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Jun 23, 2015



¡Ya están a disposición las entradas para los Juegos Panamericanos! Las entradas para los Juegos Parapanamericanos estarán disponibles para la venta al público a partir de la primavera de 2015 -

Cerca de 7600 atletas de toda América Latina, Sudamérica, el Caribe y América del Norte pondrán a prueba sus años de intensa preparación, perseverancia y sacrifico en competencias de clase mundial en 36 deportes panamericanos y 15 deportes parapanamericanos durante TORONTO 2015.
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2. ROSIEMACLENNANCompeting on home soil at an international multi-sport Games is arare opportunity for any athlete, and its something Ive dreamed of myentire athletic career. Next summer, for the first time, I will finally have theopportunity to compete with some of the best in the world, right here athome. There will be more than 6,000 athletes from 41 countries competingfor a spot on the podium during 20 days of competition. I can tell you,Team Canada is already preparing so that when our moment comes,well be ready.The Pan Am Games have a special place in my heart. After winning silverfor Canada at the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2007, I went on to win goldat the Guadalajara Games in 2011. Standing on the podium and hearingO Canada were incredibly emotional and proud moments for me. It iswhat athletes strive for, to live our dream and make our country proud.I can only imagine what it will be like to hear the roar of a passionatehome crowd as well.The success of previous Games held in Canada has shown athletesthat the passion, cheers and support from the crowd can mean thedifference between silver and gold. I know that all the athletes, especiallyTeam Canada, are in for the experience of a lifetime, as are all of thosewho come out to cheer us on!With 36 sports, including 52 disciplines, theres something for everyone. I hopethat all the athletes competing will be able to walk into the venues before theircompetition and see the stands filled with enthusiastic fans of all ages.On behalf of all the athletes hoping to compete at the Games, we thankyou for your support. It means the world to us to know that we have thecountry behind us and we look forward to having you cheer us on in thesummer of 2015.Rosie MacLennanOlympic, Pan Am and 2013 World Championship trampolinegold medallist and TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games hopefulMESSAGE FROMFind out more: 2 3. AT A GLANCESeptember 15:ticket requests begin 10 amThree weeks to submit yourrequest for the sports, sessionsand ceremonies you want to attendTickets priced from$2075% of tickets will be$45 and under $10October 6:ticket requests close 9 pmHalf-pricetickets forpersons under16 years ofage, or 65and over,will start at41countries andterritories competing1618Rio 2016 OlympicGames qualifiers36sports52disciplines119medals won byCanada at theGuadalajara 2011Pan Am Games6,000+athletes4sports debuts(golf, womens rugbysevens, canoe/kayak slalom, womensbaseball)30number of eventswhere Canada isdefending championONEOPENINGCEREMONYby Creative PartnerCirque du SoleilONECLOSINGCEREMONYAccessibility1. The TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games OrganizingCommittee (TO2015) is committed to delivering venues andservices that are accessible to all spectators. TO2015 is alsocommitted to meeting requirements under the Accessibilityfor Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).2. TO2015 will make accessible seating tickets available,with the option to purchase an adjacent companion orsupport-person ticket at a discounted price.Find out more: 3 4. COMPETITION SCHEDULELOCATIONTUEJUL7WEDJUL8THUJUL9FRIJUL10SATJUL11SUNJUL12MONJUL13TUEJUL14WEDJUL15THUJUL16FRIJUL17SATJUL18SUNJUL19MONJUL20TUEJUL21WEDJUL22THUJUL23FRIJUL24SATJUL25SUNJUL26Opening Ceremony Downtown Toronto Closing Ceremony Downtown Toronto Aquatics Diving Scarborough Open Water Swimming Downtown Toronto Swimming Scarborough Synchronized Swimming Scarborough Water Polo Markham Archery Downtown Toronto Athletics Marathon Downtown Toronto Race Walk Downtown Toronto Track and Field North York Badminton Markham Baseball Ajax Basketball Downtown Toronto Bowling Etobicoke Boxing Oshawa Canoe/Kayak Slalom Minden Hills Sprint Welland Cycling BMX Etobicoke Mountain Bike Oro-Medonte Individual Time Trial Milton Road Race Downtown Toronto Track Milton Equestrian Dressage Caledon Eventing Caledon Eventing (Cross-Country) Mono Jumping Caledon Fencing Scarborough Field Hockey Downtown Toronto Football (Soccer) Hamilton Golf Markham Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics Downtown Toronto Rhythmic Gymnastics Downtown Toronto Trampoline Downtown Toronto Handball Downtown Toronto Judo Mississauga Karate Mississauga Modern Pentathlon Scarborough Racquetball Downtown Toronto Roller Sports Figure Skating Downtown Toronto Speed Skating Scarborough Rowing St. Catharines Rugby Sevens Downtown Toronto Sailing Downtown Toronto Shooting Innisfil Softball Ajax Squash Downtown Toronto Table Tennis Markham Taekwondo Mississauga Tennis North York Triathlon Downtown Toronto Volleyball Beach Volleyball Downtown Toronto Indoor Volleyball Downtown Toronto Waterski & Wakeboard Downtown Toronto Weightlifting Oshawa Wrestling Mississauga For detailed information on the competition and ceremonies venues, visit 5. TICKET PRICINGPRELIMINARY SESSIONS MEDAL SESSIONSOpening Ceremony $100 ($50), $150, $225, $350Closing Ceremony $90 ($45), $120, $150, $200Aquatics Diving $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Open Water Swimming $35 ($17.50)Swimming $40 ($20), $50, $60, $70 $80 ($40), $100, $120, $140Synchronized Swimming $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Water Polo $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Archery $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Athletics Marathon $35 ($17.50)Race Walk $35 ($17.50)Track And Field $40 ($20), $50, $60, $70 $80 ($40), $100, $120, $140Badminton $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Baseball $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Basketball $25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Bowling $30 ($15) $45 ($22.50)Boxing $25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Canoe/Kayak Slalom $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Sprint $35 ($17.50)Cycling BMX $35 ($17.50), $45Mountain Bike $35 ($17.50)Individual Time Trial Non-ticketed Non-ticketedRoad Race $35 ($17.50)Track $40 ($20), $50, $60, $70 $80 ($40), $100, $120, $140Equestrian Dressage $25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Eventing $25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Eventing (Cross-Country) $30 ($15)Jumping $25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Fencing $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Field Hockey $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Football (Soccer) $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Golf $45 ($22.50) $75 ($37.50)Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Rhythmic Gymnastics $35 ($17.50), $45Trampoline $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Handball $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Judo $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Karate $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Modern Pentathlon $35 ($17.50)Racquetball $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Roller Sports Figure Skating $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Speed Skating $35 ($17.50)Rowing $25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Rugby Sevens $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Sailing Non-ticketed Non-ticketedShooting $45 ($22.50)Softball $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Squash $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Table Tennis $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Taekwondo $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Tennis $30 ($15) $45 ($22.50)Triathlon $35 ($17.50)Volleyball Beach Volleyball $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Indoor Volleyball $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Waterski & Wakeboard $20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Weightlifting $35 ($17.50), $45Wrestling $20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45($) pricing refers to discount tickets for persons under 16 years of age, or 65 and over, as of July 10, 2015, subject to availability.An additional $5 per-ticket service fee will apply.Prices listed are for reference only. TO2015 reserves the right to adjust pricing. 6. 6Opening and Closing CeremoniesPan Am Ceremonies Venue (PAD)1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J1Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul265:00 PM OC CC*OC=Opening Ceremony; CC=Closing CeremonyOn July 10, 2015, millions will watch Canada welcome the nationsof the Americas to the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games withthe Opening Ceremony, a celebration of the sports and culturesof the Western Hemisphere. Canadas internationally-renownedCirque du Soleil will infuse the ceremony with its revolutionarystagecraft, acrobatics and pageantry as it delivers a one-time-onlyshow. The theatrical and cultural elements of the OpeningCeremony will frame iconic moments such as the Parade ofNations and the lighting of the Games cauldron.The Closing Ceremony on July 26, 2015, will feature musicorganized by Live Nation Entertainment and will include topCanadian and international musical acts. Always a party-likeatmosphere, the Closing Ceremony will honour outstandingGames performances and the contributions of all Gamespartners, while handing the baton to Lima, Peru, the Host Cityof the 2019 Pan American Games.Find out more: from $90Opening Ceremony Closing Ceremony$100 ($50), $150, $225, $350 $90 ($45), $120, $150, $200Limit: 8 tickets per session 7. 