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Modern Gymnast - February 1962

Mar 21, 2016




  • A NEW LOOK PIONEERED BY NISSEN Compare today's 'car with those of the 1920's. Quite a difference?, That's just what you'll see when you compare Nissen Medart's new Chrome line with other gymnastic apparatus. Gleam-ing, maint\!nance-free chrome finish, lightweight oval-shaped steel tubing construction (in place' of cast iron), finger tip adjustment, easy portability, and traditional Nissen Medart performance make the new Chrome line a lifetime investment for today's schools. This American made gym-nastic apparatus conforms to Olympic specifications. Can you afford to buy anything less when it costs no more than ordinary gymnastic apparatus?

    NISSEN MEDART CORPORATION, CEDAR RAPIDS" IOWA World's Largest Manufacturer of Gymnasium Apparatus

  • This is the imported gymnastic canvas shoe warn by the World and Olympic Champions. Top edge is bound with canvas for that wear-ever strong construction. Double duty elastic straps across the top provides for that perfect fit and appearance. Sale made of long"wearing white rubber. Shoe approved for women. Order some size as your street shoe or draw outline of foot on paper for correct size. In white only.

    Sizes : Kids, 12-5; Adults, 6-12 . Only $2 .50 pair, postpaid

    HANDGRI P made of pliant but very strong Japanese leather. Perfectly designed to give safety and protection to those hands. Identical handgrip worn by Melbourne and Rome horizontal bar Gold Medal winner.

    Sizes: Small , Medium and Large. Only $1 .40 pair, postpaid

    Immediate delivery. 10% team discount for 12 pairs shoes or handgrips.

    Order From FRANK ENDO 12200 S. Berendo, Los Angeles 44, Calif.

    Develops amateurs into finished gymnasts and tumblers in half the time. Provides far greater safety. Dispels fear. Simplifies coach ing . Delivered. . $1-15.00.

    158 OFFICIAL PARALLELS .. ... $530.00 (11 '6" rails)

    161 UNEVEN PARALLELS ...... $630.00 122 WOODEN POMMELS .. . .... $ 38.00

    (Fit any brand horse. Send outline of existing pommels.)

    264 OFFICIAL WOODEN RINGS $ 26.00 (Per pair.)

    64-Pale CATALOG


    mVMIC . ' . DUPPLY ti~ NY,lNC.


    buy safety-

    SAFEST DESIGNED-Prevents injuries

    QUALITY CONSTRUCfED -Maintenance free

    PREMIER offers THE most complete line of gym mats - in many colors, any size, any price-to meet any requirement - e1e~ mentary schools through college.


    For additional in/ormatioll wr;u for Ira (otalog or

    "SKILL" SKILL: The Journal of Athletic Technology - Weight-lifting, Circus, Handbalancing Instruction, Karate, Figure Course, Boxing, Wrestling, Bady-Building and many other features. Publ ished by Ken Woodward School of Physical Culture, 61 Talbot Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, England. 4 issues for $1.50, 8 issues for $3.00. In U .S.A. order from Sportshelf, P. O. Box, New Rochelle, New York.



    America/s most popular gymnastic slipper. Availa'ble with white canvas upper and: Leather sole Red rubber sofe Black rubber sole White rubber sole



    MELROSE PARK, ILLINOIS Buy direct from the manufacturer

    finest in gymnastic equip-ment the world over.

  • VAN DIXON FILM FUND We are pleased to report that many readers have con

    tributed to the Van Dixon Film Fund (see M.G. Vol. 3 . No. 9, page 4) to replace equipment destroyed in the Brentwood . BelAir fire.

    When asked what was needed to resume Gymnastic film work, Van sta ted that to do a creditable job he would have to replace the following equi'pment that was lost in the fire : Rewinds ($15), viewer ($80) , splicer ($200) and projector ($450). His ~amera was also destroyed, but Van feels this is not a pressing need as it would be easier

    . and less expensive to rent a professional motordriven big reel camera when needed.

    The above needs total almost $750.00 and so far about $90.00 in various size donations has been received. Van hopes to find good used equipment which will make the sum needed considerably less. If you would like to con tribute or know of any good used 16mm film equipment that is reasonable or can be donated to this cause please contact: Van Dixon Film Fund, Box 611, Santa Monica, California. (It will be appreciated).

    Since many of the films destroyed had negatives filed in a Hollywood film lab, Van has been able to replace them with new copies. Listed below are rental copies available for your use to study and help stimulate Gym nastics in your area.


    NATIONAL AAU CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR MEN, 19S4, SAN FERNANDO, CALIFORNIA: The compulsory and optiona l exer-cises were recorded in their entirety without interruption on all pieces of apparatus. includ ing trampoline and Don Perry's world record 20 foot rope cl imb of 2 8 seconds. The names of the contestants are I isted in the order of their routines and the place taken by each exercise is also included. (1200 feet, $7.00 for 3-day rental ; $78.00 t o purchase) .

