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Planning for soap opera trailer. AQ091131/Sophie Griffiths.
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Page 1: Planning: Soap Opera Trailer.

Planning for soap opera trailer.

AQ091131/Sophie Griffiths.

Page 2: Planning: Soap Opera Trailer.

One of the scripts researched from Hollyoaks.HOLLYOAKS scene: Script (11.19)*Dodger and liberty walk over to Will and sit on the bench with him*Dodger: We’ve been looking everywhere for you! What you doing ‘ere? Will: where else would I be?Liberty: With Theresa? Will: She doesn’t seem to want to talk to me does she? Liberty: She’s in a bad place at the moment*Will looks down to the ground in disappointment*Liberty: With what’s happened with both of us Will: Hey I’m sorry*Will then puts his arm around Liberty with pity*Will: You ok?Liberty: yepDodger: She’s fine... because she’s got us Dodger: who has Theresa got? Has it ever occurred to you that Theresa might be keeping you at arm’s length because she actually likes you? That she might just be worried that through all of her grief, guilt and pain in your direction might just push you away bruv? Will: You think?Liberty: You need to let her know that it’s ok to share this stuff... for her to open upLiberty: Let her know that she can talk to you Will: Yeah. Yeah... you’re right Dodger: She’s right? That’s what I just said!Will: I’m gonna talk to her! I’m gonna talk to her right now!*Will grabs his mobile phone to ring Theresa*Liberty: In person Will...

Page 3: Planning: Soap Opera Trailer.
Page 4: Planning: Soap Opera Trailer.