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Module5 unit2 Nine girls?

Dec 31, 2015




Module5 unit2 Nine girls?. 藤县教研室 覃明兰. Can you sing this song ?. Bingo. Can you count these things?. How many?. Nine 9. How many?. Ten 10. Let’s review from 1—10. Let’s play this game!. Eleven 11. How many?. How many?. Twelve 12. A is for one. J is for eleven. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Module5 unit2

    Nine girls?

  • Can you sing this song?

  • Can you count these things?How many?Nine 9

  • How many?Ten 10

  • Lets review from 110.Lets play this game!

  • How many?Eleven 11

  • How many?Twelve 12

  • A is for one.J is for eleven.Q is for twelve.K is for thirteen.

  • Thank you!2005.11.9

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