7Aquatics DivingCIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House (PAC)875 Morningside Avenue, Toronto, ON M1C 0C7Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P M1:00 PM M1:30 PM P M7:00 PM M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsDiving is one of the most-watched and acrobatic sports inthe Games. Launching from the three-metre springboard ordropping from the 10-metre platform, divers plunge to the waterwith a dizzying combination of twists, somersaults and rotationsin both pike (legs straight) and tuck (legs pulled close to thebody) positions. Then the athletes break the surface of thepool with great speed and ideally a rip entry that almosteliminates the splash.Spectators have the opportunity to watch both men and womencompete in singles and synchronized pairs from both heights.The sheer number and variety of dives in the competition makesthe newly constructed CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am AquaticsCentre and Field House the site of one of the most action-packedevents at the Games.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 8. 8Aquatics Open Water SwimmingOntario Place West Channel (OPW)955 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul263:30 PM WM MM*WM=womens medals; MM=mens medalsIts the ultimate challenge of swimmer versus distance as bothmen and women power through a 10-kilometre course withno pool, no walls to touch, no flip turns, just open water aheadand behind. This is the marathon of aquatics.The race start is a colourful, noisy spectacle of churning water,arms and legs as the athletes fight for early position usingthe freestyle technique. As the line of swimmers stretchesout, navigation becomes part of the challenge of the eventas staying on the most efficient line from buoy to buoyconserves precious time and energy.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 9. 9Aquatics SwimmingCIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House (PAC)875 Morningside Avenue, Toronto, ON M1C 0C7Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P P P P7:00 PM M M M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsThe pool often produces some of the most memorableperformances and athletes of any Games. Each event anddistance breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, freestyle andindividual medley contested over 50, 100, 200, 400, 800or 1,500 metres produces a different experience for fans.Ferocity and grace. Endurance and speed.Athletes will push for the podium in a brand-new competitionvenue the CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centreand Field House that is destined to become a springboardfor future Canadian swimming superstars. Cheer individualswimmers through the heats and into the finals, and rise toyour feet as athletes put forward their best four-person teamsin the relay events.Find out more: from $40Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$40 ($20), $50, $60, $70 $80 ($40) $100, $120, $140Limit: 4 tickets per session 10. 10Aquatics Synchronized Swimming CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House (PAC)875 Morningside Avenue, Toronto, ON M1C 0C7Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2612:00 PM P M4:00 PM M6:00 PM P*P=preliminaries; M=medalsAbove the water, synchronized swimming is art, beauty, danceand precision. Below the surface, fiercely conditioned athletesperform remarkable feats of strength, timing, flexibility, balanceand conditioning. In fact, even while performing perfectlychoreographed acrobatics, synchronized swimmers will oftenspend the first minutes of their programs under water, workingoff the strength of a single breath.Athletes compete to music as either duets or teams of eight.The judges provide marks for two routines the technical andthe free against standards for execution, artistic impression,and difficulty. Canada and the United States have beendominant powerhouses in the sport of synchro, having placedin the medals at every Pan Am Games since 1971.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 11. 11Aquatics Water PoloAtos Markham Pan Am/Parapan Am Centre (MAR)16 Main Street Unionville, Markham, ON L3R 2E4Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul268:00 AM WP WP WP WP12:00 PM WP MP WP MP4:00 PM MP MP MP MP6:00 PM WP MP WM MM*WP=womens preliminaries; MP=mens preliminaries; WM=womens medals; MM=mens medalsWater polo may seem a little like soccer played with hands ina pool, but this sport has a ferocious nature. Teams of sevenathletes a side (six in the field, one goalie) contest four eight-minutequarters without touching the sides or bottom of thepool. The players strength and endurance is remarkable andon display perhaps most impressively during an eggbeater, apowerful leg-kick technique that can lift the athlete high outof the water to defend or attempt a shot on net.The competitive nature of water polo is clear right from thestart of each quarter when one player from each team engagesin the sprint the water polo equivalent of a full-speed faceoff to gain first control of the ball.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 12. 12ArcheryVarsity Stadium (VAR)299 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1W2Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P P M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsArchery is a sport unique for the value it places on stillness.As a spectator, there is electricity in the moments of quietand anticipation, followed by the breathtakingly accuraterelease of the arrow to targets 70 metres away. Across a rangenearly as long as a football field, archers will hit bulls-eyes just12.2 centimetres in diameter.While archery is an ancient sport, Pan Am archers use highlysophisticated equipment as they work through a qualificationround before beginning the compelling one-on-one matchesthat determine the medallists and Games champion. The head-to-head duels in the final rounds are gripping, alternating-shottheatre in a sport where even a flicker of tension or distractioncan be the margin between victory and defeat.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 13. 13Athletics MarathonOntario Place West Channel (OPW)955 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul267:00 AM WM MM*MM=mens medals; WM=womens medalsThe quintessential test of athletic endurance, the marathonis one of the crowning events of any Games. World-classathletes will complete the 26.2-mile (42.2-kilometre) marathoncourse running at a pace that for most people would be afull-out sprint. This is no weekend jog. Being up close to themarathoners provides a true appreciation not just of the fitnessthat traditionally defines the race, but the impressive speedas well.The name and distance of the race find their inspiration in thelegend (untrue, as it turns out) of the Ancient Greek messengerPheidippides who was said to have run the 26.2 miles from thetown of Marathon to Athens to warn of a Persian invasion in490 BC.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 14. 14Athletics Race WalkOntario Place West Channel (OPW)955 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul267:00 AMWMMMMM*MM=mens medals; WM=womens medalsIf youre expecting a stroll, this is the wrong event. The athletesin race walk cover ground at a remarkable pace, but do sowithin the strict limitations of the sports rules. During the race,athletes must have one foot in contact with the ground at alltimes as well as keeping their supporting leg straight. Theymust hold this position from the time their foot first impactsthe ground until the supporting leg passes below the body. Toincrease their pace while meeting this standard, athletes swiveland tilt their hips to lengthen their strides.Throughout the 20-kilometre races for women and 20- and50-kilometre races for men, officials line the course, watchingevery athlete for breaks in form. If a race walker loses contactwith the ground at any point, he or she earns a red card. Threecards in one race results in disqualification.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 15. 15Athletics Track and FieldCIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletics Stadium (YOR)230 Ian Macdonald Boulevard, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P P P5:30 PM M5:45 PM M6:00 PM M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsNo venue at the Games will offer the variety of iconic eventsthat CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletics Stadium will offerduring the track and field competitions. The track eventsfeature distances from 100 metres to 10,000 metres, with theexcitement of hurdles and the steeplechase as well. The fieldcompetitions include the throwing events of shot put, discus,javelin and hammer throw, while the jumping events offer polevault, high jump, long jump and triple jump.Track and field also includes, for men, the legendary decathlon(runs of 100 metres, 400 metres and 1,500 metres; 110-metrehigh hurdles; throws of javelin and discus; shot put; polevault; high jump and long jump) and for women, the equallyimpressive heptathlon (100-metre hurdles, high jump, shot put,200-metre run, long jump, javelin and 800-metre run).Find out more: from $40Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$40 ($20), $50, $60, $70 $80 ($40), $100, $120, $140Limit: 4 tickets per session 16. 16BadmintonAtos Markham Pan Am/Parapan Am Centre (MAR)16 Main Street Unionville, Markham, ON L3R 2E4Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM P P10:00 AM P P2:00 PM M M5:00 PM P P*P=preliminaries; M=medalsBadminton athletes are among the fittest and most agile in anysport and badminton contested at this level often looks like avideo playing in fast forward as the competitors flash side-to-sideand forward-and-back to track a shuttlecock (also knownas a birdie) that can reach speeds of 350 kilometres an hour.The sounds are rapid fire as racquet strings pop and shoessqueak through both singles and doubles play.The newly constructed Atos Markham Pan Am/Parapan AmCentre provides a tremendous space for watching a sport thatis lightning fast in every direction . . . including vertically, with aceiling that allows shuttlecocks to travel more than 12 metresabove the court. You will not recognize this competition as thesame game you played in your elementary school gymnasium oryour backyard.