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Jan 09, 2017





    Residential and Commercial Design- Problem Solving- Construction Drawing- Artistic Illustration- Architectural research

  • MAHDI NAZERI 7363 N Winchester Ave, Unit 1w, Chicago, IL, 60626 (312) 785-3060 [email protected] Fully Work Authorized. No Visa Sponsorship Required. M.S in Architecture 2009 University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran Third oldest university in Iran, second ranked architectural department by Irans ministry of science

    Title of Thesis: Design of Sabzevar Central Library B.S in Architecture 2006 University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran The largest university in Iran, first ranked architectural department by Irans ministry of science.

    Final project: Design of a Rest Area

    Key Skills

    Residential and commercial design

    AutoCAD, Revit, 3d studio max, Sketch up,

    Chief Architects, Lumion, Photoshop, Microsoft


    Project managment

    Free hand sketch and rendering

    Construction management

    Fluent English and native Persian

    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Architectural Designer February 2016 October 2016 (Contract)

    Airoom Architects, Builders and Remodelers, Lincolnwood, IL

    Designed several residential remodeling, home additions and new facade projects

    Architectural Designer- Manager July 2006 September 2015 Padiav Architectural Firm, Sabzevar, Iran

    Designed over 100 residential projects Designed several commercial projects Supervised 45+ residential building constructions Participated in several nationwide architectural

    competitions Designed urban furniture

    University Instructor September 2006 February 2010 University of Hakim Sabzevari, Sabzevar, Iran

    Taught Architectural Design, Free Hand Sketching and Rendering and also Architectural drawings to more than 600 students

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Single Family Houses

    The following are the residential projects I designed and illustrated. They include home additions, remodeling and faade make

    over spread all around Illinois Cook County and other neighbor counties. All these projects are designed in American classic house

    style which needs a good knowledge of the history and evolution, details and construction methods of American homes. Chief

    Architect program is used for creating the model and also for the illustration as well.

  • 280 Unit Residential Complex

    The following is a residential complex project located in Mashhad, Iran. It includes 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in several mid-

    rise and high-rise buildings. There are also several indoor and outdoor public areas and facilities. The floor plans are drawn in

    AutoCAD and 3D modeling is performed in 3D Studio Max using Vray plugin for rendering. To design a residential complex a good

    knowledge of peoples cultural and physical needs and also a perfect knowledge of zoning and building codes was required. Design

    of the courtyards is inspired of Iranian traditional gardens which implants a sense of both movement and peace at the same time.

  • Imam Khomeyni Shopping Center

    The following is a shopping center located in Mashhad, Iran. This project is placed in a populated commercial zone in

    downtown. The Idea was to connect the two adjacent streets and strengthen the back street by the movement that the new

    building implements.

    The design should respect the location, neighbors and enhance the livelihood of the area by implanting a new and living spirit

    in surrounding streets.

    Having inconsistent perimeter edges made the projects a big challenge. To have a cohesive shape a strong and prominent

    shape was desired. Therefore combination of a long connecting path and a prominent central shape made the mail concept.

    The transparency applied to these two main elements make the contrast with the solid body of the building and distinguishes

    them also make a connection with outer life.

  • Popular Art Museum Of Sabzevar

    This design is inspired of an Iranian traditional building type shown below. Here is how this complex works. The long and tall wall casts

    shadow on some water pool in cold seasons. After the water freezes the ice is transferred to the space under the dome. The dome

    keeps the room cold and the ice remains for months. This process takes place every day in cold seasons. Nowadays these buildings have

    lost their function and turned to points of interest for tourists.

    This building type is one of Sabzevars characteristics, thats why it created the main concept of the museum. In the design domes and

    walls are visible which form the galleries and other museum spaces. The circulation made in this forms makes every corner of the

    museum a point of discovery and excitement. The long wall shape galleries are also compatible with the long and narrow lot.

    The space between the two long wings resembles the local Bazars where people used to sell their craft products. This place is considered

    as a Bazar revival gesture where on some occasions local vendors still gather and hold an art show.

    Samples type building inspiration of

  • Mid-rise Residential Buildings

    The following are some samples of residential projects located in Sabzevar, Iran. Because of the current economy of Iran almost

    all new residential projects are designed and built as mid-rise. Unlike in U.S in Iran buildings sit back only from the south. It means

    every buildings is attached to two adjacent one which usually makes buildings have a single elevation exterior unless in corner lots.

    The spirit of the todays Iranian cities are similar to the postmodern period of the west. This soul has a prominent shadow on every

    building which is visible in my works.

    Iranians homes are always designed to have separated public and private spaces, each one splits from the entry door. The one who

    visits the public space (living room) shall not see or pass across the private spaces.

  • Samples of 5, 6, 7 and 8 story buildings. According to the neighborhood different materials are chosen. Stone is the most popular material as exterior veneer in Iran.

    The floorplan contains 2 units a floor.

  • Samples of two residences, a pastry shop and a restaurant/catering facility.

    A residential floorplan and a 3 unit per floor commercial floorplan.

  • The 45 degree walls in floorplans not only breaks the hallways, block the view and create privacy but also reflects the geometry used in traditional Iranian architecture.

  • The below is a portal I designed as an addition to a university campus. The fluidity which students can achieve by seeking science and knowledge was the main concept.

    The floorplan belongs to a residence.

  • The octagonal shape halls refers to the traditional Iranian entrance halls. This octagonal hall connects several other hallways and divides different parts of the home.

    The porch below is an entry addition to a college building.

  • The floorplan belongs to a commercial complex with 4 units per floor.

    Aluminum composite is the second popular material for exteriors in Iran.

  • The below is a portal I designed as an addition to a university campus. The fluidity which students can achieve by seeking science and knowledge was the main concept.

    The floorplan belongs to a residence.

  • Here is another sample of a mid-rise residence. The owner was interested is

    multiple material boxes combining and making a whole faade. The composition

    I designed was what made him impressed.

    The private and public zone are clearly visible in the floorplan.

  • A weekend residence in a hillside. The spirit is

    distilled from both western and eastern home

    styles combining into a unique building which

    makes a new and different experience on


  • 100 Room Khayam Hotel


  • This project is located in Mashhad, Iran. The hotel Includes 100 rooms and suites and some other spaces which serves both hotel guests and walk in persons such as an amphitheater, a wedding venue and a small Bazar. These facilities are located in the backyard and have access from a parking lot and two back gates.

  • Bazar Garden of Sabzevar

    This project is an incarnation of Iranian traditional bazar revival. In the heart of old city of Sabzevar as a revitalization of the old texture of the city this project seeks to remind people of one of their old building types. Combination of bazar and garden makes this place living and attractive.

    Iranian courtyards which exist in the lower level of housed and other bu