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PicsArt Mobile App Design Review

Jan 26, 2017




  • Picsart ReviewBy Jeff Bayer

  • Great, in-depth photo editing tools. (Image Creation UI/UX)

    Inconsistency in menus, features, user flows, visual design. (Engagement UI/UX)

    Lots of Bugs

    General thoughts

  • Bugs

    Crashes, UI artifacts, iOS feature failures, and ghosts of follows long gone.

    Following 2Showing 1 that I follow.

    Occasional slow data creates images that cant load without pull-refresh or reloading the app.

    Tethering connections, phone calls, and anything that forces an additional top bar creates all kinds of problems in lots of apps. Probably more of an OS bug.

    Woo, crash reports.

  • Bugs

    Cant import images saved to iPhone camera roll to mac via photos application.

    Edited images / gifs dont interact well with other apps.

    **should probably have more in depth QA. Sharing via FB is a common use case.

  • Bugs

    Web profile header (cover?) image is shorter on some profiles.

  • Bugs

    A lot of these bugs will probably be irrelevant if youre releasing a significantly new version.

    Could use some more follow-up QA.

    Specifically around image creation. Memory usage, file sizes, app lag, etc.

    Dont worry, its not you. I notice bugs everywhere.

    Neat ampersand

  • Inconsistencies - So many menus

    Floating rounded menu at top. With pointer.

    Drawer style menu from bottom. Rounded.

    Drawer style menu from bottom. No rounding

    Sandwich icon menu So many options. Floating rounded menu at top.

  • Examples

    Alright already, I get it, I can go discover artists from basically anywhere in the app.

    Discover Artists. The same as from the Sandwich button left side menu.

    Discover artists buried in an overflow menu on my profile?

    This whole menu seems like an unnecessary extra step.

    How do you change the background cover image?

    **apparently by tapping the bottom left of right corner of the image. Discoverable? Maybe, probably not.

    Change avatar v1 Change avatar v2

    Change profile settings crayon icons/check mark is a difficult interaction.

  • Examples

    Comments feel detached from the artwork. Probably due to the new screen, UI color and iconography changes.

    Why the multi-step process to share to picsart?

    Choose from this screen to share to fb, insta, etc.

    More floating buttons, but now white instead of translucent.

    White background browsing.

    Color scheme?Brand colors?

    Black background Heavy gradients and floating buttons.

    UI probably shouldnt look significantly different due to user image size choices.

  • More Examples

    Even the keyboards are different.

  • Improving PicsArt

    Ive seen this kind of inconsistency with all sorts of apps. It happens to new products when design/dev teams dont work well together or with iteration and feature creep in apps that have been around for a while.

    How do we start to fix this?

    1. Immediate action items could include removing multi-path features in favor of the most used option for changing your profile picture or searching. Adjusting the notifications push in to function like search and cover the bottom tab bar, therefore removing the ability to have multiple concurrent notification pages open.

    2. Brand & Product style guide that defines best practices for consistent colors, icons, menu styles, etc.

    3. Post-development QA and design review.

    4. Digging into analytics for better insight into how any why the app is being used. And from there creating a new more streamlined, cohesive user experience.

  • Really great feature set, however:

    I would worry about choice fatigue & use of technical terms for features.

    Feature naming can drive engagement. Or removing potentially confusing feature names like hardness if favor of more obvious visual clues. Photoshop does both in this case.

    Make things as automagical as possible.

    Photo Editing Tools

    4 menus deep alternating top/bottom.

    Why not simplify by removing the labels and making the slider a visual indicator of the feature?

  • More - Live photo editing

    Adding effects to live camera view - Why isnt this named something brandable? Perhaps Live Filters

    - Arrow function bug.- Why change from bottom menu to top?

    If making gif/video content is a goal moving forward, the initial creating content screen should be a live camera view (like with the gif maker). Perhaps some start interactions showing new or mostly undiscovered live filters to draw users to deeper exploration.

    Example >

  • Instantly show new users some editing tools when skimming through the app store.

    Current icon looks better on android without the white space.

    Heres a super quick example.

    Launcher Icon

  • Please be sure to look over some of my specifically mobile/social design work:

    Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I look forward to helping make PicsArt a more amazing product.

    Jeff Bayer

    Thank you!

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