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 17. 17BaseballPresidents Choice Ajax Pan Am Ballpark (AJX)1955 Audley Road North, Ajax, ON L1Z 0L2Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2612:00 PM MP MP MP MP MP MP MP WM1:00 PM MP MM3:00 PM WP WP WP WP WP7:00 PM MP MM WM*WP=womens preliminaries; MP=mens preliminaries; WM=womens medals; MM=mens medalsA sporting passion throughout the Americas, baseball issure to be a fan favourite and a magnet for some of thegreatest displays of national pride. Pan Am Games baseballtournaments have long been a springboard for future bigleaguers, so this is an opportunity to see stars on the rise asthey compete in a sport that is legendary for its fan experience the emerald green of the diamond, the crack of the bat, thesnap of a fastball hitting a glove.For the first time in Games history, women will compete inbaseball; a competition that promises to be outstanding. Themens competition guarantees to be action-packed from thefirst pitch of the Games to the final, with six of the top tennations in the world coming from Pan American countries.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 18. 18BasketballRyerson Athletic Centre (RYA)60 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON M5B 1L1Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:30 AM WP WP WP WP MP MP MP MP11:00 AM MM4:00 PM WM MM6:00 PM WP WP WP WP MP MP MP MP8:30 PM WM*WP=womens preliminaries, MP=mens preliminaries, WM=womens medals, MM=mens medalsThe increasing popularity of this sport and the immenselytalented new generation of Canadian players are sure to makethis one of the hottest tickets. With the level of competitionextremely high the Americas account for approximately onethird of the worlds top 30 basketball nations for both men andwomen the athletes offer a highlight-making combination ofsize, speed, strength and skill.Compared to the basketball North Americans usually watch athome, international-level basketball tends to feature more ballmovement, player movement and well-spaced offenses. Thegames move fast and the action is non-stop. Its also a greatopportunity to see players on the cusp of stardom as past PanAm Games have featured future basketball hall of famers.Find out more: from $25Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Limit: 8 tickets per session 19. 19BowlingPan Am Bowling Centre (PLB)5555 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON M9C 5M1Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P P M3:00 PM P M P*P=preliminaries; M=medalsWorld-class bowlers roll on the same 60-foot wood lanes youmay know from league night, but these competitors in mensand womens singles and doubles will be striving for themedal podium and carrying the expectations of national pride.Pan Am bowling is a tenpin competition as individual bowlersand teams go head-to-head to move on to the medal rounds.The spectator experience for Pan Am bowling is intimate andimmediate with the sounds of the game the thunder of theball, the crash and ricochet of the pins as much a part ofbeing there as watching the competition progress frame byframe.Find out more: from $30Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$30 ($15) $45 ($22.50)Limit: 10 tickets per session 20. 20BoxingOshawa Sports Centre (OBX)99 Athol St E, Oshawa, ON L1H 1J8Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul262:00 PM P3:00 PM P6:00 PM P P P P M M7:00 PM P P*P=preliminaries; M=medalsOften called the sweet science, boxing is one of the moststoried sports in history, with the legendary Marquess ofQueensberry rules effectively initiating boxings modernera in 1867. In 2015, spectators will have the chance to seetournament boxing at its best when athletes from traditionalpowerhouse nations like the United States and Cuba touchgloves in rapid-fire bouts of up to three three-minuterounds for men and four two-minute rounds for women. Thesingleelimination competition format and amateur scoringsystem reward speed, activity and precision, so the action isfast; theres no time to rest and no place to hide in the ring.Women compete in three weight classes flyweight, lightweightand middleweight while men battle across 10 classes fromlight flyweight to super heavyweight.Find out more: from $25Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Limit: 8 tickets per session 21. 21Canoe/Kayak SlalomMinden Wild Water Preserve (MWW)Bethel Road, Minden Hills, ONStart TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsCanoe/kayak slalom is as much about athletes competingagainst nature as it is about athletes competing against eachother. Navigating the spectacular Minden Wild Water Preserve,both men and women will race downstream and occasionallyupstream against rapids, rocks, drops and eddies as they tryto beat the clock and their competitors.At a venue widely regarded as one of the best whitewaterruns anywhere in the world, kayakers (piloting closed-cockpitboats using double-bladed paddles) and canoeists (in openboats with single-bladed paddles) negotiate gates in a raceagainst time, the competition, clean passes through the gatesand, of course, the churning water. This will be the debut ofcanoe/kayak slalom at the Pan Am Games, including theC-2 event for teams of two paddlers.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 22. 22Canoe/Kayak SprintWelland Pan Am Flatwater Centre (WFC)16 Townline Tunnel Road (58A) at Canalbank Street, Welland, ONStart TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM M M M M*M=medalsOver distances of 200, 500 and 1,000 metres, paddlers inboth the canoe and kayak sprint events endure one of the mostintense and gruelling sports at the Games. The Welland Pan AmFlatwater Centre provides fans with a great perspective on akilometre of glassy water sliced by boats that edge forward andslip back from the competition with every stroke.Women compete as singles, doubles and four-personteams in kayak and as singles in canoe. In addition to thoseconfigurations, men also compete in doubles canoe. Theathletes kneel in the open canoe, paddling on one side of theboat with a single-bladed paddle. Kayakers compete from aseated position in closed boats with double-bladed paddles. TheK-4 (four person) mens kayaks can reach speeds capable ofpulling a waterskier.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 23. 23Cycling BMXCentennial Park Pan Am BMX Centre (CEB)256 Centennial Park Rd, Toronto, ON M9C 5N3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul262:00 PM M*M=medalsOne of the defining disciplines of action sports, BMX is achaotic combination of speed, wheeled agility and fearlessnessthat pits eight cyclists at a time in an all-out race to the finishon a purpose-built dirt track. Flying down slopes, bankingthrough tight turns and catching air over jumps, the competitorsconstantly fight for the best lines of approach, making BMX oneof the most combative of the cycling disciplines.The start of a BMX race is one of the great split seconds ofcompetition in the Games. The gate drops and every riderplunges toward the hole shot, trying to be the first rider throughwhile the other seven competitors catch dust. Theres no shiftingof gears and little opportunity to recover from even the smallesterror. This is what action sports are all about.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 24. 24Cycling Mountain BikeHardwood Mountain Bike Park (HRD)4202 Old Barrie Road, Oro-Medonte, ON L0L 2E0Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM M*M=medalsThe cross-country mountain bike event pushes riders to excelin a variety of skills. They need power and precision to race upsteep climbs. They need control to navigate rocks, roots, berms,and banks throughout the trail. They also need enduranceand the ability to push themselves to the limits of safety ondramatic downhill runs.The riders start the race en masse, powering off the line almostin unison as the most ambitious riders fight to get ahead of thepack and set their own pace. While the course twists and turnsinto and out of variable terrain, the repeated loops of the coursethat constitute the race give spectators the opportunity to beup close to the competitors and get a tremendous sense of theaction.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 25. 25Cycling Road CyclingOntario Place West Channel (OPW)955 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9Milton Time Trial Course (MRT)Milton, ONStart TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2611:00 AM TM1:00 PM RM*RM=road race medals (OPW), TM=individual time trial medals (MRT)Road cycling is one of the worlds most-watched sports. Thespeed and power of the athletes, combined with the abilityof spectators to watch the competition from an arms lengthaway at times, make the experience of watching these cyclistsunforgettable. Road cycling features two events individualtime trial and road race.Competitors in the time trial (40 kilometres for men, 20 forwomen) leave the start one at a time at regular intervals. Eachcyclist races against the clock and once the last competitorcrosses the line, the best time wins. Road cycling puts thecompetitors on the road at the same time, with men ridinga 160-kilometre course and women an 80-kilometre route.With everyone on the road at the same time, strategy, drafting,teamwork and risk play big parts in determining the medalwinners.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Individual time trial is non-ticketed.Limit: 20 tickets per session 26. 