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Jul 28, 2015



1. BY GAVADIYA KASHYAP (120070107031) 2. DIFFERENT VOTING SYSTEMS E-VOTING OBJECTIVES PROS & CONS PRACTICAL USE STEPS FOR E-VOTING DEMO SECURITY ALGORITHMS 3. Paper based voting DRE-voting Internet voting (1) 4. Online voting system is a voting system by which any Voter can use hisher voting rights using electronic device through internet.(3) Internet voting, however, presents a number of technological challenges focused on security, privacy, and secrecy issues, as well as challenges for stakeholder involvement in and observation of the process.(4) 5. Completeness to Voting Protocol(5) Authenticity of Voters, Vote Cast& Non- traceability of Votes(5) Maintain Integrity of Digital Ballot against security vulnerabilities(5) Ensure Availability & Reliability of voting system(5) Minimize Costs to Government(5) 6. Vote at any time Young people Faster and more accurate results Less expensive No ballot errors No spoiled ballots(6) 7. Security Problem with access Fraud & coercion Voter aducation Privatization(6) 8. The first use of Internet voting for a binding political election took place in the US in 2000, with more countries subsequently beginning to conduct trials of and/or use Internet voting. A total of 14 countries have now used remote Internet voting for binding political elections.(8) 9. The first-ever e-votes in the country were polled during the elections to six municipal corporations in Gujarat. It was for the first time that any state election commission allowed on-line polling. SEC has spent around Rs 34 crore to develop the on-line voting system by roping in Tata Consultancy Service, out of which Rs 15 crore was spent for data centre and software.(9) 10. Online Registration Account Activation Cast Vote Voting Day(10) 11. (15) Fig-1 Fig-2 12. Click on activation link & login using username and password provided in the e-mail sent by SEC. Change your password and activate your voting account * During the Activation Step, if JAVA is not installed in your computer, system will prompt you to install the same (15) 13. (15)Fig-3 14. (15)Fig-4 15. (15)Fig-5 16. (15)Fig-6 17. (15)Fig-7 18. (15)Fig-8 19. (11) 20. Public key cryptography(16) Homographic Encription(16) Threshold Cryptography (16) Face base voting system using Steganography(17) 21. Steganography is the art or practice of concealing a message, image, or file within another message, image, or file.(18) OnlineVoting System with Face recognition Steganography is used in order to avoid duplicate vote and enhance the accuracy and the speed of the process so thatVoter Can vote from anywhere in India. (17) 22. Working Flow Of the System:- 1) Every New User in the India is first register forVoting. So, our first step is registration. 2) At that time of Registration System Capture The Face of the user by using Web Camera And Store the Face sample in the Server Database for Security Purpose.(17) 23. 3) After that system will generate PIN i.e Personal Identification Number and Secrete key for each User as shown in figure.(17) Fig-9 24. 4) By Using Secret Key and Personal Identification Number with Capture Photo System gives Cover image as Shown in fig. 5) Next that Stego Image is generated with the help Cover Image as Shown in fig.(17) 25. Fig-10 26. 6)Then this Stego Image is a NumberWhich is unique for every user because of security avoiding duplication ofVote, this Number is sent to the user mail account. 7) Next step is Stego Login for that stego image is required which was send at the time of registration on user mail id. 8)This stego image is pass toward the server for verification for Authentication Algorithm are used. 27. 9) If Stego image is valid then system will generate User id and Password for login. 10) After Successful login System will capture the face of the user by usingWeb Camera and that image passes for recognizing. 28. 11) Next is very important stage in point of Security By using Eigen FaceAlgorithm,We are matching theTwo photo first is newly capture photo and second is same photo of that person which was stored at the time of registration in the database. 12) If Face matches then user will get Candidate List andWard No. 29. 13) According to user Choice he /she gives his/herVote For SelectedCandidate 14) Finally Logout, after logout user cannot allow for Re -login because of security to avoid multiplication of vote of same user. 15) LastlyAdmin will Displays the Election Result. 30. Online voting system is very useful system for us because it saves our time as well as it eliminates complexity of the older voting systems. In future Online voting system will eliminate the older voting systems. In this concern, In State election commission is using this system nowadays in Gujarat 31. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) new.pdf 6) /tech/ivote/comp&document=benefit&lang=e 7) Applying MESE processes to Improve Online E-Voting Prototype System with PaillierThresholdCryptosystem.pdf 8) 9) on-line-voting/20101010.htm 32. 10) 11) 12) explanation-union-balloting.pdf 13) confident-with-security-of-online-voting 14) 7.pdf 15) 16) Online E-Voting Prototype with PTC Web Services v1 17)IJETAE_1013_74.pdf 18) Steganography -Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm