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Oct 30, 2014





  • 1. The force was strong today I want this week be over Ready for dinner On a roll today Ive seen better days Use the text tool to record your current mood state

2. Video 3. Preparing for your trial

  • Send out yourwelcome emailand any instructions for work to be completed prior to your Elluminate session (we will send out email details of you all tonight remember to cc us in!
  • Email us names of anyone you want to add to the trial of your Moodle material
  • Make a time with us if you have not so far (see Doodle link)

4. Strangers are coming! 5. After your trial

  • Send us your completed peer review sheet for the Elluminate session
  • Send us the results of your survey (PDF)
  • Complete a short report on your trail

6. Final Report

  • Progress with learners
  • Unexpected issues, difficulties in the online environment
  • Alterations, adaptations or enhancements Re-evaluation and adaption of delivery plan
  • Any additional support or help you require to enhance the delivery to your learners
  • Insights and examples of learner feedback
  • Implications of your experience with this delivery trial for e learning at your organisation
  • Any other issues of relevance

7. Elluminate Playtime

  • Help yourself during these times:
  • Fri 12 thNovember 12pm 4pm
  • Sat 13 thNovember 12pm 4pm
  • Sun 14 thNovember 12pm 4pm
  • Mon 15 thNovember 2pm 7pm
  • Tues 16 thNovember All Day*
  • SMS me to gain moderator access 0409317625

8. Video Agenda

  • Video in Training
  • Video Options
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing

9. About Video

  • Video files by trainers can provide a wide range of applications in the training environment and augment existing content delivery strategies.
  • Video files can be downloaded and played by learners from their computer, television sets,on portable mp3 players and mobile phones.
  • videos are highly transferable i.e. you can embed them on web sites/LMS/blogs/wikis for your students to view or embed them in PowerPoint

10. Video in Training

  • Good for demonstrations and illustrating concepts, ideas and examples.
  • They can be supported by text, captions, diagrams, still images, descriptions, interviews and interactions.

11. Video in Training You can use Video to support learners to think out and present workplace processes and work flows using video.When you create your our own videos as a group with learners as opposed to viewing 'others films', it enhances interactions and personalizes within the groups. 12. Video in Training

  • Videos are good for illustration purposes.
  • They are supported by text and interactions.
  • 20 second video can replace a full page of text when trying to explain a detailed process
  • Use to highlight, freeze-frame or slow-motion an event/process
  • Using video to depict real scenario can make whole situation so much more engaging 13. Video in Training

  • Promote identification with job roles, contexts and workplace processes
  • Can be story driven (narrative)
  • Support a range of learner preferences (visual, reflective learners)

14. Video in Training

  • Scaffolding activities using video ensures active learning quizzes, decision making trees, scenarios, case studies and demonstrations can be enhanced by integrating video into the decision making and problem solving resources and examples available to the learner.

15. Hardware

  • Video cameras are becoming cheap and ubiquitous.
  • Standard Definition
  • High Definition 16. Locate Videos

  • Search online video sites:
  • You are legally allowed to use other peoples online videos when you create your own videos provided they are licensed under a Creative Commons share-alike license.

17. Capture Video

  • Firefox browser plug in (NetVideo Hunter) allows you to play and download videos embedded on websites you have visited 18. Sequenced still imagesA series of still images that clearly illustrate a task can be very effective. Photos can be assembled in PhotoStory & Movie Maker along with music and text and exported as a video 19. DEMO - Stills 20. Video Formats

  • The AVI Format
  • The Windows Media Format
  • The MPEG Format
  • The MOV Format
  • The RealVideo Format
  • The Shockwave (Flash) Format
  • The Flash Video Format
  • The Mobile Video Format 3gp

21. Video Formats

  • How will we deliver to our learners?
    • CD/DVD
    • Intranet/Internet LMS/Blog/Wiki etc
    • Will the viewer need aplug inon their browser to watch the video?
  • These decisions influence the codec we will use to export the final video

22. VLC Player 23.

  • Video files, which, uncompressed, are HUGE
  • Codec's can take a very large video file that cant be downloaded and make it into a file that can be streamed online
  • MOV
  • Flash Video (FLV)
  • h.264
  • AVI 24.

  • Video files, which, uncompressed, are HUGE
  • Codec's can take a very large video file that cant be downloaded and make it into a file that can be streamed online
  • MOV
  • Flash Video (FLV)
  • h.264
  • AVI 25.

  • Converting Videos from one format to another 26. Exporting Video

  • free video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows.
  • plays many movie files
  • convert MPEG
  • can encode movies to many formats, including iPod;
  • can cut, trim and join movies.
  • can download videos from YouTube and Google by entering the page URL . 27. Camera Concepts

  • Zoom
  • Pan
  • Focus
  • Lighting
  • Storage System (DV Tape, HD, Disk)
  • Computer Capture (USB, Firewire, Bluetoooth) 28. Framing

  • Headroom & Looking Space
  • Interview position

29. Software

  • Edit Trim, Audio
  • Export to variety of formats
  • Compress

30. Embedding Video 31. Trouble PC Mac Movie Maker iMovie MOV MPEG4 WMV AVI 32. Video Work Flow Edit and Convert File (if necessary) Add Transitions TitlesAudio Voice Over Export (Convert) Compress Test Shoot Video Publish to LMS, Blog, Website, Web 2 33. DEMO - Video 34.

  • Embedding Videos into Moodle Demo
  • Some practice files are at

35. POV

  • Point of view (POV) devices, such as camera glasses and video cameras, are an emerging technical innovation in the vocational education and training system.
  • allows trainers to create re-usable cost effective learning resources as well as enable learners to demonstrate skills

36. Mobile Video

  • Record with your students mobile phonevideo camera
  • Bluetooth transfer to computer and publish
  • Email to Ning, Facebook , Blog, Wiki etc


  • Next session Tuesday 16 thNovember 2010

38. Thank you for playing