26Cycling Track CyclingCisco Milton Pan Am/Parapan Am Velodrome (MIV)2015 Pan Am Boulevard, Milton, ON L0P 1A1Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2611:00 AM P P P11:30 AM P5:00 PM M6:00 PM M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsThe 250-metre, steeply banked wooden track at theCisco Milton Pan Am/Parapan Am Velodrome will host a fullrange of events that sends cyclists around the track on gearless,brakeless bikes reaching speeds of more than 80 kilometres anhour.The sprint events include individual and team competitions inwhich, following a qualifying time trial, cyclists race one-on-one,often jostling for track position by coming to a complete stopto force the competitor into the disadvantageous front position.The keirin team event is also a sprint in the slipstream of apace-setting motorbike. The team pursuit is an endurance eventthat puts two teams of four riders on the track at the sametime and gives them four kilometres to catch or outpace theopposition. Finally, the omnium event unites six different racedisciplines and distances, with the victory going to the rider withthe best combined placing.Find out more: from $40Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$40 ($20), $50, $60, $70 $80 ($40), $100, $120, $140Limit: 4 tickets per session 27. 27Equestrian DressageCaledon Pan Am Equestrian Park (CEP)200 Pine Avenue, Caledon, ON L7E 0M1Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM P M11:00 AM M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsAs the most artistic of the equestrian sports and, in many ways,the foundation of the other equestrian disciplines, dressage isa rising spectator sport that offers an unforgettably elegantand graceful aesthetic experience. Magnificent horses and theirriders in an event which sees men and women competing onan even playing field take to a 60-metre by 20-metre arenawhere a panel of judges scores the work of the horse-and-riderpairs as they perform prescribed elements, including a walk, trotand canter according to a scripted pattern, and also a freestyleroutine specifically choreographed by each competitor andperformed to music.Medals are awarded in both the individual competition andteam competition at the newly upgraded Caledon Pan AmEquestrian Park in the heart of Ontarios picturesque horsecountry.Find out more: from $25Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Limit: 8 tickets per session 28. 28Equestrian EventingCaledon Pan Am Equestrian Park (CEP)200 Pine Avenue, Caledon, ON L7E 0M1Pan Am Cross-Country Centre (CCE)874456 5 Line E, Mono, ON L9W 6M4Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM DP11:00 AM XP12:00 PM JM*XP=cross-country preliminaries (CCE); DP=dressage preliminaries (CEP); JM=jumping medals (CEP)Eventing is the equestrian equivalent of the decathlon, a multi-day,multi-discipline event that challenges the competitorsdiverse talents. The first day of eventing is dedicated tothe balletic dressage competition at the Caledon Pan AmEquestrian Park. Day two welcomes the cross-country event,which brings the thunder of hoof beats to the hills, woods andtrails of Mono, Ontario, where horses and riders will challengea course of approximately five kilometres enhanced by morethan 30 jumps, water features, drops and log jumps. Eventingconcludes on the third day with the jumping event.This is an opportunity to watch horses and riders pushed tothe limits of their diverse abilities and a rare chance to seemagnificent competition horses running in natural surroundings,unconfined by arena fences.Find out more: from $25Preliminary Sessions Medal SessionsXP: $30 ($15)DP: $25 ($12.50), $35, $45JM: $45 ($22.50), $60, $75XP Limit: 10 tickets per sessionDP, JM Limit: 8 tickets per session 29. 29Equestrian JumpingCaledon Pan Am Equestrian Park (CEP)200 Pine Avenue, Caledon, ON L7E 0M1Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM M12:00 PM M2:00 PM P*P=preliminaries; M=medalsEquestrian jumping besides being stunningly beautiful withits combination of brilliant horses and a competition arenafeaturing jumps that look like cultivated gardens offers oneof the most distinct sounds in sport. The quick, powerful stridesleading into each jump, the silence as the horse and rider glidethrough the air, and the satisfying return of the horses hoovesto the ground.The jumping competition tests speed, skill, power and controlas horses and riders attempt to establish a fast, clean (nojumps knocked down) ride through a course of approximately15 fences in the arena of the Caledon Pan Am EquestrianPark. Men and women compete directly against each other formedals in both individual and team competitions.Find out more: from $25Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Limit: 8 tickets per session 30. 30FencingCIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House (PAC)875 Morningside Avenue, Toronto, ON M1C 0C7Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul268:30 AM P9:00 AM P P P P P5:00 PM M M M6:00 PM M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsThe imagery and vocabulary of fencing are part of thevernacular: thrust, parry, pe and, of course, on guard.The experience of watching world-class fencing for the firsttime, however, exceeds all expectations. The athletes move withgrace and power, with lightning-fast reflexes and the subtleshifts of defense and attack that define winners. The piste the 2-metre by 14-metre competition ground frames boutswith three types of swords: foil, pe and sabre.Each sword provides different characteristics and each contestrewards different forms of attack. A hit with the foil counts onlywhen the tip of the weapon makes contact with the opponentstorso. The heavier pe can also score only with the tip of thesword, but hits to any part of the body count. The sabre targetsthe entire body above the waist, with both the weapons tip andedges capable of scoring hits.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 31. 31Field HockeyPan Am/Parapan Am Fields (PAF)University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Hoskins Avenue and Tower Road, Toronto, ONStart TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM WP MP WP MP WP MP WP MP WP MP WP MP5:00 PM WP MP WP MP WP MP WP MP WP MP WM MM*WP=womens preliminaries; MP=mens preliminaries; WM=womens medals; MM=mens medalsTo much of the world, hockey happens not on ice, but turf.Contested outdoors by two teams of 11 players on a pitchapproximately the same size as an American football field, theplayers use short hooked sticks to pass, shoot and defend thesports hard ball. Because players can only contact the ball withone side the flat side of the stick, the skill in the flips, turnsand twists of the stick are mind-boggling. Shots on net oftencome from forceful swings while the opposing players are inclose contact, making this an exciting, action-filled sport.The mens and womens games are equally compelling with fastball movement, quick attacks, acrobatic defense and swarmingplayer movement. The international standard of water-basedturf fields provides a wetted playing surface that speeds up playand accentuates skill.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 32. 32Football (Soccer)CIBC Hamilton Pan Am Soccer Stadium (HAM)75 Balsam Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8L 6Y2Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2611:00 AM WP1:00 PM MM MM5:00 PM MP MP WP WP MP MP WP WP MP MP WP MP6:00 PM WP WM7:30 PM WM*WP=womens preliminaries, MP=mens preliminaries, WM=womens medals, MM=mens medalsAs a marquee sport contested in the brand-new CIBC HamiltonPan Am Soccer Stadium, football is sure to offer intensecompetition, great spectacle and some avid displays of nationalpride from Canadians and visitors alike as eight mens andeight womens teams go for gold. This is, after all, the mostpopular sport on earth. With 10 of the top 30 mens nations inthe world and three of the top seven womens nations comingfrom the Americas, the 2015 Pan Am Games football offerstruly world-class skill and competition.The womens teams are open, meaning that every countrycan choose to send its best available players. The menscompetition, however, is an under-22 event that caps the age ofthe competitors, meaning that this will be a rare opportunity tosee the next generation of world football stars close up.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 33. 33GolfAngus Glen Golf Club (ANG)10080 Kennedy Road, Markham, ON L6C 1N9Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul268:00 AM P P P M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsBefore it returns to the Olympic Games for the first timesince Canadian George S. Lyon won the gold medal in 1904,golf makes its debut at the Pan American Games in 2015.Golfers will tee up in both mens and womens mixed team andindividual competitions at the newly renovated south courseat Angus Glen Golf Club, the prestigious location of the 2002Canadian Open.Spectators will be able to walk the course along with the players,getting up close with the power of every drive, the precision ofevery approach shot and the subtle breaks of every putt. Stayclose enough to hear player and caddy talk strategy or find theperfect vantage point from which to watch the action unfoldon three or four holes at once. The competition promises to beintense as approximately half of the 20 top mens and womensgolfers on the amateur world-ranking are from the Americas.Find out more: from $45Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$45 ($22.50) $75 ($37.50)Limit: 8 tickets per session 34. Gymnastics 34Artistic GymnasticsToronto Coliseum (TCO)100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:45 AM M12:00 PM M12:45 PM M1:30 PM M M2:45 PM M5:00 PM M6:50 PM M7:00 PM M*M=medalsArtistic gymnastics is a cornerstone event in any multi-sport Games, attractingcrowds and making superstars with the sports diverse displays of artistry, power,athleticism and acrobatics. With every apparatus visible in the arena, the dramaof this multifaceted sport is on full display as competitors seem to defy gravityand find balance magically from impossible tumbles and twists.Women and men compete for individual and team medals. Womenscompetition includes the vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor, while themen contest on floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar.A panel of judges evaluate the athletes performances. Medallists andchampions are determined based on the combined scores for difficulty andexecution.Find out more: from $45Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$45 ($22.50), $60, $75Limit: 8 tickets per session 35. 