    NATIONAL AAU CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR MEN, 1958, SAN FERNANDO, CALIFORNIA: A complete documented record in-cluding the opening ceremonies, competitors, off icial s" compul -sory exercises for the all-around, specialist events, beautiful free exercise by Olympian Muriel Davis (Grosfeld), then ending with the best optional routines o f th'e champions. With each film is the meet brochure, including the names of a ll the competitors and a detailed description , move by move, of all the compulsory exercises. This wr itten material has a tremen-dous val ue to the novice as well as the e xpert. (1200 feet , $7.00 for 3-day rental ; $78.00 to purchase) .

    NATIONAL AAU CHAMPIONSltlPS FOR WOMEN. 1959, KENT, OHIO : The film shows all of the 1960 Olympic com-pulsory exercises It begins with the compul sory and optional horse vaulting and the compulsory unevens. The optional rou-tines are shown by Martha Nagy, Lillemor Medig, Muriel Davis (Grosfeld), Joyce Racek , Teresa Montefusco, Ernestine Russell and Betty Maycock. It ends with a few beautiful tumbling routines. Edited by Van Dixon and Bud Marquette. (800 feet, $7.00 f or 3day rental; $59.00 to purchase).

    OLYMPIC CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR MEN AND WOMEN, 1960, ROME, ITALY: The film consists o f complete routines of the men winners on each event; f or women, the uneven bars evercise of Tanaka (Japan) and a Russian gi rl , and work on the balahce beam . It was photographed and edited by Ken Bartlett, gym-nastic coach at Long Beach State College. (1400 feet , $ 10.00 for 3-day rental; $ 100.00 to purchase).

    GRADED COMPULSORY EXERCISE, LOS ANGELES, CALI-FORNIA: This film consists o f three sections. Each section has an exercise on the long horse, side horse, parallel bars, hori-zonta l bar, sti ll rings and free exercise . The first section is novice; the second, junior; the third , ,senior. The sen ior routines were the 1959 nat iona l compulsories. These senior routines were used as guides to make six routines on the nov ice level and six routines on the junior level. Written material is included w ith each f i lm , describing every move o f the eighteen exercises. This film is extremely valuab le in presenting exercise difficulty and trick nomenclature. Olympians Jack Beckner and Attila Takach are the gymnasts. (400 feet, $7.00 for 3-day rental ; not for sale).

    GYMNASTICS SWISS STYLE, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: It was filmed in 1956, during competition between the vis it ing Swiss Olympic team and a Southern California team . The U.S. team included four Olympic team members; Jack Beckner, Richard Beckner, Charles Simms and Wi ll iam Tom. (800 feet, $7.00 for 3-day rental ; $59.00 t o purchase).

    GYMNASTICS JAPANESE STYLE, LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA: Made at Long Beach State College of the men and women member of the Japanese Oly'!'pic team, during t heir 1961 U.S. t our. The men use the six pieces o f Olympic apparatus. The women are shown on the balance beam, unevens and free exercise. (1000 feet, $7 .00 f or 3 day renta l; $73.00 to purchase).

    GYMNASTICS LOS ANGELES HIGH SCHOOLS. The final com-petition of the city schoo ls. Compet itors arranged in order of their scores , the best one last . Excellent for showing the level of gymnastics in The L.A. City Schoo l. A list of ' the competitors giving their places and schoo ls, is available by request. (800 feet, $7.00 for 3-day rental; $59.00 to purchase).

    Send all orders t o' VAN D IXON FILMS Box 611, Santa Monica, California. '

    --r,yf MOO ~ R N '

    """"I&. February 1962

    Volume 4 . Number 2

    CONTENTS A Note From The Puhlisher ... Chalk Talk ........... ..

    5 6 7 National Gymnastic Clinic

    European Report ... ............ ..... 10 School Gymnastic Program Photo Contest . .. .. ..................... .

    ........ . 12

    ... ...... 14 Ben Price Memorial ................. .............. ......... ............ 16 Flint Sparks ...... .............. ... . ..... ....... 18 Study of Back Somersault ... . .. ...... .... 19 Gymnastics Gimmicks ...... _ ........ _. .._ .... _ ...... .. 20 World Game Compulsories ......... _ ............ .... ....... .. ...... 22 NAGC News ._._. .. ......................... .. .. ................ . 23 Gym Forum ......... Meet Results .. _ Back Date MG's

    . ...................... 24 ..... _ .. 25

    _ ............ ........... 26 Letters ............ ...... ... ...................... ....... ....................... _ .. 28

    COVER: Gil Larose, Canadian AllAround G:vmnast, now a lunior majoring in Ph.ysical Education at th.e University of Michigan. Photo taken by leanPaul Marcil, Immacu late Conception Center, Mont

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