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Apr 06, 2016




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    lot is happening this period as Nigeria clocks 54. Of course, it is a time to celebrate and that is what we at 4clique will not bore you with. But we also want to use the period to reflect on a lot of things going on in the country as it marks a new year. The anniversary is disquieting as it is in the midst of rumblings of

    war in the northeast of the country. Although, our soldiers have stepped up the fight against Boko haram and its leader, Mohammed Bashir, bearing the name of the initial Shekau, has also been killed. But the Chibok girls are still missing and I think there is activities behind the curtain as the United States wants to know why some top army brass are stashing huge funds abroad while the army is poorly armed despite the billions earmarked for the army in the budget. Just as the world joined us in the clamor for the Free Our Girls Campaign, we also want to join the world to clamor for the release of Alan Henning. This is the taxi driver currently being held by ISIS, another terrorist group that is like Boko haram here, only this time on a global scale. ISIS is terrorizing the Levant (Syria, Iraq area) and trying to carve out a caliphate state. The world can never have too much love, but too much war is bad. Like we believe in 4clique, let us love one and all regard-less of color or creed. Love is a beautiful gift we can share and this was what Alan went to share in Syria. Being a non-Muslim, he went to help other Muslims before he was kidnapped by the ISIS who now wants to execute him for being a westerner. As Bob Marley sang, One love, One heart, lets come together and feel alright there is one question I really want to ask (One love), is there a place for the hopeless sinner, who has hurt all mankind just to save his own beliefs? Meanwhile as our boys battle Boko haram in the north, we should be conscious of Ebola in the south o. Anyways, guys know how to chop knuckle. But what about our girls now, do they still hug? Unilag girls sabi hug! Shakara too much. Boys who want to runs them babes will find some tips in this edition to what girls, especially in Akoka are looking for in a dude. But apart from the jokes and poems we have in this edition, let us also mull over the thought of who is cheating more in relation-ship these days. Men or women, and why do women do it if at all? And hey, that reminds me: have you got wind of the latest phablet and smartphones en vogue? I hear some phones are smarter now than many men. We have a list of such phones. Do not dull yourself, get a smart-phone! Let the world be at just a touch of the finger away from you. You will be surprised at the whole new world of ideas, information and social net-work that will be opened to you at the touch of a button. Akokites, we celebrate with you the memory of the late Professor Ade Ajayi, the former vice-chancellor who contributed immensely to the transformation of your enviable university. He was such a gifted leader that he was called Head of State. Three gbosa for Baba!



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    With 4clique Magazine cover-ing majorly the South-West of Nigeria at the moment, we aim at increasing the awareness of 4clique presence and also pro-mote those who advertise their

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    4clique team.


    ...4clique objectives will ma-jor in social networking, online advert platform, counseling and many more yet to unveil in...

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  • 5Tell us about rara?Rara is just a

    freestyle I did while in SA for vacation I hook up with the amazing Ell Puto from Mozambique hes a 2 time MVP winner. And its another dance song... and it feels good.

    What really inspired the track title Rara?Rara was inspired by the beat Ell Puto came to the house and played us couple of his beats I loved the beat and de-cided to jump on it and that was how Rara came about.

    Sometime ago, there was a news about you signing an endorse-ment deal, pls can u tell us the real picture of the endorsement?Yes I have 2 en-dorsement deals Brand Ambassa-dor for MTN and Bacardi Breezer and thats the official story.

    Last year, next rated artiste award was given to u, tell us what ur fans should be look-ing for this period?

    Correction* Next Rated award was not given to me. I Won it remember its a voting category. I just dropped an album and my fans are still feel-

    ing it. Well In due time you will see the next phase.

    Can u just give us a little light about ur growing up?Growing up was fun a lot of basica.

    The challenges and the experience during the

    growing upGrowing up was normal..

    you know I grew up in

    different parts of La-gos

    and also Ibadan

    where I went to university


    sean tizzlepersonality

    In our quest to bring interesting gist to our readers, we went after one of the renowned names in Nigerias music industry. We were able to hold an exclusive interview with Oluwa-seun Morihanfen popularly known as Sean Tizzle. Born in late 80s, Tizzle dazzles in many videos, both single and featured, with many of his songs creating rhythmic tremors in clubs and at parties within and outside Nigeria. Enjoy the excerpts of our session with him;

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    PACKAGINGIf you are well packaged, you are one step closer to getting any unilag babe because they judge you by what they see. (#ask those

    boys who gets the babes trip-



    TURE BOIZTo the babes, you are only useful in the areas of helping them with their as-signments and signing their attendance which earns you a top spot on their list and apart from the hugs you get every day, some freebies also accompanies it (you have to do it to know) Its cheap and you can try it too but learn to play your games right #thats_wassup

    MONEY BAGIf you lack packaging and youre a wakaholic as long as you can pay their bills

    and af-ford to buy them suya,

    chicken and chips, you can be sure to have your name on their list of boys to hug, peck and hang out with last


    CLUB BOIZ + CONNECT Try be one of the NA WE GET HERE kind of dude who is able to comple-ment their social lifestyle and also able to give them connect, they will allow you

    experiment on their juices so that a trial will confuse not convince you. Dont get it twisted too, all they want from you is to involve them in your paroles while they use and dump you when done exploring you. So guy no dull, jara e o!

    OWN A FOUR WHEELIf you like, borrow your friends car, rent a car or steal a car, they dont care! Youve got four wheels, they are all yours, even CRIPPLES on four wheels are very much considered. NO BE LIE O!

    EBOLA GISTThe thing is, students dont even take it seriously anymore be it a rumor or fact, everyone just seem to have missed reactions about it, you see the boiz confused whether to shake hands or chop knuckles with their padd