35Gymnastics Rhythmic GymnasticsToronto Coliseum (TCO)100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM M M M M*M=medalsIn the hands of athletes who combine elements of dance,artistic gymnastics and acrobatics, the apparatus in rhythmicgymnastics is in constant motion. The hoop, ball, clubs andribbon the names of both the apparatus and the individualevents come to life as the gymnasts propel themselvesthrough movements that vary in shape, amplitude, direction,plane and speed. At times the apparatuses seem to be partof the athletes bodies; at other times they take flight duringmagnificent throws, returning to the gymnasts hands secondslater as if on a string.Rhythmic gymnastics is a rare Pan American sport in which onlywomen compete. They strive for the podium in five individualevents one for each apparatus, plus the all-around event as well as group competitions with three different apparatuses.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 36. 36Gymnastics TrampolineToronto Coliseum (TCO)100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul267:00 PM P M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsCome watch Pan Am athletes fly. The trampoline can sendcompetitors as high as nine metres into the air where theycomplete one of the 10 skills that constitute a routine. Someof the acrobatic elements have breathtaking combinations ofspeed, power, grace and flight.The medal-winning routines will feature high, rhythmic bouncingleading to spectacular airborne twisting and tumbling elements.Watching trampoline up close is a study in opposites thegrace in the air versus the power of the bounce, the beauty offlight versus the danger of landing.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 37. 37HandballExhibition Centre (EXC)100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM WP MP12:00 PM WP MP WP MP WP MP WP MP5:30 PM WM MM6:00 PM WP MP WP MP WP MP WP MP*WP=womens preliminaries; MP=mens preliminaries; WM=womens medals; MM=mens medalsFans who are new to handball will recognize elements of soccer,basketball and even lacrosse in a sport which is contestedon a 40-metre by 20-metre floor by teams of seven playerswho pass and dribble a small ball with their hands. The gameis physical and fast moving, with goals often coming in rapidsuccession and players regularly sacrificing their bodies tocreate or disrupt scoring opportunities. With no stoppage ofplay after goals, teams usually counterattack quickly on theirway to final scores that can easily see 50 goals or more in thefinal tally.Mens and womens teams each pursue medals in a sport wherePan American nations, South American nations in particular,have been making great progress recently, with the Brazilianwomens team capturing its first world championship in 2013.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 38. 38JudoMississauga Sports Centre (MIS)5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, ON L4Z 4B6Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul261:00 PM P P P P7:00 PM M M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsJudo may mean the gentle way, but this is a sport of suddenthrows and quick reflexes combined with tests to the limits ofbalance, flexibility, strategy and mental preparation. Judoka the competitors take to the mat (tatami) in search of victoryby any of the available means. Ippon is an instant victory thatcomes from achieving perfection in an aggressive move such asa throw, armlock or stranglehold. More common among evenlymatched judoka, victory is the result of an accumulation ofpoints throughout the bout.Judo was founded in Japan in 1882 as an evolutionary formof jiu-jitsu and was designed to be not just a martial art, but away of teaching values like co-operation, respect, discipline anddetermination. Today, men and women compete in one of sevendifferent weight classes.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 39. 39KarateMississauga Sports Centre (MIS)5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, ON L4Z 4B6Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2612:00 PM P P1:00 PM P6:30 PM M M7:00 PM M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsKarate, the legendary empty hand martial art developed inOkinawa in the 17th century, offers two distinct forms of competitionat TORONTO 2015. Kumite puts the athletes into a series of one-on-one bouts to reach the podium. During three-minute bouts formen and two-minute bouts for women, competitors receive points forsuccessful kicks, strikes and punches to the opponent. Judges awardpoints when a technique meets strict standards of performance thatinclude good form, timing, vigour and awareness. Both men andwomen compete in six weight classes.Kata is a judged competition featuring individual and teamdisciplines. Competitors perform without a direct opponent anddisplay a series of choreographed karate techniques that judgesscore for timing, distance, power, balance and speed.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 40. 40Modern PentathlonCIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House (PAC)875 Morningside Avenue, Toronto, ON M1C 0C7Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul268:00 AM MM9:00 AM WM*WM=womens medals; MM=mens medalsModern pentathlon was invented by Baron Pierre de Coubertin,the founder of the modern Olympic Games, to simulate theexperiences and skills of a 19th century cavalry officer, sothis unique sport demands diverse talents of its competitorsas it challenges them with fencing, swimming, equestrian,running and shooting events. Modern pentathlons distinctivecompetitive structure also provides great theatre as the firstathlete across the finish line of the final event wins, with theearlier events establishing a time handicap for the final elementof the sport a race that combines a series of 800-metre runswith pistol shooting.Modern pentathlon offers a distinctive fan experience withindoor events followed by outdoor events, with equipment thatincludes swords and laser pistols and, of course, with horses.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 41. 41RacquetballExhibition Centre (EXC)100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM P P P P P M P M4:00 PM P5:00 PM P P P P M P*P=preliminaries; M=medalsPlayed on an enclosed court with spectators watching througha glass back wall, racquetball is an aggressive, physical sportwhere athletes frequently dive, spin, jump and slide to makeshots and score points. Men and women compete in singles,doubles and team competitions where agility and creativity areprominent features. After one of the competitors puts the ballin play with a serve, every surface in the court including thefloor and ceiling is in play. This allows shots to come fromseemingly impossible angles and encourages both acrobaticdefense and offense.Canada, Mexico and the United States have dominated themens and womens world championships, so the calibre of playwithin the Americas is the very best in the world.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 42. 42Roller Sports Figure SkatingExhibition Centre (EXC)100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul266:00 PM M6:15 PM P*P=preliminaries; M=medalsJohn Joseph Merlin, the Belgian who first patented the rollerskate, probably never imagined what the competitors in rollersports figure skating would do with his invention. Muchlike the better-known (at least in Canada) figure skating onice, roller sports figure skating features men and womencompeting in solo performances of balletic, choreographedroutines set to music. The routines include jumps, spins,footwork and dance-like elements scored by judges. The judgingpanel rewards speed, height in jumps, control, variety, originalityand the sense of connection from one element to the next.Competitors use the familiar four-wheel skates with matchingpairs of wheels at the toe and heel.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 43. 43Roller Sports Speed SkatingCIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Aquatics Centre and Field House (PAC)875 Morningside Avenue, Toronto, ON M1C 0C7Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM M4:00 PM M4:30 PM M*M=medalsIf you ever wondered how fast your in-line roller skates couldgo, roller sports speed skating answers that question. Menand women compete in three different events to identify thefastest athletes on eight wheels. Skaters push forward from astanding start and pursue gold in the 200-metre time trial, the500-metre event and the 10,000-metre points event, which,as the name suggests, provide points for the fastest skaters atspecific laps.The competition at TORONTO 2015 promises to be trulyworld class as the Americas are always among the worldsbest and Colombia is the undisputed world power in rollersports speed skating.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 44. 44RowingRoyal Canadian Henley Rowing Course (HEN)57 Main Street, St. Catharines, ON L2N 4T9Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM P P M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsBased at the legendary Royal Canadian Henley Rowing Coursein St. Catharines, rowing events are 2,000-metre battles ofspeed, power, endurance and synchronization that leave theathletes completely spent as they cross the finish line. All rowersface backwards in their boats, using every major muscle groupin their bodies to pull the blades of one or two oars throughthe water as their seats slide to allow for the longest and mostpowerful strokes possible.Scullers pull two oars at a time, while sweepers have both handson a single oar. In total, both men and women pull for gold insingle sculls, double sculls, lightweight double sculls, quadruplesculls and the coxless pair. Women also compete in lightweightsingle sculls, while men race in the coxless four, lightweightcoxless four and the eight with coxswain.Find out more: from $25Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$25 ($12.50), $35, $45 $45 ($22.50), $60, $75Limit: 8 tickets per session 45. 