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Reasons for ultra deep sea exploration

Nov 24, 2014




Reasons for ultra deep sea explorationGlobal proven reserves of oil at the beginning of 2009 were at 1.342 trillion barrels,[6] of which about 10% is deepwater - a little more than 100 billion barrels. Many ultra-deep operations cost more than $60-$70 a barrel the locations of where the rigs for each company are operating. A good place for you to start will be to find rigs that are operating in areas that are near you geographically. These companies are headquartered in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, China, Croatia, Norway, Russia, India, Japan, Scotland, Denmark, Australia, Venezuela, Poland, Brazil, Africa, Sweden, and Malaysia. By "exploring" and "producing", we research, locate, identify, develop, produce, and incorporate oil and natural gas reserves. Avinash Chandra,He was the first person to map all the Deep & Ultra Deep Water areas of the country . Based on his work all Deep Water Blocks in India were awarded between 1999 - 2004. He created a unique record by 2003 as 70 blocks were awarded through Ministry of Petroleum in 4 years ( i.e. 73% of the then acreage of India ) . With this India can double its Oil Production and increase Gas production 4-6 times , in due course. For example, drilling along East Coast , confirmed his Interpretation and led to several , world class discoveries with resources of almost 100 TCF Gas + Crude oil (production potential of gas being 150-300 MMSCMD) This made India as the 5th such Deep Water Producing region in the world . He was the first to introduce the concept of Coalbed Methane in India , and awarded through Ministry 16 Blocks . Thus , making India again 5th such country in the world .CBM Production Potential of India is about 40-50 MMSCMPD Transport & Logistics Issues-Container replacement, vessels for exploration & Production, vessels for offshore construction, Solution Providers- ABG is Indias largest shipyard with expertise in building wide range of specialized vessels Links-

Issues Growth Technique & Opportunities Security Strategies for sustaining E & O business in India

Cost- is quite high Payments for the contractors, welders, engineers, supervisors, mud loggers, geologists, scientists Personnel for drilling, logging, cementing, casing and other logistics Clearing all the dues with the landowner (territorial payments if offshore), payment of taxes, fee for attorney, permit to drill the well Costs for maintenance: There will be three shifts with personnel employed 24 hours a day, so amenities for the crew like motels, restaurants, transport, water and food.

maximize ROI with reduced economic and HSE risk

When youre spending $350 per minute on a $500,000-per-day deepwater rig, you can be confident our global expertise enables you to work safer with minimized NPT. Our understanding of the worlds deepwater operating challenges and technical risks continues to improve your return on investment.

You can leverage our comprehensive knowledge base of global deepwater lessons learned to reproduce success and avoid costly mistakes. Based on a deepwater West Africa successin which we solved soft-formation challenges while improving ROP and hole quality in the buildup ratesa Gulf of Mexico operator followed our recommendations on a similar project.

Dedicated well planning and job execution with our AutoTrak rotary closed-loop system were right on target. A smooth wellbore allowed casing to be run and cemented in place. ROP increased 55%. The Gulf of Mexico operator reduced drilling cost 14% compared with the authorization for expenditure.

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Diamond Offshore Noble Drilling , TX Seadrill Norway


Nabors Industries Bermuda CGG Veritas FRANCE Ensco Dallas, TX Pride International Houston, TX FugroNetherlands

Helmerich & Payne Oklahoma CGG Veritas FRANCEApache Corporation, Houston, TX, USA Atwood Oceanics, Houston, TX, USA Deep Marine Technology, Houston, TX, USA . Diamond Offshore, Houston, TX, USA ENSCO, Dallas, TX, USA Frontier Drilling A/S, Bergen, Norway Helmerich and Payne, Inc, Metairie, LA, USA Japan Drilling Company, Tokyo, Japan KCA DEUTAG, Aberdeen, Scotland. Maersk Contractors, Copenhagen, Denmark Mannai Offshore, Doha, Qatar Nabors Industries, Houston, TX, USA Neptune Exploration Industries, Ltd., New Delhi, India Neptune Marine Oil & Gas,, Nicosia, Cyprus. Noble Drilling Corporation, Lafayette, LA, USA Odfjell Drilling, Bergen, Norway ONCG, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Dehradun, India Parker Drilling Company, Houston, TX, USA

Prosafe ASA, Tananger, Norway. Paterson UTI, INC., Houston, TX, USA Petrolia Drilling ASA, Oslo Precision Drilling, Alberta, Canada Petrobras, Rio de Janerio, Brazil Pride International, Houston, TX, USA Prosafe SE, Stavanger, Norway Rowan Companies, Houston, TX, USA Saipem, Italy Songa Offshore, Olso, Norway Stena Drilling, Gothenburg, Sweden Tesco Corporation, Houston, TX, USA Transocean, Houston, TX, USA


Top 10 Drilling CompaniesBy Selam Nuri , eHow Contributor updated: April 2, 2010

1.Oil refinery.

