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One Fashionable Legacy 1.1

Apr 30, 2015


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Chapter 1.1 of One Fashionable Legacy.
The Begining!

  • 1. Welcome one and all to the most fashionable legacy you will ever read!
  • 2. Meet Chanel Fashionista, our founder of this stylish legacy. She is named after the glorious Coco Chanel, the creator of the prestigious designer brand, Chanel. As I stated before, the rules of this legacy are no different than any other. The only difference is the theme. This theme requires all those born into the Fashionista family to be named after a famous designer/designer brand. I came up with this idea myself because of my interest in fashion. So sit back, relax, and prepare to witness the most fabulous legacy of all time!
  • 3. Here she is, in the flesh! Our founder, Miss Chanel Fashionista. She is a family simwith the LTW of graduating three kids from college. Sounds reasonable enough. Her turn ons are muscle and black hair, while her turn off is fatties. She is a Cancer (much like myself) with the balanced 5/5/5/5/5 stats. And of course, she is dressed in a gorgeous outfit adorned with a little Chanel logo. She ---
    Oh my god, who said that!?!
    Oh hello Chanel, it is I, your noble creator
    Wait.This whole setting seems vaguely familiar Oh crap, Im a legacy sim arent I?
    And a smart one at that!
    Well.this sucks, will I still get to wear nice clothes?
    Of course my dear!
    Well okay.I guess this could be alright. What do I call you big voice from above?
    Just call me Sara for now. However I would settle for O Captain, My Captain.
    Never mind Lets go find your house!
  • 4. What are you talking about? I dont see any form of a house.
    Well you see that short little wall way over there.
  • 5. You have got to be joking.
    Nope, but hey, at least I got you a Louis V bed spread! How many other Legacy creators do that for their sims?
    Well..I suppose you do have a point, but I cant live like this forever! I cant raise a family living like this.
    Well of course not! Which is why I am making you get a---
    Well fine Chanel, then say goodbye money, food, the pathetic thing we call your house
    Ugh, you cant do this to me! There has to be some other way to make money! At least for a while!
    Well there is one way I can think of
  • 7. Ew dirtI cant believe you are making me do this!
    Well you let me know when you are ready for a j---
    OH MY GOD!
    I broke my nail.
    Wow, I think you have reached a new level of girly girl, more than any other legacy founder.
    I dont even want to be in this stupid Legacy!
    Chanel, we can do this the hard way or the easy way, will you please get a job?
    .Fine It better be a nice one though, I think I would be a pretty great model
  • 8. Alright, I will try to find you a job, and you go greet the neighbors who have come to creep on you. Let me know if any of them are potential mates!
    Let me see Playable, Playable, and some prick who wouldnt know fashion if it came up and kicked him in the---
    CHANEL! Be nice! I get that none of them are spouse material but they could be potential friends. Gosh, you are really mean for having 5 nice points
  • 9. CHANEL! Carpool is here! Are you excited to go to work at your new job?
    I have to ridein that thing?! Jesus, what job did you get me?
    Youll see.muahahahaha!
  • 10. Unfortunately for Chanel, I started her off with a job in the Military, hopefully she will learn some respect there. I also was kind enough to upgrade her house a little bit. She really needs to find a man to help bring in the bacon. Which is why I am taking her down to the club tonight, and she is coming home with a boyfriend or she isnt coming home at all!
  • 11. Chanel, would you like to go man-hunting tomorrow after work?
    Yes maam
    Wow, looks like the military did teach you some respect!
    Yes maam
    Listen, I appreciate the respect, but do you have to call me maam?
    No maam, I mean Sara.
    Okay good, I just see that getting old quick, not to mention I dont think I will keep you in the military career for much longer, I see greater things for you!
  • 12. The next evening, Chanel arrived downtown. She had hopes of finding a mate tonight.
    She entered the night club and began to scope her soundings.
  • 13. She greeted the Town Diva with a kiss kiss darling. I figured the two would become good friends in the future.
  • 14. She walked into the bar and found a decent looking man. Although he appeared semi-normal he was not really poor Chanels type.
    And then the aliens are gonna come and take away all our cows! Its all because of global warming I tell ya!
    Um.that's nicebye.
  • 15. Oh Chanel! Hes pretty cute! Go talk to him!
    Hey there handsome, Im Chanel. Are your feet tired because youve been running through my mind all day!
    Uh Sorry lady Im not drunk enough yet
    UGH! Fine whatever, your shoes dont match your hideous shirt so whatever!
    She doesnt handle rejection well---
    Well keep looking, you will find him soon!
    Forget it, I am out of here!
  • 16. As Chanel, stormed out the door of the club, she was about to call a taxi until she turned her head and saw this handsome fellow.
    Go Chanel, this is your last chance!
  • 17. Woah baby! You are one fine lookin creature!
    She blankly stared at him, in shock.
    Chanelsay something!
    OhumI like your ascot.
    Not what I was going for but it works.
    Welluhwould you like to go out with me?
    Sure thing baby, anything for a hottie such as yourself!
    He sure sounds like a romance sim this could be bad
  • 18. So whats your name handsome man? Im Chanel.
    Wyatt is the name, being handsome is my game.
    Oh wow your as smooth as butter! Speaking of which, lets go inside and eat something
    Oh brother
  • 19. A few minutes later, and the two cant seem to separate their lips from one another He must be a romance sim since he sure is easy
  • 20. Alas, they are in love. Looks like Chanel has completed Operation: Find a man.
    But just my luck, the rich and handsome, Mr. Big would walk by as soon as the deep red hearts emerged. (Wow that sounded cheesy)
  • 21. The next day Chanel couldnt wait to invite her handome new man over to her house.
    Yeah babe, uhI need you um.. ya know, to come over and help me uhclean my toilet! Yeah thats a good excuse!
    So youll come? Great see ya soon!
  • 22. Chanel, what are you doing? Isnt Wyatt coming over?
    Yeah but I look so good in these workout clothes and I want to look really fit when he comes over!
    Wellalright dont get too sweaty I guess
  • 23. Within a few minutes, Wyatt had arrived. Since he couldnt resist Chanel in her super cute workout outfit, he agreed to move in immediately. However, he needed a makeover.
  • 24. Fellow simmers, meet