45Rugby SevensExhibition Stadium (EPS)170 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P4:00 PM P M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsWatch out for scrums, rucks and mauls. Rugby union a formof rugby contested by 15-player teams is a massively popularglobal sport known for its speed and power. Rugby sevens, withseven players a side and shorter 14-minute matches, is bettersuited to multi-sport tournaments like TORONTO 2015 and theupcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games.Played on a pitch about the size of a Canadian football field,rugby sevens challenges teams to score points by driving theball into the opponents goal area or kicking it through the goalposts. Teams try to advance the ball by running it forward andpassing laterally or backwards to teammates to avoid tackles.This game is fierce, fast and physical and features some ofthe most intense battles for ball possession and field positionanywhere in sport.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 46. 46SailingSugar Beach (SGB)Dockside Drive, Toronto, ON M5A 0B5Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2611:30 AM P P P P P P M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsIn sailing, nature is both an obstacle and a teammate. Abeautiful sport to watch as brightly coloured craft slide acrossblue waters; the closer you look, the more action you see assailors react quickly to changing conditions, the positions ofcompetitors and the course.In 10 different sailing events at TORONTO 2015, womencompete against each other in three; men compete againsteach other in two and the remaining five see men and womenin direct competition. The variety of boats includes windsurfers,dinghies, catamarans and keelboats, and every class featuresa set of highly specific rules designed to eliminate equipmentadvantages and isolate the skill of the sailors. Each eventconsists of a series of races around a course, with pointsawarded in each race according to finish position. Medals areawarded based on total accumulated points.Find out more: Sessions Medal SessionsNon-ticketed event. 47. 47ShootingPan Am Shooting Centre (TTS)5206 5 Side Road, Cookstown, ON L0L 1L0Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM M M M M M M M M*M=medalsShooting is the opposite of most Pan Am sports in that it placesa premium on a lack of movement. The greatest athletes in thesport are the most still and controlled. There are three separatedisciplines in shooting: pistol (a short firearm held in one hand),rifle (a long gun fired from the shoulder and designed to firebullets with great accuracy) and shotgun (a long gun that firesround shot).In shotgun, shooters hit flying clay targets heading either acrosstheir line of sight (skeet) or directly away from their shootingposition (trap). Pistol competitions involve targets at distancesof 10, 25 or 50 metres and either conventional pistols or airpistols. The rifle competitions take place over distances of10 and 50 metres with variations of shooting position. There areevents for standing rifle, prone rifle and three-position (prone,kneeling and standing) rifle.Find out more: from $45Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$45 ($22.50)Limit: 10 tickets per session 48. 48SoftballPresidents Choice Ajax Pan Am Ballpark (AJX)1955 Audley Road North, Ajax, ON L1Z 0L2Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2611:00 AM WM12:00 PM MM2:00 PM MP MP MP MP MP WP WP WP WP WP4:30 PM MP WP5:00 PM WM*WP=womens preliminaries; MP=mens preliminaries; WM=womens medals; MM=mens medalsThe name of the sport suggests comfort. The bigger ball andsmaller diamond (compared to its sporting cousin, baseball)suggest simplicity. However, up close and in person, the truechallenge of softball is apparent. Pitchers launch the balltoward the plate underhand and thats when the laws ofaerodynamics take over, making the pitch rise, drop or curve.The dimensions of the game make the action fast and demandlightning-quick reactions from the players both at the plate andin the field.In this globally competitive sport, the Americas are consistentlyamong the worlds best and with the Pan Am Games being oneof the truly marquee softball events, the Games will feature anexceptional level of competition and on-field excellence.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 49. 49SquashExhibition Centre (EXC)100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P P P P P5:30 PM P P P M7:00 PM P M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsIn elite-level competition, the tiny squash ball can reach speedsin excess of 200-kilometres an hour. This sport is fast. Playedon a 205-square-metre court with the spectators almost partof the action because of the courts glass back wall, the actionsof both the ball and the athletes are marked by instantaneouschanges in direction as the ball ricochets around the court andthe competitors chase shots into the corners before returning tothe dominant position in the centre of the court.Contested in individual, doubles and team events, squashdemands precision to keep the ball off the ceiling and floorand above the tin, a 48-centimetre boundary that ensuresthat shots off the front wall are at least high enough for theopponent to attempt a return.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 50. 50Table TennisAtos Markham Pan Am/Parapan Am Centre (MAR)16 Main Street Unionville, Markham, ON L3R 2E4Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P P P P P P4:00 PM P P P5:00 PM P P M6:00 PM M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsIn basements around the world, it may be known as whiff waffand flim flam, but in world-class competitions, its table tennisat the highest level. The game provides consistently stunningplay as competitors control the lightest ball in sport and guide itover a six-inch net and onto a 22.5-square-foot half of a table.The array of shots the Pan Am athletes can make and justas impressively the positions on the floor from which theycan hit them, almost defy physics. The ball, which can seem tofloat in the air at times, can also reach speeds of more than150 kilometres an hour. Its no surprise that the best points intable tennis often go viral online. Pan Am athletes will competein both mens and womens singles and team competitions.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 51. 51TaekwondoMississauga Sports Centre (MIS)5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, ON L4Z 4B6Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul261:00 PM P P P P7:00 PM M M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsThe command to begin fighting is shi-jak! Welcome to theway of the foot and the hand. Born in Korea with historicalroots tracing back more than two millennia, taekwondo is amartial art contested in matches of three rounds of two minuteseach. Combatants step onto the mat wearing protective gearon their heads and chests the scoring areas in the sport.To win the match, competitors attempt to kick or punch theiropponents in the scoring zones to earn points. The scoringsystem rewards activity and style, such as scoring a blowwith ones back to the opponent. This results in highly athleticand dynamic moves such as spinning kicks and punches.The winner can accumulate the most points by the end ofthe match, achieve a 12-point lead by the end of the secondround, knock out the opponent or benefit from the opponentsdisqualification.Men and women each compete in four weight classes.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 52. 52TennisCanadian Tennis Centre (CTC)1 Shoreham Dr, Toronto, ON M3J 1S4Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P11:00 AM P P M1:00 PM M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsIt all starts with the serve precise and spinning or flat andpowerful as the server tries to begin and end the point withone swing of the racquet. At the sports highest level, servescan approach 250 kilometres an hour, but tennis isnt allabout power. The speed of the players chasing down balls, theprecision of passing shots that aim for and touch the line, thespins and variations used to keep opponents off balance are asimpressive as any aspect of the game, especially from stands soclose to the action.Men and women compete in singles and in doubles where thealleys come into play and make the court slightly wider. Menand women also combine forces in two-person teams for mixeddoubles. And remember that in tennis, if any part of the balltouches any part of a line on the court, the shot is good, so 99per cent out is 100 per cent in.Find out more: from $30Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$30 ($15) $45 ($22.50)Limit: 10 tickets per session 53. 53TriathlonOntario Place West Channel (OPW)955 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul268:30 AM WM MM*MM=mens medals; WM=womens medalsNot many sports force their athletes to change shoes whilethe clock runs. Not many sports start in water and finish onland. Not many sports are triathlon. In the Pan Am Games,men and women complete a 1,500-metre open water swim, a40-kilometre cycling road course and a 10-kilometre run. For anevent contested over 51.5 total kilometres, its also amazinglyaction-packed, especially at the transitions from swim to bikeand from bike to run where competitors hurriedly switch fromone discipline to the next, trying to gain time on the field.Most Pan Am triathlon spectators can be steps from the actionwhere speed of transition is as important as endurance.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 54. 