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PicsArt Monthly May Issue 2014

Aug 26, 2014


Art & Photos

PicsArt Monthly seeks to inspire and aid those who quest to be creative. This month in the PicsArt Monthly; Lou Jones is the first to sound off on the issue with his article “Selfies and Beyond”, which lays out the truth when it comes to taking portraits

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  • 6| PicsArt Monthly Copyright of Socialln Inc. ( PicsArt Photo Studio ) 2013. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be re-used without the written permission of the publisher. The content of this magazine is for informational purposes only and is, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of publication. PicsArt Photo Studio does not claim any ownership right for the photos in the Magazine. All photos,if not mentioned otherwise, are the property of respective PicsArt users. The PicsArt username or photo owner is cited on each photo. PicsArt Photo Studio has a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, limited licence to use, modify, add to, publicly perform, publicly display, and reproduce PicsArt users photos, including without limitation distributing part or all of the Magazine in any media formats through any media channels. Follow us... Welcome! The month of May is like a wide open door to summer--we can see the warmer weather just through the frame, waiting for us. With excitement building for summer, this months issue of PicsArt Magazine is full of items to get you in the mood for sun and fun. As beach weather approaches, people start focusing a bit more on their appearance and working out. Everyone wants to look their best, so we thought an article on digital makeup might be interesting for our users. Digital makeup is used in so many different ways. Now its a tool available to anyone interested in editing and manipulating photos. From portraits to selfies, photography has come a long way in how we capture people. Lou Jones provides an insightful, unique take on the history and recent changes in how both amateurs and professional photographers think about capturing faces! Speaking of portraits, Aaron Ruell is a highly regarded portrait photographers working today. From royalty to CEOs and various celebrities, he has worked with some fascinating people. We sat down with Jason for an interview about his unique background and work. If you look hard enough in any major city, you will find fantastic, interesting street art, usually created by anonymous artists. In this months issue, we bring you a collection of amazing street art from around the world. These unknown rebels create some astounding work that you will love! Ever been to the circus? If you have, you know how colorful, whimsical, and dreamlike it can be. This months drawing tutorial aims to help our users unleash their creativity and playfulness to draw a fantastic, eye-catching circus! Theres much more packed into the May issue of PicsArt Magazine, so check it out! And feel free to give us your feedback at [email protected]!
  • 7| PicsArt Monthly Meet our team... Editor-in-Chief | Arusiak Kanetsyan Art Editor | Cristina Gevorg Designer | Ina Sarko Copy Editor | Arto Vaun, Cameron Sheldony Editorial Contributors | Arto Vaun, Satenig Mirzoyan Mark Gargarian, Heather Parry Special Contributors | Lou Jones, Chris Corradino In-House Photographer | ma_lina Address: PicsArt Inc., 800 West El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040 Publisher: PicsArt @ekphotography
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  • 9| PicsArt Monthly Portraits Selfies and Beyond By Lou Jones Since inventors learned how to make the sun turn silver-black, photography has been used for many things: sacred and profane. Practiced all over the world, shutterbugs take pictures of everything from landscapes to still lifes, the latest fashions to real estate, propaganda to memories. However most of us, at one time or another, have resorted to taking portraits--immortalizing our friends, family, acquaintances, even perfect strangers. Portraits are the convergence of familiar subject matter--readily available--with what is varied and exciting. Both weekend-rank amateurs and hardened professionals can consider cherubic, young faces, craggy, visages of wizened old-timers and foreign, multinational physiognomies equally interesting. Energetic juveniles to seniors confined to wheelchairs may all find tremendous enjoyment in portraying people around them. One-hour $1.99 prints that fill overstuffed photo albums as well as silver gelatin enlargements for hanging above the mantle of suburban fireplaces, make up the vast majority of the worlds daily billion-plus photographic output. Portraits are an excellent excuse to take pictures. One of the best. However, much can be said of the different types of portraits--why and how we take them. Oxford Dictionaries selected selfie the new Word of the Year 2013. Because cell phones have made photography so ubiquitous along with the instant gratification they provide, self portraits top the photo list. The need and ego to create selfies has escalated in the supercharged technology of urban society. PRO INSIGHT
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  • 11|PicsArtMonthly Documenting our friends and family on casual and special events continues to be the most important use of portraiture. Although snap shooters armed with both point and shoot cameras and expensive DSLRs have generated the lions share, family portraits, commercial headshots, school graduation pictures, sports pics and editorial illustrations make up the largest market share for professional photographers. Quality, value, creativity and effort are determined, in varying degrees, by intent plus who is paying the bill. Take head shots. They are the currency of models, actors, performers and book jackets. They tend to be rather formulaic--not very creative- -because their main purpose is to allow you to see what someone looks like. Retail portraiture is for the purchaser. You have to make them happy. Competency is more important than imagination.
  • 12| PicsArt Monthly Assignments for similar shots of the CEOs or managers of corporations can command a bigger price tag. Likewise they, too, have to satisfy the subject. If he/she does not like them you do not get paid. Whereas the same effort and craft may go into a portrait for a magazine, editorial work has to satisfy the quixotic opinions of the art director who may demand a more creative, stylistic approach. It matters little that the subject may not even like the eventual published picture. The magazine is paying for it. Only when the portrait is intended to be personal or art are you obligated to no one besides yourself. Traditionally, a major criterion is to capture the face(s). But there are no hard and fast rules. Some very famous, iconic images of significant personalities have withstood the test of time without the face in evidence: Pablo Casals from behind by Yousuf Karsh and Georgia OKeeffes hands by John Loengard. The celebrity of famous people often overshadows the artistry involved. Dedicated portrait photographers add gravity to the accomplishments of the rich, famous and notorious and similarly give voice to those never heard before. Good portraiture has a special longevity that is in direct opposition to the ephemeral nature of todays party pics. Both have a place in our society. Photography nails down our narrative. It is our subconscious made concrete. Portraits are our placeholders in antiquity. They can be our dreams that end up in frames.
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  • 16| PicsArt Monthly INSPIRATION : Photo @petinton
  • 17|PicsArtMonthly In the Footsteps of Anonymous Street Artists Urban art marches to a different beat than its more classical counterparts, but in the museum of the streets, photographers are always welcome. Street art makes any stroll through a city more colorful and full of surprises. Like all photographers, PicsArtists relish the opportunity to snap their shutters on a masterpiece sprayed over what would otherwise have been a blank garage door or stark brick wall. The other particular pleasure of urban art is that it is always the expression of local outlaws or true adventurers from abroad who have scouted a particular location upon which to unleash their artistic whims. The location is the canvas, and each one is selected by the artist him or herself. When you stumble across a piece of street art, you are walking in the tracks of the faceless outlaw whose trail has since gone cold and disappear