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Poster Research
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Page 1: Poster research

Poster Research

Page 2: Poster research

The Artist shows her passion for music through her facial expression by having her mouth open as if she is singing. This also helps promote her.

As the photo is in black and white, it represents her as classy and sophisticated . The way that her earring is shown in the poster signifies her as more elegant and her styling (the hair and lipstick) shows her as more classic.

The lighting upon her face represents her as successful ,popular and a warm hearted person. This may help her gain a good status.

Poster 1

Page 3: Poster research

Poster 2

This poster follows the generic conventions of posters as it is portrait and has the Artist is centre. I think it is essential to do this so it is clear of what it is, however also think it is important for it to be unique.

The photo is very simplistic, as it’s just of the artist, one of the main features in the poster is her necklace with is a bold red flower. The flower portrays her as pure and fresh “a new artist”. As the flower is red she could be trying to suggest she is dangerous, possibly to other artists.

Page 4: Poster research

Poster 3

We liked these posters. The artist looks laid back through her body language, the bed and her hair helps portray this look. Although I like these photographs I don’t think they portray the artist in the best way as it looks very promiscuous as her positioning on the bed looks open. It looks as if there could be a possible link between her lying on a bed wearing a red dress as red signifies love and passion .Lily’s mouth is also slightly open in both pictures, and her dress is hanging off of her shoulder. We don’t want to represent our artist in a promiscuous way towards our audience, so if we did a poster like this we would have to change parts of it.

Page 5: Poster research

Poster 4I really like this poster as it’s

so imaginative and creative. I don’t think that our group would be able to produce anything this extravagant though as we don’t have the right resources.

As the moon is slanted it shows the 3D effect which represents her as being a big star, also the way the moon is shining.

The lighting in the poster is very creative as it looks foggy and it’s as if the Artist is over it ad she’s clear which shows her as the main part of the photograph.

I think that the light above the Artist’s head should have been removed as it then takes away the hallucination of it being the sky.

I like the font choice as it looks careless but it isn’t. This makes the audience believe that she is more like them and represents her as more down to earth.

Page 6: Poster research

Poster 5This poster uses colour

co-ordination by having a totally pink bathroom with a few orange items, as she id wearing pink and has ginger hair.

The poster is very retro and vintage. I think Florence has this look, so the poster is successful. It’s quite traditional and her outfit her outfit portrays this and innocence as it’s baggy.

The Rabbit is a main part of the image, and I think it portrays how unique she is and that she wants to stand out amongst other artists and the crowd.

I think the only thing I find strange about this poster is that she is standing on the right hand side rather than left where I would of expected her as she’s the main feature . As we (the audience) read from our left so we automatically look there first, this is a generic convention which is usually followed.

Page 7: Poster research

Poster 6

This poster is a different style from others, as it has no photograph just the artists name. We don’t like this style as we want to promote our artist to the public and we feel as if this doesn’t.

The background of the poster is the United Kingdom flag, I like this idea but I think it’s slightly tacky. It may give of the wrong idea to people who don’t know the band.

Page 8: Poster research

Poster 7In this poster the colourful

background contrasts with Katy Perry as it’s much darker compared with her as she is glowing.

They have made Katy Perry look radiant so her figure stands out and looks more attractive towards the audience. The costume she is wearing is latex and skin tight which is accentuating her assets. This outfit could also be seen as promiscuous as it’s quite tight, also the positioning of her hand on her leg.

Teenage Dream is written on the top left hand side of the poster in luminous font, this helps promote her album as that’s the name of it.

Page 9: Poster research

Poster 8

I like this poster as the Artists body positioning is very laid back and relaxed, but she also looks stylish.

The artists costuming is unique and slightly scruffy (the shoes), however she is also quite feminine as her shorts are short, and reflect her as more girly and attractive compared with her boots. This whole look shows her as careless and more rebellious.

The chest of draws that she is sitting on are red, this represents determination towards her career.

Page 10: Poster research

Final Thought

From looking at all the different styles of posters, it has gave our group an idea of what style poster we want, and what we want to include. Firstly we have decided that we want our Artist to be on the poster and the main subject of it. We have also decided that we would like to include the Artist name on our poster to help promote her.