54Volleyball Beach VolleyballChevrolet Beach Volleyball Centre (PBV)170 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul269:00 AM P P P P P P P P P2:30 PM P P P P P P3:00 PM P P M8:00 PM P P P P P P P P M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsFirst contested at the 1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg, beachvolleyball provides intense competition and athleticism in analmost festive atmosphere as both fans and athletes enjoy sunand sand mixed with national pride. In both mens and womenstournaments, two-person teams compete on sand courts nearlythe same size as the indoor volleyball courts covered by sixplayers a side. The speed, reflexes, acrobatics and skill requiredto defend the court produce highlight plays on nearly everypoint. On the sand, there is no room for specialists as bothmembers of every team need to be skilled in digging, passing,setting, blocking and serving.TORONTO 2015 promises to deliver tight matches andexcellent play as nearly half of the top-ranked players in theworld in both the mens and womens game come from PanAmerican countries.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 55. 55Volleyball Indoor VolleyballExhibition Centre (EXC)100 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2611:00 AM MM1:00 PM WP MP WP MP WP MP WP WP MP3:00 PM WM MM7:00 PM WP MP WP MP WP MP MP WP MP8:00 PM WM*WP=womens preliminaries; MP=mens preliminaries; WM=womens medals; MM=mens medalsVolleyball has become faster paced and harder hitting as rulechanges have encouraged the development of more aggressiveoffensive attacks and devastating jump serves.Six players aside defend their half of an 18-metre by 9-metrecourt with a net (2.43 metres high for men and 2.24 metreshigh for women) separating one team from the other. Some ofthe most critical parts of the game are played either well abovethe net, where attackers try to spike the ball to the ground whileblockers attempt to stop the ball before it crosses, or righton the floor where lightning-quick defenders, particularly thedefense-only specialist libero, keep attack hits from getting tothe floor.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 56. 56Waterski & WakeboardOntario Place West Channel (OPW)955 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2610:00 AM P P M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsThe only motorized sport at the Games, waterski & wakeboardare spectacles of turns, flips, twists and flight. While only mencompete in wakeboarding a tricks-based, judged competitionwhere riders on short boards get airborne by using the boatswake as a ramp both men and women compete in waterskisfour events: tricks, slalom, jump and overall.Competitors in tricks have 20 seconds to perform on and abovethe water, with the winners receiving the highest-judged score.Slalom skiers weave through a series of six buoys. With everysuccessful pass, the length of the tow rope changes, makingeach pass more difficult. The skier with the most buoys passedwins. Jumpers launch themselves from a large ramp at speedsof up to 120 kilometres per hour looking to land the longest and winning jump.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10) $35 ($17.50)Limit: 20 tickets per session 57. 57WeightliftingOshawa Sports Centre (OBX)99 Athol St E, Oshawa, ON, L1H 1J8Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul262:00 PM M M M M M*M=medalsIt is an elemental human competition determining whosstrongest. An original Olympic Games sport, weightliftingcombines precise technique with brute force as men (in eightweight classes) and women (in seven weight classes) compete tolift the most weight in two types of lifts. The snatch is a nerve-rackingblink of an eye that takes the heavily weighted barabove the head in a single motion. The clean and jerk involvestwo distinct motions one to bring the bar to rest at shoulderheight, the next to push the weight to a stable position abovethe head.Contested in a theatre-like setting with the athletes performingon stage, the drama escalates with the increasing weights ofeach round of lifts and the lifters strain, often right to theirphysical limits, to achieve clean lifts and win gold.Find out more: from $35Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 58. 58WrestlingMississauga Sports Centre (MIS)5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, ON L4Z 4B6Start TimeTueJul7WedJul8ThuJul9FriJul10SatJul11SunJul12MonJul13TueJul14WedJul15ThuJul16FriJul17SatJul18SunJul19MonJul20TueJul21WedJul22ThuJul23FriJul24SatJul25SunJul2611:00 AM P P P P7:40 PM M M M M*P=preliminaries; M=medalsWrestling may be the oldest sport in human history, but the action onthe mat during competitions will show that the sport has lost noneof its ferocity. In a contest of strength, skill, will and training, thecombatants attempt to collect points by controlling their opponentswith holds, grapples, throws and pins. Bouts are usually two or threeperiods of up to three minutes each, with the victorious wrestlerbeing the first to win two rounds.Pan Am wrestling features two styles. Freestyle wrestling is theyounger of the two styles, tracing its origins back approximatelytwo centuries. Athletes use their hands, arms and legs to fight theiropponents, engaging with any part of their competitors bodies.Greco-Roman wrestling involves only the upper body on both offenseand defense.Find out more: from $20Preliminary Sessions Medal Sessions$20 ($10), $30 $35 ($17.50), $45Limit: 10 tickets per session 59. 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CATHARINESRowingHAMILTONFootball (soccer)MILTONCycling track cyclingCycling road cycling(individual time trial)MISSISSAUGAJudoKarateTaekwondoWrestlingETOBICOKEBowlingCycling BMXNORTH YORKAthletics track and fieldTennisMARKHAMBadmintonGolfTable tennisAquatics water poloLAKE SIMCOELAC SIMCOEINNISFILMARKHAMLAKE ONTARIOLAC ONTARIOSCARBOROUGHAquatics divingFencingModern pentathlonRoller sports speed skatingAquatics synchronized swimmingAquatics swimmingAJAXBaseballSoftballOSHAWABoxingWeightliftingCALEDON/MONOEquestrian dressageEquestrian eventingEquestrian jumpingINNISFILShootingORO-MEDONTECycling mountain bikeMINDEN HILLSCanoe/kayak slalomCIBCPAN AMPARKDOWNTOWNTORONTOAJAXOSHAWAETOBICOKEMISSISSAUGASCARBOROUGHMILTONHAMILTONST. CATHARINESWELLANDCALEDONORO-MEDONTE 60. REQUESTINGTICKETS September 15, 2014 TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games ticket requestsbegin at 10 am (ET). To request tickets, please visit the request phase, then click the tickets icon. October 6, 2014 Pan Am Games ticket requests close at 9 pm (ET). Select a sport or ceremony and select the tickets you want for thosesessions. Confirm your order. Repeat. To be fair, you may only submit one ticket request per session,per person/household. Ticket limits per session will apply. To increase your chances of obtaining tickets during the request phase,youll be able to indicate whether you accept a lower price category.If tickets are not available at the price category you originally selected,you may be given a lower price category if tickets are available. You can pay by VISA, Visa Debit and MasterCard. Please ensure youhave sufficient funds in your account between October 7 and December4, 2014. We will only charge you for tickets you have successfully secured. Please ensure that your payment card number and expiry date are noearlier than December 2014. If your payment is declined or rejected,your request may be withdrawn. Successful requests will be processed before December 2014.Tickets will be delivered in June 2015. Youll receive an email to check your account, where your successfulrequests will be shown. To change a ticket request before October 6, 2014, or for more assistance,please call (toll-free within the U.S. and Canada): 1.855.726.2015.For international customers, call 1.949.333.4824. Note, once a ticket requestis successful, you will not be able to change the number of tickets ordered. Remaining tickets for the Pan Am Games will go on general sale startinglate 2014, on a first-come, first-served basis through Games time.Further details will be released after the ticket request phase. Tickets to the Parapan Am Games will be sold separately and will goon sale in spring 2015.Subscribe receive regular emailupdates about theticketing program.Find out more: 60 61. FREQUENTLY ASKEDQUESTIONSHow does the ticketingprogram work?The TORONTO 2015 Pan AmGames will take place over 20competition days. Each day willbe broken down by sport,discipline and into smallersessions. Sessions are definedas an individual sporting event,or group of individual sportingevents, held in close timing toeach other at one specific venue,whereby one ticket per person issold to cover attendance. Medalswill be awarded at some sessions.Why do you use a ticketrequest process?Like most global sporting events,TO2015 will run a simple ticketrequest process online and byphone. This will give everyone afair chance of securing tickets,regardless of working hours or timezones. For certain sessions wherethe demand for tickets may behigher than the number of seatsavailable, a random allocationprocess (often referred to as lottery)will select a fixed number of ordersfrom all of the requests received.This ensures the ticketing processwill be fair for all applicants.Who can request tickets?Anyone aged 16 years or overmay request tickets.How can I request tickets?Full details are available does price category mean?Price categories are an indication ofseat locations inside venues. Ticketsin price category A will provideseating that is generally better inquality than tickets in price categoryD at the same session and venue.Lower price categories will stillprovide a great Games experience.Your order is for tickets in particularprice categories rather than forspecific seats. A number of pricecategories will be available formost sessions. The number of pricecategories depends on the capacityand configuration of the venue.Can I choose my seats?No. You will purchase tickets ina particular price category ratherthan specific seats. Youll knowyour specific seats in 2015, aftervenue seating has been finalized.What happens when there aremore requests than tickets?Should demand exceed availabilityfor any given session, a fair andsimple lottery (where successfulticket requests will be chosen atrandom in an automated andunbiased way) will occur from allof the ticket requests receivedfor that session. This ensures theticketing process is fair for all.Find out more: 61 62. Ticket General Termsand ConditionsThese Conditions govern all Tickets issued for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games