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Presentation Booklet - Talk Project in Chapecó

Apr 08, 2016




  • What is theTalk project contributes to the development of key

    elements in the formation of youth during their

    graduation, acting through workshops, debates,

    discussions, featuring international action to promote

    global vision. With its methodology developed by

    exchange students from over 125 countries, this

    AIESEC's project aims to expand the global vision and

    make the youth voice increasingly relevant to changes

    in society, working with related activities that enter

    the global thematic in order to make them more

    reflective, critical and mainly active in the

    environment where they live.

    AIESEC as the world's leading youth

    organization, in order to develop

    leadership through exchanges, aims to

    allow the exchange students' and the

    brazilian students' personal growth in

    partnership with universities. The

    Talk Project?

    partnership with universities. The

    interactive and stripped format are the

    main characteristics of the project,

    actually being the face of youth.

    Therefore, the completion of the project

    can greatly enrich the university

    experience and promote a multicultural



  • Why the

    Within universities today, one of the biggest

    opportunities identified is the interest that

    young people have for learning and practicing

    new languages and also the discussion of

    controversial national and international affairs,

    bringing to light important political, economic,

    social and cultural rights.

    This interest goes far beyond a front

    specific courses, but covers them all in

    general, with the only variant

    preference issues to be discussed. Talk

    Talk Project?

    social and cultural rights. preference issues to be discussed. Talk

    Project, which is part of the Global

    Citizen Portfolio University, aims to take

    this opportunity within the universities

    and provide cultural enrichment of

    young people, providing discussions in

    English and / or Spanish on relevant

    global issues.

  • The intern will facilitate conversation

    groups in English or Spanish about current

    and relevant subjects for professional and

    personal development. The speaking club

    aims to improve the speaking ability of

    students in a different language. Interns

    selected will have to develop and create all

    the materials (videos, sessions, themes

    that will support the conversations, books,

    newspapers and magazines) to be used

    during the project, and also participate of

    the Global Village event, an cultural

    sharing with the students. The exchange

    What is my job

    sharing with the students. The exchange

    student will work 20 hours per week


  • Why go to


  • Chapec is a city of Santa Catarina, with

    about 200,000 inhabitants. Known as the

    City of Roses", a nickname given through its

    many natural beauties, Chapec is the

    largest city in western Santa Catarina. Its

    pleasant climate in summer and the winter

    cold brings for town tourists from all around

    the world .





  • The city has a strong economy, around

    five universities, and a beautiful

    downtown. The night life is very

    hectic, with several pubs and clubs to

    visit.Youll have a

    warm welcome, as

    people in Brazil are lovely

    and receptive.

  • The are also lots of amazing places to see in the

    cities around Chapec. The city is close

    to Paraguay and Argentina.

  • Whats the

    duration of the


    The project will happen for

    6 weeks, from June 5th to

    July 18th.






    Warm welcome and assistance

    during the project

  • Who can I talk to

    about the Talk

    Project????Pricila Lira

    Vice President of the Global Community

    Development Program in AIESEC Chapec




    Neline Krawulski

    Program Manager of Talk in AIESEC Chapec



    Skype: neline.

    Phone: +55 (49) 8404-3320


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