Drilling companies obtain the most accurate data and graphic representation of the geologic structure beneath the earth's surface through seismic "imaging," which is used for conducting on and offshore oil and gas explorations. Seismic imaging helps to determine the most promising "targets" for oil and gas extraction. In addition to conducting land and sea explorations, through ongoing research and development, drilling companies develop sophisticated and innovative technology to improve oil and gas extraction techniques.

Transocean2. Based in Switzerland, Transocean is the world's largest offshore drilling company, and specializes in "ultra-deep water" and "harsh-environment" drilling. It was founded in 1954, and its technologically advanced fleet and equipment made it the first company to conduct year-round drilling and exploration.

Chemin de Blandonnet 2 CH-1214 Vernier Switzerland +41-22-930-9000

Diamond Offshore3. Diamond Offshore provides drilling services to global energy industries, particularly oil companies. The Texas-based company was founded in New Orleans in 1953, and specializes in offshore drilling in regions like the North Sea and Gulf of Alaska. The company employs around 5000 employees worldwide, and has three regional offices in Australia, Brazil and Scotland.

Houston Office 15415 Katy Freeway, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77094-1810 281-492-5300 Noble Drilling , TX 4. Noble Drilling is one of the largest offshore drilling companies in the world, and has been leading the industry in deep-water projects since 1921. The company celebrated its 88th anniversary in 2009. Noble's ultra-deep-water project in the Gulf of Mexico, the "Noble Danny Adkins," operates in water depths of up to 35,000 feet. 13135 South Dairy Ashford, Suite 800 Sugar Land, TX 77478 281-276-6100 Seadrill Norway 5. Based in Norway, Seadrill acquired Smedvic drilling in 1915, and is a global drilling contractor that is growing rapidly. The company has 40 offshore drilling sites, and has had over 30 years of experience in harsh-environment drilling in Northern Europe. Seadrill operates in West Africa, Southeast Asia, and in North and South America. Lokkeveien 111 P.O. Box 110 4001 Stavanger Norway +47-51-30-90-00

Nabors Industries


6. Since 1987, Nabors has been specializing in oil, gas and geothermal well development, and is the world's largest land-drilling contractor. Nabors has acquired sophisticated technology to conduct "ultra-deep" capacity drilling. In North America,

the company owns roughly 528 drilling locations, and drills in 30 countries internationally. Mintflower Place 8 Par-La-Ville Road Hamilton HM08 Bermuda +441-292-1510 Ensco Dallas, TX 7. Based in Texas, Ensco has been a leading ultra-deep-water drilling contractor to the petroleum industry since 1987. The company owns and operates 51 drilling rigs worldwide in places like Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. In 2008, Ensco was recognized by Forbes Magazine as being one of the "world's fastest growing companies." 500 North Akard Street Suite 4300 Dallas, TX 75201-3331 214-397-3000 Pride International Houston, TX 8. Pride International's specialty in deep-water "high specification drilling solutions" makes it one of the world's leading companies that is rapidly expanding its global presence. The company is based in Houston, Texas, and is a worldwide contractor to the oil and gas industry. 5847 San Felipe Street Suite 3300 Houston, TX 77057 713-789-1430 Fugro Netherlands 9. Founded in 1962, Furgo is based in the Netherlands, and specializes in land and sea seismic imaging. The company provides technical support and contracts to its clients in the areas of exploration, production, and the transportation of oil and gas. Veurse Achterweg 10 2264 SG Leidschendam Netherlands


Helmerich & Payne Oklahoma10. Since 1920, Helmerich and Payne has been engaged in land and offshore drilling contracts in oil and natural gas explorations worldwide. The company's headquarters is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of its main international offshore rigs is in the Gulf of Mexico.

1437 South Boulder Ave. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119 918-742-5531 CGG Veritas FRANCE 11. CGG Veritas has been providing geophysical (or seismic) explorations since the 1930s. Based in France, the company uses a highly advanced seismic imaging technique called 4D to explore oil and gas reserves on land and in d