and thesubsequent admission to any Venue to attend any Event. All capitalised terms used herein shall have themeanings given to them in paragraph 35 of these Conditions. All Tickets are issued by TO2015, the OrganizingCommittee, pursuant to authority granted by PASO and the IPC/APC. Any person who purchases, possessesand/or uses or attempts to use any Ticket shall be deemed to have fully and irrevocably accepted and agreedto comply with these Conditions. These Conditions will be printed in abbreviated form on each Ticket. In thecase of any conflict or ambiguity between these Conditions and the abbreviated form printed on a Ticket, theseConditions will prevail.Venue Regulations1. These Conditions incorporate the Venue Regulations, a copy of which is available at Ifyou fail to comply with the applicable Venue Regulations, you may be refused entry to, or be evicted from, theVenue. In the case of any conflict or ambiguity between any term(s) of these Conditions and any term(s) of theVenue Regulations, the terms of these Conditions will prevail.Ticket Purchase2. Tickets may only be purchased through TO2015 (directly or via an Official Ticketing Agent), the AuthorizedTicket Resellers, or through any other sale or transfer mechanism authorized in writing by TO2015. A full list ofauthorized sales channels is available at Tickets are non-transferable except as set outherein and are only valid for use by a Permitted Purchaser, and not by any other person.3. The sale or other issuance of any Ticket is final and non-refundable except as outlined in paragraphs 19-24of these Conditions or as required by applicable Canadian law. TO2015 reserves the right to not replace oraccept any Ticket that has been lost, stolen, forgotten, damaged or forged, or any Ticket which is unreadable orincomplete.Ticket Use & Prohibitions on Transfers4. It is an essential condition of the issuance of each and every Ticket and the right of admission to a Venuethat THE TICKET MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED, EXPOSED OR MADE AVAILABLE FOR SALE, ORTRANSFERRED OR OTHERWISE DISPOSED OF, EXCEPT WHERE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA AREMET:a. the sale, transfer or disposal must not be for a value greater than the Original Sale Price of the Ticket;b. the Ticket must not be offered publicly (including on any website) and the sale, transfer or disposal mustnot take place in the course of any business or for the purpose of facilitating a third partys business;c. the sale, transfer or disposal must be made strictly subject to these Conditions (and the transfereesacceptance thereof) which shall be binding upon the transferee in full as if the transferee was the TicketPurchaser, save only that such transferee shall have no right to transfer the Ticket under this paragraph 4nor any right to a refund under paragraphs 19-24 of these Conditions; andd. the transferee is a natural person, who is known to the Ticket Purchaser personally and who did not becomeknown to the Ticket Purchaser through the sale, transfer or disposal of the Ticket, and the Ticket must befor the transferees personal use only.Find out more: 62 63. 5. Notwithstanding paragraph 4 above, it is an essential condition of the issuance of each and every Ticket andthe right of admission to a Venue that, the Ticket must not be:a. transferred, used or otherwise disposed of in the course of any business or for the purpose of facilitating athird partys business;b. transferred, used or otherwise disposed of:i. in relation to any promotional or commercial purpose (including any competition, advertising,promotion, auction or as a prize in any competition or sweepstake, whether for a business or a charityor otherwise); orii. to enhance the demand for any other goods or services;c. transferred or otherwise disposed of to any person who agrees to buy any good(s) or service(s) in return forthe Ticket;d. transferred, used or incorporated as part of any hospitality or travel package; and/ore. bundled with any other good(s) or service(s) (including as part of any hospitality or travel package), in eachcase without the prior express written authorization of TO2015.6. The Ticket Holder must, upon request by TO2015 or any Authorized Person, give a full explanation as to how,from whom (including full contact details) and from where his/her Ticket(s) have been obtained and at whatprice. If a Ticket Holder fails to provide a satisfactory, or any, explanation, TO2015 may, in its absolute discretion,cancel the Ticket(s) immediately.7. Any Ticket offered for sale, sold, transferred, used or disposed of in breach of paragraphs 4 or 5 of theseConditions may be cancelled and any person seeking to use the Ticket may be refused admission to orevicted from the Venue without refund or compensation, even if the Ticket Holder did not have prior notice ofthese Conditions or the breach thereof. Further, TO2015 may pursue any other remedies available in relation tothe breach.8. The Games is governed by the Ticket Speculation Act (Ontario, Canada) and all applicable Municipal codes.Every person who, being the holder of a Ticket, sells or disposes of the Ticket at a higher price than that at whichit was first issued, or endeavours or offers so to do, is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine.Venue Entry & Requirements9. Admission to a Venue will only be authorized upon presentation of a valid Ticket (one Ticket will be required foreach person, with the exception of any child aged under 24 months and who will not occupy a separate seatwithin the venue) and, upon request, proof of identity with valid photograph and signature. A valid Ticket permitsthe Ticket Holder to occupy, at the relevant Event, the position indicated on that Ticket or such other alternativeposition as TO2015 may allocate acting reasonably. Any Ticket Holder leaving a Venue will not be re-admittedand no pass-outs will be permitted.10. Admission to a Venue will be refused to any person noticeably under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or anybehaviour-modifying substance, or to any person behaving, or considered by any Authorized Person likely tobehave, violently, harmfully or in a manner contrary to public order and/or safety. Admission may be refused toany person who attempts to bring any Prohibited Item into a Venue.11. It is an essential condition of issuance of any Ticket and the right of admission to a Venue that a Ticket Holderis expressly prohibited from:a. bringing into a Venue any Prohibited Item including (without limitation) bottles, glass, cans, weapons,fireworks, hard cool boxes, compressed gas containers, flares, air horns, smoke bombs and/or flag sticks;alcohol and/or illegal substances; food and drink other than a small amount of sealed bottled water forpersonal consumption; banners, signs or materials displaying political, religious, offensive or race-relatedmessages, slogans or images; any item that is dangerous, hazardous and/or illegal or that may be usedas a weapon or a missile or that may compromise or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment, comfort orFind out more: 63 64. safety of (or pose a hazard to) any person or security at the Venue; and/or any camera or other type ofphotographic or recording device (of any nature whatsoever and whether capturing still or moving pictures)other than for personal use. Prohibited Items may be removed, confiscated and/or destroyed at thediscretion of any Authorized Person;b. possessing, bringing into, or using within a Venue any sponsorship, promotional or commercial items ormaterials (of whatever nature) without the prior written authorisation of TO2015 (the Ticket Holder may beasked to deliver up a copy of any such authorisation upon entry to or whilst within any Venue);c. whilst within any Venue, engaging in any form of ambush marketing (whether by invasion, intrusion orotherwise), gambling, conducting any commercial activity whatsoever, or offering (either for free or for sale),selling or possessing items with intent to sell (including, without limitation, drinks, food, souvenirs, clothes,promotional and/or commercial items and literature), in each case without the prior written authorisationof TO2015. Any such items may be removed, confiscated and/or destroyed at the discretion of anyAuthorized Person;d. whilst within any Venue, engaging in disruptive, dangerous or violent behaviour including (without limitation)throwing, casting, thrusting or propelling any object (including, without limitation, onto the Playing Surface),instigating violence, racism or xenophobia, behaving in a way that any reasonable person may interpret asprovocative, threatening, discriminatory and/or offensive, creating or posing any threat to the life or safetyof themselves or any other person(s), or harming any other person(s) in any way; and/ore. whilst within any Venue, entering or circulating in restricted access areas or other areas where that person isnot permitted, including (without limitation) the Playing Surface, climbing lighting masts, fences, roofs andother apparatus or constructions, or standing on seats.12. No Ticket Holder shall be permitted to enter, attend or remain in attendance at any Venue where that person isbanned by any competent authority and/or sports governing body from attending the Venue or the Event and/or from receiving any Ticket.13. EACH TICKET HOLDER ADMITTED TO A VENUE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HIS/HER PRESENCE AND/OR MOVEMENT IN AND AROUND THE VENUE IS AT HIS/HER OWN RISK AND THAT TO THE MAXIMUMEXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, TO2015 NOR ANY AUTHORIZED PERSONS ARE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS,DAMAGE AND/OR HARM, INCLUDING (WITHOUT LIMITATION) BODILY OR MENTAL HARM, PERSONALPROPERTY DAMAGE OR LOSS, OR ANY OTHER LOSS AND/OR HARM ARISING FROM AND/OROCCURRING DURING HIS/HER ATTENDANCE AT THE VENUE AND, WITHOUT LIMITATION TO THEFOREGOING, EACH TICKET HOLDER AGREES THAT NO CLAIM, COMPLAINT OR PROCEEDING WILL BEBROUGHT IN RELATION TO THE FOREGOING.14. EACH TICKET HOLDER SHALL I