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OneDesk Webinar Presentation Slidedeck

Nov 17, 2014




The slides to accompany our webinar presentations about OneDesk - providing collaborative product development in the cloud.

View our webinar at:

  • 1. @OneDeskApp OneDesk The Group

2. An Integrated Suite of Applications for Product People

  • OneDesk provides a suite of product-focused applications to promote effective collaboration between colleagues, business partners, and customers including:
    • Innovation & Idea Management
    • Product Management
    • Project Management(Gantt, tasks,issue tracking/roadmapping)
    • Product Marketing
    • Help Desk

3. OneDeskBenefits

    • Bring all product stakeholders to the table
    • Deliver better-aligned products & services
    • Collaborate effectively across product, project andcustomer-facing teams
    • Access customer dialogues on the social web
    • Harness and effectively assess all knowledge,suggestions & ideas
    • Promptly adapt to changing market needs

4. TheProductFunnel 5. CaptureAllFeedback

  • From the social web customers are already discussing your products and services
  • From employees and partners OneDesk users can enter their own feedback.
  • From your website embed a customer community portal on your website.
  • From your help desk ensure support tickets are reflected in your product plans
  • From email forward ideas, support issues, and feedback directly to OneDesk
  • Import import existing customer data and feedback


  • Listen to the web at large monitor conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, comments, and more.
  • Learn what your customers are already saying The conversation about your products is already occurring.
  • Respond from a single interface Answer queries, compliments, and criticism directly from OneDesk.
  • Capture with a single click Easily save and classify ideas, questions, leads, problems and praise.
  • Keep a record The social web is transitory, you need a permanent record of what is relevant to you.

MonitorSocial Media 7. 6 of 13 Innovation &

  • Get ideas from all sources your website, social media, your help desk, email.
  • Leverage your community Capture ideas from customers, employees, and partners.
  • Start a discussion elaborate on ideas by engaging the stakeholders in a discussion.
  • Voting! Let customers and employees up-vote their favourites.The best ideas rise to the top.
  • Implement the best ones Evaluate, implement and start innovating!

Ideas Management 8. HelpDesk

  • Multi-channel support Support your customers through all channels: website, email, social media, etc.
  • Create a knowledge base Save time and money by publishingresponses to common queries on your website.
  • Automate your ticket flow create lifecycle flows for your tickets and reduce manual repetitive actions.
  • Improve service levels Use automation to ensure that customers are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Let your customers helpOptionally create a forum for customers to interact. Reduce customer service costs.
  • Escalate Easily create issues and feature requests.

9. ManageIssues

  • Capture issues from many sources Customer support portal, social media, email, employees and partners.
  • Assign issues to your team easily assign or automate the assignment of issues.
  • Track time and resources Generate tasks and assignments from issues to log and track the work
  • Escalate increase priority, push issues into product requirements.
  • Extensive properties the right properties to manage all the business processes you need to support.

10. Analyze& Prioritize Requirements

  • Easily capture requirements- Generate requirements from feedback with a single click
  • Make smart decisions Analyze requirements using real-world data
  • Stay organized structure your requirements to always have a clear idea on product direction
  • Poll your users get objective answers to product-related questions
  • Traceability know the origin of your requirements and retain a direct connection to the customer

11. ProductRoadmapping

  • Optimize your product roadmap-Plan out releases based on available resources and automatically track their progress as they are executed.
  • Improve decision making-visually lay out cost plans, milestones and schedules by providing more accurate analyses and estimates.
  • Automatic real-time updates-roadmaps are automatically updated in real-time based on product data, projects and requirements.
  • Get the details-Drill-down on specific details on requirements, features and tasks.
  • Export roadmaps-Export roadmaps and create reports for all stakeholders.

12. GetBuilding

  • Generate tasks Go from requirements to tasks in the easiest possible manner
  • Assign and schedule Full-strength project management functionality to plan even large scale projects.
  • Execute in real-time Log work, update actuals, complete timesheets, and stay on track
  • Track progress compare your plan to actual work as it unfolds.Extrapolate variances and solve problems early.
  • Everyone stays informed Progress status flows back from engineering, to product management, to marketing, to executives, to customers.

13. TheSocialBusiness

  • Enterprise social networking Create a profile and share details how you see fit. Get to know your colleagues.
  • Secure enterprise sharing Share product data, even outside the organization, with roles and permissions.
  • Real-time updates Modern real-time architecture means that data is shared between users immediately.
  • Chat, messaging, email notifications Instant messaging, email integration, notifications.
  • Discuss everything Discussion forums attached to items means that the conversation isstructured and productive.
  • Blogging Users can post articles and comment on them, to a personal blog or to a product blog.
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