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Muhd Shazli MD Mukhtar (s3390437) ID Hub

Jun 13, 2015




#gloco13 - ID Hub


2. MY PROFESSIONAL, ENGAGED PERSONA All the above sums up to: Sharing Experiences Apart from blogging, tweeting, Instagramming all my experiences & adventure. I love to share through Vimeo some 2 minutes quick tips on various topics (i.e.: how to stand out from the crowd, being successful). Professional Yet Approachable Maintaining a certain level of professionalism, yet ensuring that I am approachable. This is achieved by sharing amicable photos with smiles and reaching out to everyone via Twitter. Adaptable Communicating with target audiences of various demographics by adapting to their language, tone & likes individually. Outgoing Appearing at events and organising events, shout about it on twitter & Instagram! #Social #Local. My professional & engaged persona is based on the mix between my personal & professional life (as a former radio announcer). However, as a current Masters student who gets to experience an international culture here in Australia, I am eager to position myself as the person who shares his experience with the world. Id like to be identified as the person who shares interesting events, things worth noticing and tips on how to be successful in life. Therefore, Sharing Experiences is my positioning statement. As a former radio announcer who had the opportunity to mingle with celebrities, party with professionals & have friends within well known circles, I believe in sharing what I have, what I experienced, tips & opportunities for the rest so that one day they could experience the same. This is done through sharing my experiences through blog, twitter, Instagram, & Vimeo. 3. PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY POSITIONING STATEMENT My name is Shazli Mukhtar, my commercial name is Shaz (its easier to remember). Being top of the mind is very important for the industry I am in. The key public that Id like to attract are students, young working adults who need empowerment & social media enthusiasts. Most students & young working adults look for guidance, tips & advices on how to excel in the space that they will be heading to or are already in. With my 12 years of experience in the broadcast & media industry, I love sharing my experiences, my stories and tips with the world. Social media enthusiasts will find updates worth noting which may tingle their tastebuds or be good for a snap. Shaz is an experienced media & communications specialist that specialises in radio broadcasting, online marketing & digital-creative advertising that loves sharing his experiences and tips for the benefit of others. VALUE PROPOSITION I started my career at the age of 17 at the All Asia Broadcast Centre pioneering Malaysias Premier Teen Community platform. I was hired by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be the official Interpreter for the First Lady of The Republic of Gabon during the NAM XII Summit. I have travelled within the Asian Pacific region covering media events and have lived and studied in the United States & France. I offer my knowledge & experience as a radio announcer, producer, online marketer, events manager, content development editor, social media specialist & as a digital creative advertising agency account manager. I also offer tips, advices & guidance to those who need it! Shaz is a valuable member of the community that he engaged with throughout the course of his professional career, he is knowledgeable, experienced & has a wealth of tips, advice & guidance to share. BRAND STORY It all started when I receive the opportunity to work whilst studying at the All Asia Broadcast Centre where I was the Marketing Executive for the #1 hit radio station in Malaysia. I was 17 and soon enough finding myself attending showcase, concerts & events covering artists such as Westlife, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park and many more. What I was experiencing back then was a dream for others, but it came true for me. While covering and emceeing events, many teens came up to me asking for advice & tips on how to become like me, what is it like to be covering all these events and to get up close & personal?. I had forgotten all those questions since I joined the company and receiving all these perks. Therefore, I started blogging about all my experiences and sharing to the world what a 17 year old boy was experiencing at that time in the media industry. I shared tips, advices & exclusive money-cant-buy passes to events. Since then, I have helped at least 2 dozen teens in making a difference to their lives and at the same time having thousands of friends who look up to me for a helping hand to achieve something better in life. Since then, I have never stopped sharing my experiences. By doing so, I hope many others will learn something useful that will help them in their life and hope that other likeminded professionals would give a helping hand to share their experiences as well. 4. BLOG POSTS HTTP://SHAZMUKHTAR1107.WORDPRESS.COM Media Mapping: As a Windows Phone user, Instagram is a luxury that we still dont have till today! Currently there is an alternative app, #2InstaWithLove. For now, lets hope for Instagram to be available on Windows Phone devices soon! media-mapping-with-windows-phone/ Own Interest: Since my objective in life is Sharing Experiences, Id like to share an experience of my recent trip to Brisbane where I was surprised to find Targets new campaign featuring brand ambassador Gok Wan! What a daring change for Target Australia! 3/08/26/week-5-whats-all-the-gok-about-2/ 5. BLOG POSTS HTTP://SHAZMUKHTAR1107.WORDPRESS.COM Literature & Theory: Please click on the 2nd Part as it is the continuation towards the Ready-At-Hand, Present-To-Hand blog post on Baumans article Identity in the globalising world! 1st Part 2nd Part - Continuation eek-2-vagabonds-identity-crisis-bauman/ eek-2-ready-at-hand-present-to-hand/ 6. TWITTER ACTIVITY HTTP://TWITTER.COM/SHAZFX @shazFX Interaction with other #gloco13 classmates Tweeting about the course material Engaging with #QandA hashtag conversation Tweeting about the course material 7. TWITTER ACTIVITY HTTP://TWITTER.COM/SHAZFX @shazFX Interaction with professionals within the Twittersphere 2 1. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (GCEO of Air Asia) Air Asia, Voted Worlds Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax. An airline with passengers along different set of identity all longing for a quality, safe & low-cost travel to their destination. 1 2. Mark Ragan (CEO of Ragan Communications) Not just a successful communicator & publisher. He is followed on twitter by @BrandRepublic, President @BarackObama and many other professionals! Tweeting about the course material 8. PLATFORM CLOUD NETWORK The diagram on the left shows all the current media & social media platforms that are connected to the ID Hub on These are some of the current and in-trend platforms mostly used by the key publics that Id like to interact and exchange notes with. Other platforms that I plan to add later on are: Pinterest > To organise and share artsy visuals! Flickr > To manage my online photo database! Reddit > To share my local social news & stories! Instagram Linked.In ID HUB Wordpress VimeoTwitter