the tree!) (Best one yet) In honour of a removed gall bladder! 7. We change the world one tree at a time. This is a bush fire resistant eucalypt planted by Landcare, Australia in the Rotary Grove on its site at Teralba, near Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney 8. In the beginning: Bingara 2007 At Bingara Central School the preparations 9. Our first planting was done in 2007 in the grounds of Bingara Central School by students in Year One. Bingara, near Inverell in northern NSW, is a sister-town with Willoughby City. Chatswood is the central suburban area of Willoughby City 10. Seven years on, the students are now in their first year of High School and the trees are somewhat bigger as well! 11. The official launch February 2008. 12. The second planting site: Teralba, near Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney This case study can be accessed via our web site: The site for the Rotary International Convention Commemorative Grove will be at Mulgoa, west of Sydney. 13. Mulgoa Chatswood Sydney 14. Want to save the planet one tree at a time? The details at 15. Details are on Chatswood Sunrise web site Trees are an investment in a sustainable future Want a RoTree for yourself? Go to Better still, use the QR code on our card. 16. When Paul Harris visited Australia in 1935 he planted trees in various cities Sydney has at least two: at North Sydney and at Parramatta. (Thats not your mother over on the right, is it?) 17. There are twenty thousand here at the Convention. We can make a difference. Trees play an important role in addressing climate change and assisting our agricultural areas to be more sustainable. They do this by helping to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels. They can also assist in preventing salinity and soil erosion, provide shade, shelter, food and habitat to native animals. Further details at 18. Branching out . Please consider starting up GroTrees in your Club and your District when you return home. Let us know how you get along with this project. Perhaps GroTrees will become an international success story? You can help go to (Take a card to remind you its got the QR code for direct access!))

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