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OSS meetup - Felhő jövője a konténer?!

Feb 07, 2017



  • Is the Container the Future Of the Cloud?

    OpenStack Meetup 2017 January

    Guba SandorHernadi Ferenc

  • About usGuba Sndor

    ~10 years Linux Infrastructure Engineer

    Herndi Ferenc

    10+ years Linux Infrastructure Engineer

  • About our journey with OpenStack

    How we met with OpenStack?

    Why we need it?

    How we start it?

  • OpenStack Summit 2016

    More than 5000 attendance 110+ sponsoring companies 1000+ Companies represented

  • Telcos -> OpenStack NFV (Network Functions Virtualization)

    Lifecycle management CI/CD

    How can we upgrade?!

    Containers everywhere

    Hot topics

  • The OpenStacks Problems

    Complexity Install / Deploy Update & Upgrade

  • What containerization give us?!

    Isolated Services - > No More Dependency Hell

    Repeatable/Reproducible & FAST Deployment

    Blue-Green Deployment - > Stable OPS + Easier Dev

    # Replicaset - > Scalability

    Containerization + Orchestration = 1:)

  • Kubernetes Vs. Docker Swarm?

  • Why Kubernetes project needs OpenStack ?

    Backend services

    Frontend apps


    Persistent Storage


  • The three most importantOpenStack containerisation Projects.

  • Demo!

  • Experiences...

  • The Dark Side Is it really more Stable?

    Increased Complexity

    Relatively new technology


  • Best Practices ....If you decide to try it.

    Separate The Master Nodes

    Etcd Cluster Separation

    Min 3 Compute(minion)

    Remote Logging (Fluentd)

    Monitoring & Alerting (Prometheus)

  • Summary

    Openstack 6 years old project

    Kubernetes 2 years old project (1 year in production)

    Complexity hell


  • We Are Hiring!